Tips on how to improve your engineering skills

Are you a graduate of any engineering course? An engineer serves as a backbone of any organization. In almost everything that we are seeing now involves an engineer. Manufacturing, transportation (in any means), communication, construction (commercial and industrial), etc. The competition for a stable job is very tough though opportunities are numerous. One of the best goal to be a highly paid engineer is to be a planning engineer.

Planning is the soul of any project activity. Aside from the respect and work convenience, the opportunity for high and negotiable salary will not be a question. Regardless of your forte, as long as you hold an engineering degree, you can be a planning engineer.

I am an Electrical Engineer by profession; I joined the company on May 2007. I was promoted as Planning Engineer on July 2010. The experience was amazing. Most of planning engineers are almost 15 years and up in the company. I am in construction but basically, planning works for any project almost in a common manner. Not for bragging purposes, I will share you some tips on how to be a competent planning engineer.

When you are a fresh graduate, accept any available job position

Accept those job offers even the salary is not that good enough, as long as you think that you will gain a compact experience. Remember that if they noticed your potential, you will stand out among others, if they didn’t, you can quit in that job anytime and look for another one.

Be friendly

When you are new in a company, you need to build an influence. Be a good friend to your workmates. Lend your help as long as you can. Earn your respect by being tough but not being rude.

Forget pride and prestige

Try to mingle with skilled workers (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc). Be their friends. Ask their stories; they are not just another engineer that will hide you his knowledge due to fear of competition. Watch them when they are working. If you have some spare money, try to treat them in a lunch, or even buy them a piece of bread. It will be mutual, they will feel that you respect them, and believe me, skilled workers are good friends.

Be observer and patient

When you are new in a company, what people will do is to measure or underestimate you. Accept it.Don’t argue. If you don’t know what to do, don’t prove your being an engineer by pretending. Ask questions. Observe the process and path of works.

Absorb everything and be confident

Not everything was taught in universities. So take note of the new information. Be familiar with everything. You are an engineer and your mind is trained to be an information keeper. Once you experienced or even seen one activity or process, it will remain in there. If you absorb everything, you will be confident because you will be an ignorant of that no more.

Be curious, discoverer and experimental

Always keep updated with new software and engineering tool (Autocad, Primavera,Visio,Microstation,etc),do researches and attend seminars. When you have new software, experiment and explore on it. This will be your advantage believe me, the door opened for me because I know the software though it’s not part of my job.

Grab every opportunity and don't be afraid of a bigger responsibility

When somebody resigned, do not hesitate to apply for that position. Remember that when they got that position, they are not that good already. The everyday works will teach and reveal you the tricks on how to be competent for that position. Do not be afraid of meeting managers and executives. Do not be easily intimidated and be confident always.

I hope this tips will help. Watch out for my next article of using Primavera Project Planning Tutorial. Good luck fellow engineers.

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Will be fresh graduate 2 years ago

Thanks for the tips, will try my best in doing it

SoskiB 2 years ago

Thank you. Just got a job as a planning engineer

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