Tips to handle your boss either he is fair with you or not on new job

Handling your boss gently is a difficult task and the workers and employee who succeed to manage with their boss or introduce their own way to the boss are usually known as successful employee. When I started my new job I was unaware of the techniques that how to handle my boss and officers” and because of that lack of awareness of managing my job I face a lot of difficulties in the start of new job.

Later I learned by my experiences and mistakes and develop my techniques that how to handle my ugly boss. I decided to share my experience with my readers as now because of these powerful techniques of managing my job and handling my boss I become a successful employee in the office.

Below are the some simple tips, May any of them boost you up and convert your job into a successful career.

If he is fair and good with you

  1. Be active before your boss, in other words show him that you are interested in the work and show him that you are honest with your job, show him that you are satisfied with him, it the best way to get positive points on your side in his mind, study his psyche and estimate that what type of employee he likes or if you have confidence ask him (when he is in good mode) “sir! What I have to do to be successful employee? I want to be a successful employee too but I am new in the job so I am unknown, as you are experienced, can you tell me the secrets to be a good employee?”
  2. For being a good worker always keep in mind that your job is only successful when you are good in your boss view, to do that give an aim to your job (Aim: job aim is just that my boss won’t go into tension due to me)
  3. Always meet him with fresh expressions and normal mode, smile in front of him mostly, don’t be so tense of any odd situation, feel confident before your boss but deal him like a human not like a monster. Don’t listen to others if they say boss is strict and cruel, just do it in your on way and use your own mind to check the likes and dislikes of your boss in work.
  4. It’s easy to mold yourself in the boss settings instead to molding yourself in the way you want, give him space because he has his own experience and knowledge and way to do work so don’t criticized him. Try to understand that your boss can’t change; he is programmed in a certain hectic way, he can’t change just because he led whole of his life in this way so you don’t need to change just act before him as he wants with certain amendments as presenting your personality.
  5. Feedback your boss often, keeps him informed, lack of information creates misunderstandings and create distances. Speak politely to your boss; its help to convey your message to him and help you to present yourself as a good and obedient employee to him.
  6. Don’t ever say “it’s not my duty” every boss existed in this world mind this reaction. Don’t be afraid of the work and your time given to work, you have to face all these things to handle your boss.
  7. Always keep in mind that conquering your boss views is only way to be look like a successful employee. If you got time to discuss something or for general gossip, you must have to do, be comfortable and feel a little free with him, watch out for some of his interests and then see what you can share with him keeping yourself in limits.
  8. Speak directly any of your matter or problem to your officer or boss, don’t be shy, it’s the best way to keep in touch with a person and to convey him your personality and positivity. Don’t give an eye on views of the other employees that you don’t need to go to your boss instead resolve it yourself or with us, go and him tell him your problem, I have observed in my experiences and views I have collected form other successful employees that 99 % of bosses want to help their new employees, so don’t shy and hesitate to tell him your matter, it’s a part of the technique you want to learn (how to handle my boss?).

If he is unfair with you

If you observe it clearly that boss is unfair with you and then doesn’t to be worry about “how to handle my boss if he is unfair with me”, you still have options to survive and do your job easily and comfortably, let’s see some suggestions about handling your boss on new job.

  1. Keep your confident before him; keep your work done nicely and responsibly, try to keep away him from giving suggestions, try to do work as such that complains from him reduce to negligible.
  2. Don’t be free with him, just do your work and go away, try to give less time to him as much as you can, don’t make funs before him in the company of other officers and employees, be serious and mature before him, just talk with him about the official matters where you must have to deal with him.
  3. Don’t share your thinking in gossips between colleagues, many of times your colleagues can leak your sayings to the boss and this can harm your new job.
  4. Be serious in your work, in office and especially before your boss, try to keep him satisfied with your work instead of your tongue. Don’t treat him as your enemy or a monster killing you instead treat him as competitor and try to compete with him due to your skills, qualities and work.
  5. Bear him and his personality, don’t be tense due to his acts and foolishness, keep your self always learning form his character, no matter he is powerful and has authority to make your job life uneasy but you have to just fight for defense all the time because he is your officer and make troubles for you in future if you react so harshly on his cruel and foolish attitude.
  6. If he criticizes on your dressing, other personal activities and about him deal with him gently, doesn’t mess up with him even if you know he is right or may just want to tease you by these things.
  7. Don’t be afraid of him, don’t give him respect by your acts (don’t change your places due to him, don’t stand up if he enters when you are sitting) instead keep a normal professional style to present yourself to him.
  8. If your boss crosses all the limits then tell higher authorities and meet higher authorities personally and tell them to solve your problem.
  9. Chose right time to do right thing, that’s the formula to be successful employee, manage every moment that how to tell your boss that he has to change his attitude and his employees don’t like this type of old fashioned behavior.

Configuring your boss help you, which category match him:

He is bad but don’t know that he is bad

He is bad but wants to improve himself in employee’s eyes

He is bad and swollen with pride due to his badness

In last I must suggest that observations and variations in your condition of handling a bad and hard boss is up to you, may your case is exceptional but don’t worry try to find out ways to solve your exceptional case, the matter “how to handle your boss” still leaves with you, so be wise and gentle be practical and mature and deal with your boss just putting him in the category of “part of your personal life”

God bless you

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