Opt in Email Marketing Lists: How to Effectively Generate Landing (Squeeze) Pages That Turn Profits.

Landing a.k.a Squeeze pages

A landing page is just a page that individuals end up coming to or land on.

This is critical for your opt in email marketing lists that you generate.

Now this could possibly be an article, someone else’s site, or even your own site…doesn’t really matter it can be any page really.

Now with your opt in email marketing lists, you will call these landing pages (squeeze pages).

As you may have figured out they are basically the same thing, however with a slightly different purpose in mind.

The major difference is that a squeeze will not be intended for selling anything.

The sole purpose of a squeeze is to just gather information (name & e-mai l).

This then obviously gets stored into your mailing list.

When you start to become better you would want to focus on sending the traffic from your ad to your own website.

Reason for this is so that you can make highly targeted landing pages that focus solely on that particular audience and keyword phrases you are promoting.

By having your own landing pages you are able to test and tweak what is needed to help you convert better.

Landing/Squeeze Page Overview

3 Components of a Squeeze Page


  • The headline is naturally the very first thing a person will see when they land on your squeeze page. This is really important that you grab the individuals attention here. Keep the relevancy with the same keywords people typed to find you within the title. This will give you a higher conversion rate.


  • Now the offer is next in line. You can come up with anything (tips, tricks, steps, newsletter, guides, etc.) Try to make it a offer they can’t refuse! Remember everyone like stuff for free so that is already a feather in your hat.

Opt-in Form

  • Finally comes the Opt-in form where you are able to hopefully get there name and e-mail. This is where it all comes down to get them on your list. This is why you have to present something of value to the individual so your opt in email marketing lists grow.

If you are not interested or successful with PPC then it is imperative that you master opt in email marketing lists with landing pages.

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woody821 profile image

woody821 5 years ago from New Hampshire United States

Great hub. I love using squeeze pages myself this is a good hub for someone starting out to look into. Great to see people trying to help out.

christopher9882 profile image

christopher9882 5 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thank you very much woody821. I believe helping people understand the various forms of e-mail marketing will benefit them in the long run. Everyone should understand how powerful squeeze pages really are.

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