Article Marketing for Newbies: How to Write an Article That Obtains Maximum Click-Through-Rates.

How to Write your Article

On behalf of article marketers, writing articles is the furthermost time intense part of the course, however it doesn't have to take you days and weeks to compose a solo article and fully enhance it’s effectiveness.

Previously I spoke about researching and finding an audience.

Once you start writing an article you will have to take advantage of that research.

Each article will have to be composed towards a particular audience, with keyword phrases kept in the back of your mind.

Obviously the whole reason for writing an article with a specific keyword phrase is to get listed in search engines under those “exact” words.

While composing an article you can separate the procedure into a couple easy steps:

• Pick a keyword phrase you would like to use.

• Create a rough draft and break down your article into topics, basically an outline

• Enhance the effectiveness with the keyword density (3-5%).

Selecting Keyword Phrases

Throughout the research phase you should of researched keyword phrases with minimal competition within the search engines.

Now you will want to pick a single keyword phrase to base your article around.

You could start by figuring out a specific topic to write about. For the purpose of this Hub let’s use:

“make money writing with HubPages” 3,420 results

Every article that you compose would and should use a single keyword phrase.

Always keep in mind that the keyword phrase should stay under 5,000 natural listings.

Reason for this… make your life easier and also to rank on the first page of the search results.

Various people compose articles in many different ways. Certain individuals like to use MS Word or Note Pad.

The way that works easiest for me is to layout the article into topics (paragraphs):

0 - Headline: Create something Catchy that has the Keyword Phrase within it.

1 - What is HubPages

2 – How people Benefit from HubPages

3 - How will HubPages benefit them

4 - Personal thoughts about HubPages

5 - How they can start with HubPages

Here are 5 samples that you can write about.

Optimizing Keyword Density

Before you start writing content, you need to keep track of your keyword density.

Staying between 3-5% is good.

If you start to go beyond this, there is a chance the search engines might consider your article as SPAM…You do not want this!


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