Tips to Keyword research for successful SEO

Keyword research

Keyword research is the most vital, crucial and significant aspect of your SEO campaign. Keyword research not only helps in understanding the demands of your target market but also helps in the understanding of the market research itself.

Keyword research is the back bone of SEO. Keyword research is very important to the success of your Hubs as well. You cannot have great performing Hub without proper keyword research. It determines the direction of your SEO campaign. Proper keyword research can take your SEO to the skies while a poor research can spoil your efforts. Here are some tips to learn more about keyword research.

How to start Keyword Research

How do you start with your keyword research? Its simple. Start with yourself.

Think about your content. Think about the question your content is going to answer. Ask the same question that you are going to answer. Put yourself in the position of the person you're addressing to.

  • What will be the question that you ask if you are troubled by the same question?
  • What will be the key words of my question?
  • Are the keywords good enough to convey my message

Note your thoughts

Once you have some answers to the above questions, open a new excel sheet and type down the keywords in your mind. Go through your content and note down the keywords that come to your mind.

After you have exhausted your thoughts, open a competitor's site and go through the content. See its source and go through the meta keyword section. This will also add some keywords to your keyword library.

In this way you have a list of relevant keywords.

Keyword research tools

A keyword research is never complete without a nice keyword research tool. There are all types of keyword research tools available on the internet. Some are free, some are cheap and some are expensive. Choose the tool that best suits your needs. Here is a list of some free keyword tools.


Keyword research is the building block of SEO. It is the first step to a successful website. Proper keyword research guarantees a proper SEO campaign.

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Phillbert profile image

Phillbert 5 years ago from The Ozarks

Very helpful information! Thank you!

anasshad profile image

anasshad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Thank you for you likeness.

abbiz profile image

abbiz 5 years ago from M-A

Good article with useful tips, I'll try to use some of them.


anasshad profile image

anasshad 5 years ago from Pakistan Author

Do use them and then let me know Abbiz.

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