Tips On How To Dress For A Job Interview

How To Dress For A Job Interview

It’s important to know how to dress for a job interview. Getting it right may not dramatically increase your chances of getting the job, but getting it wrong could easily damage them.

First impressions are important, and while an interviewer is unlikely to notice each separate piece of clothing you are wearing, they will notice the overall effect. The right attire will make you look the part, the wrong attire may mean all they remember about you is your clothes. Interviews are a time to make a statement with how you answer questions, not with how you dress.

The basic rules you need to follow are:

· Dress to suit the job / company

· Ensure the rest of your appearance is also up to scratch

Why Dressing Correctly For A Job Interview Is Important

A job interview is more than just an opportunity to explain why you think you’re the best person for the job. Just being able to do the job isn’t enough; you also need to be the right fit for the company. Dressing appropriately for the interview will help demonstrate that you are the type of person they are looking for. For example if the company culture is one where wearing suits to work is expected, and you show up in jeans for an interview, your unlikely to progress any further.

Dress To Suit The Company And The Job

A small amount of research into the company involved should tell you what sort of dress would be appropriate for your interview. This doesn’t mean you have to stalk the offices to see what people are wearing, you could look on the website, or ask anyone you know who works there. If in any doubt always go for the smarter option, and wear a suit as opposed to something smart casual.

Unless you’re being interviewed to work in a high end fashion house no-one will expect you to have gone out and bought a new outfit. What your interviewer will notice (possibly sub-consciously) is whether your appearance is smart and tidy or not. If you turn up looking like you’ve been pulled through the proverbial hedge backwards, it would be reasonable for your interviewer to wonder whether you would apply the same lax approach to work.

Your General Appearance

Check to make sure there are no loose threads hanging off any garments. Check also that there are no loose buttons, no stains, no broken zips, or anything else that will make you look as though you haven’t taken care over your appearance. Shoes should be clean and not scuffed and hair should be tidy. Girls, remember this is an interview not a night out, jewelry and makeup should be understated. False nails, if you wear them, should not be so long that they would get in the way of you doing the job.

Be The Complete Picture

An interview is far more complex that it appears on the surface. It's not just a question of giving the right answers, it's also about getting the peripherals rights. These include how you dress, whether you arrive on time and what your manners are like. Get them right and you will be ,making great first impressions without even trying. Get it wrong, and you'll always be an interviewee, and never the successful candidate.

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marellen 5 years ago

Very informative hub and very useful advice. Voted up..

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cre8tive 5 years ago from U.K Author

Thanks marellen.

I never cease to be amazed what some people will turn up to an interview in.

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Voted up nice hub.

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