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Back linking
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link building

With more than 80 percent of traffic coming to websites from search engines, it has become very important to perform well organic search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a new buzz in present era. PPC marketing is very costly due increased competition. Link building is one of the main factors that effect ranking of a website. Though the exact algorithm used by Google and other search engines is still a secret, but broadly back links is the vote recognized by all the search engines. Page rank will not only increase your traffic and hence your earning but it will also help you reduce the cost of search advertisingby increasing the quality score of your page for relevant keywords. often quality is considered more important for SEO in back linking. Backlinks also generate traffic in addition to contributing to page rank. 

Link building is time consuming process. Link building overnight is often considered spam and does not help in search engine optimization. Google uses only quality back links to determine the rank of page.

There are 2 types of links.

  • Internal links that are pointed by pages under domian. For example is subdomain of So all the links on pointing to will be considered internal links.
  • External links are those that come from pages that do not belong to your domain.

Both internal as well as external add to page rank and also generate traffic. So backlinking should be done wisely.

Below given are some tips to help link building.

1. Use back links in anchor text for link building

Before building up links, go through the pages of your website. Identify the most important keywords. Use these keywords for getting back links. These keywords should be used as anchor text. Suppose your website is advertising for 'web hosting’, then you should place ‘web hosting’ as anchor text. Use of your brand name for getting back links will not get your page to get high page rank. For example, suppose your site name is and you are selling cheap toys then instead of using use cheap toys for backlinking. People searching on Google won't search for name of your site, he will search for cheap toys.

2. Identify the sites from where you can get backlinks.

Process of link building starts by first recognizing the clean,relevant websites. Here clean refers to all those sites that are in accordance with Google guidelines and are not penalised by Google.

The best way to get good back links is by manually getting links from ‘clean’ websites also known as ‘cherry picking’. Such links will help you do better in SERP. Most of the sites offer the service of cross link in which you get a link in exchange of link from your site. Such linking is not of much importance as they are usually looked down by search engines. When you are cross linking or exchanging links then you should always mind the site which you link to. If you outbound link to sites penalised by Google, your site PR will effect too. Google engines spend lot of time analyzing the sites you link to and sites from where you get links.

Besides manual link requests links can be obtained from sites such as.

1. directory submission ( Yahoo Directory) - A reputed and clean directory can provide you quality links.These links are respected by all robots. Directories help search engines categorise different webpages according to topics. By reputed directory i mean directory of high page rank that is neutral in providing links. Yahoo directory is an example. However many spammy directories have flooded the net. They ask for cross link and are not much recognised by search engines.
2. article submission ( These are used for backlinks only. They generate traffic too. However, i will recommend you not to use such article directory. The reason is very obvious, you spend hours writing about unique article and these article directories such as cash upon your hard word just for providing a link. I would recommend you to write articles for those who have a policy of revenue sharing. Hubpages is an example where you can write about any topic, get backlink and also earn some money from adsense and other programs.
3. optimized press releases ( Most of the services in this category is not free, so it ai your own discretion whether or not to use these services.
4. social media outlets (FaceBook, Twitter)- You should use these services to get backlinks. These can generate lot of traffic as users of such services are multiplying each year. The best thing is that these are not only free but also you do not ahve to dig your mind for so called "unique content'. However the page rank contribution of facebook, Twitter and other such sites is almost 0 !
5. Bookmarking sites (Digg, Reddit)- Bookmarking sites are free, contribute to page rank and generate traffic too.
6. Blogs- Blogs are good source of backlinks. Fortunately content on blog can be used to make money.
7. Forums- Forums can be good way of getting traffic but contribution of forums to page rank is not of much significance.
8. Classifieds

3. Links from thematically relevant sites is important.

Instead of worrying for quantity of links, one should worry about quality of links. One link from a related, clean and reputed web page is far more important than hundreds of links from spammy WebPages or spams. If you get links from not related sites, it has no meaning so far as page rank is considered. Theme of the webpage is also important as it tells spiders that link is a natural one or simply used for increasing the page rank. This is very important in link building and will surely help in search engine optimization. If your links looks natural, it will definitely contribute to pagerank of your page.

You should ask yourself several questions before getting backlinks.

· Is the theme of web page same as that of your page.

· Does the anchor text used for linking is well present in your page.

· Will your visitor benefit, if he jumps from linking page to linked page.

· Does linking page is supplement of linked page.

· Does your link appears sponsored intended for increasing page rank or looks like a natural link

4. Place where link is present matters.

Place where the link is present matters not only by visitors to the site but also search engines.

The following things should be considered.

· Links are not placed in sponsored section as, it is not considered by search engines.

· Back link should come from page having same theme as that of yours. For example if you want to get link to page on ‘hosting’ then you should get link from page having content on ‘hosting’.

· The numbers of outgoing links from page should not be very large as it will the reduce the distribute the page rank of web page.

· Try to get links from pages that are cached by Google, which means that pages are indexed.

· Links from top or body of webpage is more significant than links from bottom of the page.

5. "No-Follow" links contribute 0 page rank !

‘No-follow’ link as the name suggests tells the Google Bot not to contribute any page rank to the web page. SEO s recommend to use this attribute for commercial links to conserve the page rank juice. It is nofollow attribute only that has saved Wikipedia from becoming hub of spams.Wikipedia uses nofollow attribute for all outbound links so it contributes none to page rank of site. If you are using commercial page links use this attribute. Following this practice makes your web site more Google friendly. Not all search engines respect ‘no-follow’ link, however majority of engines recognize this attribute. For example unlike Google, Yahoo and Bing does not respect this attribute.

Link Building is a laborious process and link building companies spend a lot labour researching, testing and improving their techniques. Several companies are offering link building services. The crux is that with a little effort one can link build and move their webpage up in the SERPS. It is most important for search engine optimization(SEO).

6. Use backlinking even if contribution to pagerank is zero.

Backlinks can also generate significant of traffic. Backlinks from social networking sites such facebook and Twitter use traffic. Often the traffic generated consists of relevant audience. Using significant amount of time for promoting your product website is worth. Learn more on How to advertise on social networking sites.

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