Best Tips for How to Sell Used Furniture at a High Cost


It's always unfortunate when we pay a lot of money to get a great item but then realize that we can't keep it. This can happen for a variety of different reasons. We move and the stuff can't come with us. We realize that we love the design of something but it's not practical for our homes. Or we get the urge to upgrade soon after the purchase and have something great that we just don't want anymore. The reason that this is so sad is because we invested money into something and now it's used so it isn't worth nearly as much on the market.

However, there are things that you can do to increase the amount of money that you can get when selling used items. This is particularly true of used furniture if it's in good condition. That's because many people don't know where to go to get the good furniture that they want. If you can let the right people know that you have that furniture available, you can sell it for a decent amount and get some of that well-spent money back in your pocket.

Here are some tips for selling used furniture at a high cost:

  • Know what it's worth. First, you should assess the true market value of the item so that you know what kind of money you're realistically looking to get. You know what you spent, but try to find out what the item would sell for now if it was brand new. Look to see if anyone else in your area is advertising sales of used items similar to yours and at what cost. And take into consideration any wear and tear that has occurred because it diminishes the value of the furniture.
  • Set a price. Once you know what it's worth, set a minimum price for the sale. If you don't get a buyer for that price, wait a few weeks and try again. Make sure to account for any costs such as delivery of the furniture.
  • Consider whether there's a market for the item in the area near you. Furniture like that made by Henredon is terrific but it's not right for everyone. Consider whether the type of furniture you have is likely to find a buyer in you area or if you're going to need to go with a broader region when targeting customers to purchase your furniture.
  • Review your classified sales options. Although this is not always the best way to get the most money for your furniture, it can be a way to make a quick sale at a decent price. Some cities use Craigslist, others use the local newspaper for making these kinds of sales. Figure out if this is a smart choice for you or if you need to sell your furniture in another way to make more money.
  • Consider holding an auction. Instead of going with an online auction like eBay, consider holding your own auction. If you don't mind putting in some time and energy to marketing this auction, it could be the best way to get the most for your furniture. Create a simple website with a blog where you will promote the auction until it's time to hold it. Advertise this blog on free websites (such as Craigslist), through email to your friends and with fliers placed in local stores. Use the blog to showcase the furniture in order to make it more appealing and help drive up the auction competition. Make sure to use lots of pictures and great descriptions to interest buyers.

There are many different ways to sell your gently used furniture. You can advertise it on sites, ask local stores if they want to buy it from you or circulate the news that you want to sell it around your social circle. However, getting more creative and selling it yourself through an online auction could be the best way to get the most for your money.

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Desiree Furman  5 years ago

That is a nice idea selling things that we not needed.

jacques.gim profile image

jacques.gim 5 years ago from Lancashire

Bought a property in France to renovate and looking for antique reproduction furniture as anyone got any contacts?

vincent 5 years ago


Tim 5 years ago

I totally agreed with online classified ads because they are usually free. I often sell my used things on because they required people to use video. Video is a much better way to showcase your furniture online. It's actually fun and being cool at the same time. I barely sell stuff on ebay and craigslist because too many unethical sellers selling fake stuff. I like to use video more.

Googie 5 years ago

Online classified ads are a great way of selling second hand and unwanted items to help raise extra cash. With clear and precise descriptions and clear images, most items will sell quickly and easily.

For great articles on selling through classified ads go to

goldandsilver profile image

goldandsilver 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

This is an especially good article for the time being. We all need to know how to do this kind of stuff. I know many people are having to sell even everyday items they use to just keep themselves covered. I appreciate the post and keep it up.


I'm new on here, So let me know how I'm doing on my pages ...if they make sense

Home Business Guru 6 years ago

There was a great episode of "Mary Queen of Shops" shown over here in the UK when she focussed on a failing homeware shop and turned them into top class restorers of old retro furniture. And they were doing really, really well when they revisited them a year later. Maybe in the recession people are cutting back and this recycling of used furniture is a upward market!

Arif Shaik 6 years ago

Tips gave me bit knowledge of how to get the perfect furniture. Interesting about the post is information given in tips.

Jacksonville NC Furniture 6 years ago

As one of the Top 10 used furniture websites on Google, we would VERY MUCH appreciate your checking out for high quality used furniture for your home or office.

SavvyTom 7 years ago

Hi Todd D,

Thanks for the advice on that classifieds site, I've been frustrated looking for something in my town. Always such long distances between buyer/seller.

Todd D 7 years ago

Thanks for a great post:

I would like to stress the importance of

1. Take a good photo (and if possible enhance if dark)

2. Clean and polish as much as possible before sale.

3 Surf the classifieds website to see price range

4. Find a free and safe local classifieds website

I personally prefer

since I can post locally, my small town close to Boston

hkcfurniture profile image

hkcfurniture 7 years ago

Great advice. There's a thriving market for used furniture these days, especially in a down economy. I like these tips. I had never considered running my own auction before.

Richard Ring profile image

Richard Ring 7 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

Good advice, wish more people would buy used in Japan!

LLRF 7 years ago

Great advice.... As a Used furniture buyer, I Don't care about whether the furniture you buy has been used or not, only take care about the quality and of craftsmanship of the furniture. I think the market of used furniture is not developed enough. There are too many pieces of great furniture dumped away.

Treleven-Vilceus profile image

Treleven-Vilceus 7 years ago from USA

great advice thanks

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