Opt in Email Marketing Lists: Discover How to Capitalize on the 4 Phases of the Relationship Cycle.

E-mail Marketing

Opt in Email marketing lists are contacts or in other words relationships.

Comparable to a relationship you would have with someone, there are phases of a relationship.

You cannot sell to someone without having a connection with him or her.

There are four different phases within the relationship cycle of an opt in email marketing lists campaign.

If you can reach the very last phase, you are going to be a very successful at opt in email marketing lists!

Stranger Phase

First phase. You would normally meet the individual personally.

Similar to meeting a person at Starbucks, or possibly through even a family member.

This is where you would be getting their information, in this case the name and e-mail so it can be stored in your opt in email marketing lists.

By having this you will be able to contact them in the future.

During this phase, the person won’t be all that relaxed around you, or I should say willing to trust quite yet.

This is fine because everything in life takes time to show one’s worth.

Individuals don't like to lend out personal information.

So this is where you have to trade something worthwhile.

So that you build up your opt in email marketing lists offer something FREE... people love anything free: guides, tips, tricks, courses, newsletters, or even your personal support.

Acquaintance Phase

Second phase. Transforming the individual from a stranger to an acquaintance.

By doing this you have to present some of your character and keep on giving more free information relevant to what they signed up for.

Many individuals won’t associate themselves with people that use them, so don’t go asking for money and offering them products/services quite yet. You don't want them to block you  on the opt in email marketing lists.

You can loose them very easily at this phase if not careful.

This will definitely be the make it or break timeframe.

Now if you would like to continue on the right path with this acquaintance to make them a friend a.k.a customer you must give it your all so they will stay on your opt in email marketing lists.

Provide them with real and honest information to keep them hungry for more.

Now don’t seem to give off the vibe that you are boring, untruthful, or unwilling to share because that is how you will lose them and not get them back.

Friend Phase (customer)

Let’s see here, seems to me you have an acquaintance and they are starting to put there trust in you.

This is where they have experienced you being honest and sharing informative information with them that has either helped or worked in some sort of way.

The emotional connection has started and they feel like they are beginning to know you on a personal level.

Now what do you do??...

In what way do you transform this individual from a person that is really putting their trust in you, to somebody that believes in you enough to purchase from a recommendation they you give?

You entice them with an offer they can’t refuse...

Lets say you were on a few opt in email marketing lists to “learn how to write articles for HubPages”.

I was able to get you to sign-up for each of my opt in email marketing lists, shared a outline for a converting article template, explained how that same template made me hundreds of dollars a week by submitting to various article directories.

Even took it a step further and offered one-on-one support with you.

Would that start to gain any trust yet?

But now is that enough for you to trust me, in order to buy?

Lets say I was so positive that this article template would work for you that I was offering a money-back guarantee.

Also as a free gift a bonus pack of 5 high converting article bio box templates.

To top things off any question you may have before you purchase the article template answered in full within 24 hours.

As you can see these are all comfort-building offers.

You are building the trust and willingness to give.

People see this and you start to sway them from the acquaintance to the friend (buyer) on your opt in email marketing lists.

Depending on the type of audience you may be up against some will be willing to buy quicker then others.

Like the real world some will just wait to get the “free stuff” and leave.

This does happen not going to lie.

Others actually become “friends” rather fast because you may have something they want.

Best Buddy (forever customer!)

Last phase. This was your goal, to make “Best Buddy phase”.

When you reach this milestone the individual basically “worships the ground you stand on” as I like to say.

I know that sounds very sarcastic but it does hold truth.

In the customers eyes you are an expert in that particular industry.

They are at the point to where you recommend something they buy it, you offer an eBook they download it, ask for feedback they gladly give it.

Say you went out with a friend and were showing them your brand new ipad.

You started to explain all the features and how they can benefit from the device, and why they need it to because of the FaceTime app and just kept going on and on.

Basically spending all this time explaining how it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Chances are your friend will go out and buy it when they can.

Reason for this is because they trust you and believe what you say is good.

When you take a person from a friend phase and make them into a best buddy phase, you will need to still give them information worthwhile and full of value.

Start to connect with them on a more personal level where emotion starts to come naturally.

Mail them a card for the holidays, teach them tips and tricks that you learned, explain how it’s worked and made things better for YOU.

Offer help with specific problems that arise within the niche.

Being kind, honest, and over-delivering will bring you customers for many years. Have them waiting eagerly for your e-mails to come threw. This is what you ultimately want to accomplish with your opt in email marketing lists.

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