Tools Needed to Have a Successful Home Based Business

 With the recent layoffs, a weak economy, and corporate mergers are real concerns that can mean pink slips for many employees. Millions of people will be entering the home-based business for the very first time over the next few years, and they need the right tools to be a successful business. Here are some of the tools essential for your business:

  • Contact Management- One of the number one reasons sales are lost is lack of follow up. Salespeople with a small or home-based business with customers or clients know that keeping track and follow up is crucial in their business. So if your contact list is growing larger everyday, and so is the number of email addresses, and phone numbers, that means a contact manager is essential to have and oversee your customers or clients list before it gets out of hand. A contact manager keeps you up to date on appointments and meetings, as well as notes about your customers or clients. Having away to sort and manage your contact list through a task manager and calendar functions will keep you up to speed. Another great tool for a good contact manager is auto responders and drip campaigns that can follow up on clients or associates for you through email automatically.
  • Business Marketing- Your business marketing system is the single biggest factor which determines the success or failure of your business. NO matter what you do, the proper business marketing systems essentials remain the same, only the application of them has to adapt to the e=needs of your particular business. Your marketing business system should affect every aspect of how you run your business. A good marketing system will allow you to attract new clients, potential associates,or distributors and increase your bottom line.
  • Web Conferencing- Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings or presentations via the Internet. In a web conference, each participants sits at his or hers own computer and is connected to other participants via the Internet. You can share any application on your computer and change meeting presenters whenever you need to during the web conference, Web conferencing also gives you the ability to conduct a meeting of whatever length,and as frequently as needed. With gas and traveling prices so expensive, web conferencing can save you money and time, increasing your bottom line.

There is a system called Bizpack by United First Financial that has all of these tools and more inclusive tools to make your business successful.

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Joe Fox 7 years ago

Michael - Great way to present this information!

Bill Beavers profile image

Bill Beavers 7 years ago from California

We all learn as we go it seems. If I had a contact manager many years ago, my list of current and past clients would be awesome. Bizpack is so much more. I can't imagine a business running without it now. Great Hub. Keep bringing us good information.

Bill Beavers

Michael Wright profile image

Michael Wright 7 years ago Author

Thanks, Joe and Bill for your commets...

Roy Darnold profile image

Roy Darnold 7 years ago from Trenton, Florida

I'm very excited about the tools included in BizPack. Already know how the power of web conferencing allows you to have a national business. The contact management program is a sales persons best friend. Does a lot of work to keep your hard earned leads active. Great post!

Michael Wright profile image

Michael Wright 7 years ago Author

Thanks Roy, I agree with and can't wait for it to get here.

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