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When applying for a job, carefully assess how the position fits you and take it from there. Employers are not only looking at your qualifications. They are also looking for a good "fit," meaning cultural and personal fit, in addition to the hard skills.

The Time Frame of Your Application

Upon confirming your interest to a job post, it won't take you more than one day to prepare all the things you need. It is best to send your application by the first day of the work week--which means finalizing the actual application documents could be done by the prior weekend. Ideally, companies post job openings because they are already needing the employee for the position. And if they are impressed with your application, you can get through from the application to the interview in a few days. In fact, a qualified applicant may get the call in the same day, or at the most, the day after. Then all it takes is to let the employer realize that you are the valuable asset they are looking for to fill in the post. By the next work week, you are all set to be proving your worth as a new employee.

Research Information About the Company

It's not just the researching for a job post that matters, you should also research about the company to know the kind of industry it operates in. Check on web pages providing more information about both the company and its workers. Browse on their official website, but remember that this site is more client-focused. It's also good to check on their social networking platforms like their Facebook profile, Youtube and blog pages to help you find the best approach to your application. You may also subscribe to the company blog or follow them on Twitter, and they just might reciprocate and check on your profile, too--which can be a good opportunity to get their attention while also showcasing your skills. You may also realize that you have some mutual friends at Facebook and LinkedIn. And your network can speak volumes for your ability to fit in. Moreover, letting them endorse you adds more points for you to get that job interview in no time.

Fine-tune Your Application Documents

Brainstorm. Write down everything from your skills to your interests. Think of your past accomplishments relative to how your prospective employer functions. Organize your list according to how you want to present yourself in your application. Pick the most relevant information to fit what the company is looking for.

It really makes a difference if you write a fresh cover letter for each job. Remember that laying out your cover letter is like seeing the front page of a newspaper. You need to let the person get you noticed. Tell them what you can bring to the table and how you can be an asset to the company. It is wiser to use the words "you" and "your" than "I" and "my." Keep it short and direct to the point.

Make a tailor-made resume. Ideally, it should be one or two pages at the most. Making that first good impression requires a short but striking resume. Highlight your best credentials. Put links of your updated online portfolio so they can readily access significant information about you through the web. Provide both excellent visual presentation and significant content as part of the overall package. And before sending out the application, proofread all the documents.

Update Your Online Portfolio as Supplement to Your Application

You need quality time to get all things set, confirm the interview, and land that job. While your formal application requires a cover letter and a resume, have something online through social networking sites and job sites providing spaces for online resumes and portfolios as well. Include your work history, education, skills, interests, and qualifications so you're ready to get noticed.

Posting a YouTube video could be a good idea, especially for media-related jobs, entertainment companies, active social institutions, and creative businesses. If you need a more formal approach, you can have a treatment similar to a PowerPoint presentation with supporting photos for your profile. It doesn't have to show yourself as if it's an audition piece for a performance; instead, put your skills and qualifications on the spotlight.

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Mike Lickteig profile image

Mike Lickteig 6 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

Creating a great resume is always a balancing act. You want your resume and cover letter to relate to the position you are applying for, but you also want them to sell your abilities. The cover letter in particular is your chance to say what you want a prospective employer to know about you--but you can't overdo it.

YouTube, LinkedIn, and similar sites are good for promoting your skills and abilities in a more general way. 10-15 years ago such sites would be irrelevant--now they are huge tools for acquiring a position.

Nicely written hub.

riannehill profile image

riannehill 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV Author

Thanks! Yes, these have become huge tools to promote oneself really... They are very practical and easily accessible for both the job seeker and the employer these days.

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