America's Safest Cities - Colonie NY

The historic Pruyn House property in Colonie, New York. Coloni was originally settled by the Dutch, such as Casparus Pryun.
The historic Pruyn House property in Colonie, New York. Coloni was originally settled by the Dutch, such as Casparus Pryun. | Source

America's Safest Cities

Among the Top 10 Safest Cities of over 75,000 residents in America during 2009 through 2013 is the Town of Colonie, New York, according to Information Pease and CQ Press.

The yearly safest and most-dangerous city rankings are derived from population statistics and crime data at the FBI. Certain criminologists and a grou of personnel at the FBI warn against using this information for city rankings, while some city representatives feel that their hometowns are even safer than the ranking suggest.

One consensus, however, is that everybody in the country wants American cities to be as safe as possible. Colonie is safe in terms of numbers and types of crimes committed yearly and the quality of its emergency services.

Location of Colonie NY

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A markerColonie NY -
Colonie, NY 12205, USA
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B markerAlbany NY -
Albany, NY, USA
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C markerSchenectady NY -
Schenectady, NY, USA
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D markerMohawk River in NY -
Mohawk River, New York, USA
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E markerHubson River -
Hudson River, New York, USA
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Transportation Center

City sources report that Coloniemeans in Dutch "the settlement outside the city" and that is just what Colonie NY is. The Town of Colonie is a northwestern suburb of the larger Albany, New York. It is comprised of the villages of 1) Colonie and 2) Menands, in the eastern sector.

Colonie as a town has always been in the center of a Transportation Corridor that began with animal travelways, followed by Eastern Woodlands Native Americans that cut North-South and East-West trails through the land. Many points beside the Mohawk River in and around Colonie proved easy to cross and native settlements grew along the river before European settlers arrived. Unfortunately, these same trails were used for war during the French & Indian Wars and the American Revolution. If you have a chance, enjoy the classic film or book Drums Along the Mohawk.


Wagons, horses, and canals followed Indian Trails through Colonie and along the Mohawk River after settlers first arrived. The railroads followed, then highways and the local Albany International Airport nearby.

Canal Towpath History-- Colonie established a community pocket park on the south bank of the beautiful Mohawk River, east of the Route 9 Bridge spanning the river. It offers an information kiosk that describes the original Erie Canal aqueduct of 1825, the larger Erie Canal aqueduct of 1842, and a three bridges at the location. The town has a few pocket parks and larger parks for recreation and relaxation,

An area of land on the riverfront in Colonie is under initial construction for revitalization that willl being new residences and businesses to the riverfront as well as new attractions for visitors. Improvements in the waterfront and local roads will help to make the villages even safer with increased activity, but also increased law enforcement patrols and community awareness projects. Safety is a priority in schools, government offices, and businesses in Colonie.


State Highways in the town include Route 5, Route 7, Route 9, and the I-87 Northway. In addition, residents have easy access to I-90, I-787, and I-88, the New York State Thruway, and an Amtrak Train Station.

Colonie NY

A markerColonie NY -
Colonie, NY, USA
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Colonie Center

Mallanchor stores include Whole Foods, L.L. Bean, Macy's, and others.
Mallanchor stores include Whole Foods, L.L. Bean, Macy's, and others. | Source
  • Save the Farm - Glynwood's mission is to help communities in the Northeast save farming. We work at the intersection of the needs of communities and the opportunities available to farmers and landowners. Our unique niche is to empower communities to support farming

National Historic District, Colonie: The First Shaker Community

Shaker community in central Colonie and surrounding areas, as far as today's Albany.
Shaker community in central Colonie and surrounding areas, as far as today's Albany. | Source

Local Native Americans

The Dutch reportedly made good neighbors for two Native American Nations on opposite sides of the Mohawk River in the 1600s. However, the Mohawks on one side of the river and the Mohegans on the other waged war with each other over land lownership. The Mohegans wanted more land.

The commander of Fort Orange helped the Mohegans, in violation of a treaty; and to help the Mohawks, others of the Iroquois Six Nations arrived. Overwhelmed and their commander killed, the Dutch recognized the Mohawk deed as lands awarded by the treaty and moved out in 1626 to New Amsterdam.

Attractions Near Colonie

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A markerAlbany Pine Bush Preserve -
Albany Pine Bush Preserve, Albany, NY 12203, USA
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B markerUniversity at Albany -
University at Albany, State University of New York, 1400 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12222, USA
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C markerAlbany International Airport -
Albany International Airport (ALB), 737 albany-shaker road, Albany, NY 12211, USA
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D markerNew York State Game Management Area -
New York State Game Management Area, Rexford, NY 12148, USA
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E markerFort Orange -
Albany, NY, USA
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American Revolution's General Philip Schuyler House in  Colonie Township. National Historic Places; property became a park in 2002.
American Revolution's General Philip Schuyler House in Colonie Township. National Historic Places; property became a park in 2002. | Source

Colleges and Universities

Sienna College in Colonie NY
Sienna College in Colonie NY | Source

Local Employment: Number of Jobs Available

During 4th QTR 2013, the Town of Colonie included about 80,000 residents and 28,000 job listings within a radius of 25 miles for approximately 3,200 unemployed adults ages 18 - 64. These jobs are avaiable to residents of nearby Albany as well.

Leading economic sectors in the Town of Colonie in the 2000s have been Sales, Office, and Professional Services, especially Healthcare Services. In the 2010s, a trend toward increases in Medical Professions is noticeable, mirroring Federal,State, and Local forescasts for high demand jobs nationwide from 2010 to 2020.

Top Job Listers

  1. Albany Medical Center - A top place to find Medical Scientist Jobs
  2. GE Corporate - Top company for Biochemists
  3. GE Energy - Also a top place for Biochemist Jobs
  4. Dentalworkers commpany
  5. Rregeneration Pharmaceuticals
  6. NTT Data
  7. Swift Transpporation
  8. Citizens Financial Group
  9. Telereach
  10. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Highest Demand Jobs

  1. Engineers - IT and Others
  2. Truck and School Bus Drivers
  3. Warehousing jobs
  4. Dental Assistants
  5. General Dentists
  6. Registered Nurses (RN license)
  7. Administrative Support
  8. Dental Hygienists
  9. Business Analysts
  10. Lab Technicians
  11. Solar Sales Representatives
  12. Project Managers - IT and Other
  13. Healthcare Technicians

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Minnetonka Twin 6 years ago from Minnesota

Sounds like colonie is a great place. Good jobs and safe. What more can one ask for?

Great information and pictures. thx

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Thanks this information. My daughter is going to school for nursing, and we live close by New York. We will check it out.

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Well done for another great informative hub. It just shows that it can be done. I wish other places would take an example so that the majority can live in peace.

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Colonie seems to be a great place. Thanks for your detailed description and informative hub. :)

hattersmen 6 years ago

It shows that Medical Field is on the top. Now, i am not wondering why many people wants to be nurse. I am sure they have high salary.

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Very attractive hub. Thanks for sharing!

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Who would've guessed that the safest US city was in New York? Insightful hub

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I was pretty much thinking the same about the safest city being in NY. But, that's good to know. Nurses are really in high demand there. Great info! Voted and rated.

Garret Gary 5 years ago

YAY! I live in colonie! Hehe(:

Nora 4 years ago

Very good hub. I am a nursing student about to graduate this spring, and I have been researching different places that I could possibly find work. I definitely want to work in a safe place, I am not a big city kinda girl. So this sounds right up my alley. I was on, a traveling nurse agency, and saw they had a few openings in Colonie, and wanted to know more. Thank you so much!

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Thanks for the link. Travel nursing is lucrative and excitng.

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