Tips for Job Interview Success - You Must Prove Yourself in Two Ways

Are You a Nice Person?

Tips for Job Interview Success - Convey a Positive Image

When learning how to prepare for an interview, it is important to have a plan for how you want to be perceived. In his bestselling book Rites of Passage, John Lucht, discusses that you must prove yourself on two levels during the interview process. He maintains that you must be perceived as someone who is 1) a fine person, and 2) have the experience and ability to perform the job. The important tip for job interview success is to understand that unless you pass the fine person test your ability to do the job will be overlooked. Most job applicants understand that they must present their capabilities and skills, but many do no interview preparation on how the will convey the image of a fine person. Let's look more closely at what "makes" someone a fine person.

It is important for the hiring manager to hire a fine person because that is someone he/she will spend significant time with. How the new hire is perceived by others in the organization will also reflect on the hiring manager. So the interviewer is wanting to identify someone who:

  1. Has good communication skills, is good at listening, writing and speaking.
  2. Has an optimistic attitude and believes that he/she can make a difference.
  3. Coveys honesty and openness.
  4. Is a logical intelligent person who doesn't "shoot from the hip".
  5. Makes good on commitments and take full responsibility.
  6. Appears healthy, attractive and tasteful in dress.
  7. Has compassion for others and is not egocentric.
  8. On the whole is an interesting enthusiastic person who people want to associate with.

The above points may seem to be more about image than substance, but they should not be overlooked. If you come across as someone who hasn't mastered common social graces than your ability to do the job will often be overlooked. So when preparing for an interview take an assessment of how you are presenting yourself on the traits that help define a fine person. Make any necessary modifications that will help position you as the most desirable candidate.


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