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Hello, I have been trading on ebay for more than 3 years and I love it. I enjoy every moment of it and now I have set up my own ebay business. It really is fun being able to leave the office and work at home, being able to help my family with extra expenses money or fun money while taking care of the kid and being able to pay the bills at the end of the months. There is a lot to enjoy but the bit I enjoy the most is when one of my auction ends and the amount an items sells for. It sometimes is a surprise when you purchase something for a pound from the car boot sale and you realise its worth hundreads when you list it on eBay.

So far I have done well over 3000 transactions on eBay and I had many suprises over the last few years. Here is the list of my top 10 items I sold on eBay:

1. Polaroid Intant Cameras

I regulary buy these cameras from car boot sale and sell them at £9.99 to £24.99.  The price of these in car boot sale starts from £1.00 to £5.00 and the good thing is you can always find one.  They come in many different types (models), colour, shapes and sizes.  Search for them on ebay and you will be able to see the the different range.  Just go to ebays advance search and tick the complete listing option and then type in "Polaroid instant cameras" to check the range and price.

2. Nintendo Game Boy Micro (Limited Edition). 

Bought this from a Flea Market for £8.00.  I didn't realise it was limited edition until I came home and searched on the internet.  It was sold as faulty as the person sold it did not have the charger for it.  I just gambled on it and then realised it was working when I purchased a charger for £5.00 to test it.  I then listed it on eBay and it sold for £78.00.  No bad hey!

3. Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag

Authentic Louis Vuitton bags does really well on ebay, but make sure it is 100% authentic.  I have noticed many fake bags on ebay and other auction sites.  An authentic bag comes with a serial no and sometime a COA (certificate of authenticity).  Some sellers will even have their purchase reciept from Louis Vuitton Store tp prove it is authentic.  Always check everything to make sure.  I purchased this bag from another site for £28.00 and it is authentic.  Its a vintage 1980s bag and after listing it on ebay as auction it sold for £170.00. Now that's a big surprise!

4. Toy Story Figures

If you find one priced below £5.00, don't think just buy it as these are now collector's items.  These are still available for sale so grab them now before they become rare.  You will find them in flea market, car boot, charity shops, so look out.  Make sure they are clean and working.  I have sold many in the past and they sell for £10 - £20 easily.  New condition one will go for £30+.

5. Philips Dictaphone

Purchased this for £8.00 from a Flea Market in Manchester and sold it on eBay for £100.00. Didn't realise it was this valuable until I checked it on Ebay. I was boxed, never used. Some of them are selling for £145.00 - £200.00 and they are used. I just listed at £100.00 to sell it quick. It sold on the same day I listed it. Another great bargain!

6. Lutterloh System International - pattern making book

I found this book in a charity shop and bought it for a £1.00.  It was in box and never used and came with a pattern making kit.  As soon as I put it on eBay for auction I had 7 bidders watching it and my email inbox was flooding with enquiries regarding it.  One guy emailed me and told me its from 1975.  He also said "good luck you will do rally well with this".  After 7 days there were 35 bids and it sold for 49.00.  I just couldn't believe it.  Its very hard to find another one of these I was old.

7. Olympus micro cassette voice recorder

Found three of these brand new & boxed in a carboot sale.  Paid £2.00 for each (£6.00 for all).  Sold each one individually for £12.99 each.  Made £38.97 in total.  Thats not bad for £6.00 investment.

8.  Sega Master System Plus Console

Bought this sega game console for £15.00.  It was in mint condition and boxed with all accessories and 8 games.  Sold it for £45.00 buy it now price.  I knew it was a winner when I saw it.  The guy asked for £20.00 and I haggled the price to £15.00 and made triple the amount I paid for.

9. Faulty Laptop

This laptop was on sale as spare / repair for £5.00 in a computer market.  I purchased it immediate after spotting it.  Tried to repair it but I couldn't.  It came with battery and charger and they were both working, so I sold the battery and charger separately and then sold the laptop as spare / repair on eBay.  I sold the battery for £15.00 and charger for £12.00.  I then auctioned the laptop and it sold for £31.00.  See that not a bad sale strategy and that's why ebay is fun.

10.  Casio Calculator.

This I bought for 0.50p and sold on ebay as faulty as it did not work.  Amazingly a bidder from France paid £8.00 plus £4.99 P&P to get hold of it. Don't ask me  I don't know why.  If it was working it would have sold for up to £85.00.

A lot of people fail to succeed in ebay business because they simply don't know what sells best on ebay and it takes a lot of time and effort to find out. You just need to spend some time testing several products and once you know the hot selling items you need to stick with it and just sell these item items. Sell them again and again and make fortune.

Another strategy is to find out which category is hot on ebay and just sell products on that category. For example I sell a lot of collectibles so I go and find many types of products under that category, i.e. collectible items I sell includes: vintage technology, vintage cameras, old toys, cigarette cards, stamps, coins, tv memorobilia, vintage tins, etc.

There are so many ways to make money one ebay, you just need to do some serious research and find out more about buying and selling on eBay. The internet provides vast amount of information and the brilliant thing is its all free. You just need to invest your time and effort.

Mahbubur Rahman (Sasta10)

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