Article Marketing for Newbies: How to Find Products People Need that Make You Money

Finding a Product to Sell

Your job as a Internet marketer it is to link a consumer with a relevant produc t.

Creating a relevant linking among the audience and product is key to being successful.

After you have located an audience that you have a desire to promote to, you will then start to locate a product that fits their needs.

Around the web are full of places that you can hunt for various products to match up a particular type of audience.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are a wonderful place to locate products.

This is because they handle various features of marketing such as tracking, making payment, handling support, and recommending a central place to administer your marketing statistics.

Affiliate networks include:

  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • Linkshare
  • RegNow
  • Performics

Just to name a few. All of these places make it simple to locate a product that you can present to your audience.

Independent Affiliate programs

At times however, you will not be able to locate a product from a affiliate network.

This may involve finding independent products with their own affiliate programs.

You are able to find an independent affiliate program by searching on Google.

Actually all you have to do is industry name + affiliate program and that should work.

“HubPages + Affiliate Program”

This should bring up something to get you stated, or point you in the right direction. I just used HubPages as an example. You can use acne cream in place of that, which would probably be a better example. Then see what you come up with.

Discovering the "Correct" affiliate product to offer your audience is GOLDEN in more ways then one.

High Relevance among an audience and a product will harvest sales and generate you money!

Little or no relevancy will only cost time, energy, and possibly even money.

Try to your emphasis on relevancy when picking consumers and products to promote during article marketing endeavors.

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