Opt in Email Marketing Lists: How to Funnel in More Traffic Than the Competition.

Opt in email marketing lists that get traffic

You might say:

"What does opt in email marketing lists have to do with getting traffic?

You are able to connect the too very nicely and you will find out how and why.

All in all as long as people are going to your site you are able to built opt in email marketing lists.

The two major ways of obtaining traffic are threw article marketing and Pay-Per-Click.

Still, the keyword method to opt in email marketing lists are actually significant.

You will be surprised how far you are able to dig down into a single niche, to make it much less competitive.

Lets get a more precise; we are going to chat about the keyword method you are able to use for your opt in email marketing lists (this basically means the same thing, just used differently ).


The Keyword Method for Email Marketing

Relevancy with keywords have a large influence on opt-in email marketing lists conversion when you are using PPC, so I are going to clarify the top ways in order to find converting keywords.

The easiest way is to start broad with your keywords.

For the sake of this Hub I am going to use the example “play guitar ”. This is a broad keyword I will show how to break down.

First I recommend you get to the Google Keyword Tool.


I type my term “guita r” into the box right below “word or phrase (one per line) ".

After tapping the search button the keyword tool will bring back some results of the audience we will be dealing with and item/services we can cross promote. Keep in mind this isn’t targeted yet.

This didn't return anything significant to play guitar, but it did let us know what kind of guitars people are playing.

Individuals looking to play a certain kind of guitar may look for "play electric guitar ".
"guitar lessons" and "beginner guitar"

Here are also a couple extra keywords that could increase significance to opt in email marketing lists:

Together these keywords are approximately what a person could search for if they were interested in playing the guitar.

Which starts to put them in the category of a model customer.

What did we get out of this.

There are many people that play the guitar and are searching for lessons. This shows there is money to be made within this industry.

Time to continue breaking it down. Type the keyword:

“play guitar”

Then see what comes up.


Here is something you can use that is free that many people seem to forget about. The thesaurus that can be found here:


When you use:


For example, take the phrase:

“guitar lesson”

Now search for synonyms that can replace parts of the keyword phrase.


  • Assignment,
  • chalk talk,
  • class,
  • coaching,
  • drill,
  • education,
  • exercise,
  • homework,
  • instruction,
  • lecture,
  • period,
  • practice,
  • quiz,
  • reading,
  • recitation,
  • schooling,
  • study,
  • task,
  • teaching,
  • test,
  • tutoring

See what we discovered

guitar class
guitar coach
guitar education
guitar exercise
guitar practice
guitar school
guitar teacher
guitar tutor

You can go back to the Google keyword tool and put all the terms into the box and have yourself some pretty relevant keywords.

Always remember that not everyone uses the same keywords when searching, thus using a thesaurus fills in the cracks with this issue.

Group Keywords

To further elaborate on your keywords, start by grouping the specifics together using something called a “common keyword skill”

Stay with me now you are doing good.

We are going to use:


Now put it at the end of our keyword.

“Play guitar ear”

This will be entered into the keyword search tool. As you see I am taking the word:


So that we can get the most results back.

  • Play bass guitar by ear
  • Play guitar by ear
  • Play guitar ear
  • Play the guitar by ear
  • Playing guitar by ear
  • To play guitar by ear

This are all wonderful keywords for an ad group these are all very relevant keyword phrases that could be used on a landing page.

The keywords won’t seem like that get mounds of traffic but remember it is quality, not quantity.

Keep in mind that landing pages are very important to opt in email marketing lists

You can measure this up a small 5, 30 or even 50 ad groups and the volume of the opt in email marketing lists will grow to be massive.

This is the advantage of PPC traffic in mixture with your opt in email marketing lists.

It is able to be added to whenever, and can be highly profitable!

Article Marketing Techniques

Article Marketing is the number one "free " way to generate traffic to your email marketing campaigns.

Though it is not workable as PPC you are trusting in Google's natural search results (always up to date ), to gain high rankings at zero cost.

The part that many markets don’t like is that it eats up your time.

Of course time is what you have to sacrifice, but sometimes it is your only option.

Now if you do have some money to spend I highly recommend PPC, mind you with some training first.

This is how article marketing ties in with opt in email marketing lists:

  • Keyword
  • Article
  • Landing Page w/ Opt-in

As you can see the traffic goes to your article, they then click through to your landing page where your opt-in form pops out.

  • Keep in mind landing pages a.k.a. squeeze pages are very important to opt in email marketing lists

As you already know try and find keywords with low competition but decent traffic.

To check this out put your keyword term into Google and lay “quotes” around it.

This will bring back all the webpages that have that exact keyword on them.

Many people say this is your REAL competition, I beg to differ somewhat.

What I like to do also is see what titles all have the search term in them:

Allintitle: “search term”

To take it a step further to see all the keyword terms used in anchor text (clickable blue text) for backlinking purposes I do this:

Allinanchor: “search term”

To really break down you can go all out and do this to find the REAL COMPETITION you are dealing with:

Allintitle: “search term” allinanchor: “search term”

How do you like them apples?

No matter what you hear people talk about this is your TRUE completion.

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