Top 10 Reasons to Rent a Private Mailbox

I am the owner of a Pack & Ship & Mailbox store. Some of my customers have asked me, "Who rents mailboxes?", or "Why would anyone rent a mailbox here instead of a P.O. Box at the post office?" So, I've put together a "Top 10 List" of reasons people rent private mailboxes at my store.

1. Your street-side mailbox does not protect you from identity theft. Most street-side mailboxes do not lock, leaving sensitive personal information available to thieves.

2. You want to keep your roommates or family from going through your mail. Having a separate mailing address can keep your personal business away from prying eyes.

3. You don't want UPS or FedEx packages left at your door where they can be stolen or damaged by bad weather. Mailbox stores can secure your packages until you pick them up.

4. You have a home-bases business, but would rather not give out your home address to complete strangers. You can't be too careful. Your family's safety is most important.

5. You like the security of a P.O. Box, but UPS & FedEx are not allowed to deliver to P.O Boxes. Mailbox stores allow UPS and FedEx to deliver to a private mailbox.

6. Your small business can rent a legitimate commercial "suite" address on Main Street for just a few dollars per month. This commercial address can be used on your business cards and letterhead, giving your small business a "step up" from a residential street address that can scare off potential customers.

7. You hate driving all the way out to UPS or FedEx to pick up packages or envelopes that require a signature. Mailbox stores always have a professional on duty to sign for your packages and secure them until you pick them up.

8. You'd love to be able to check your mailbox over the phone. Mailbox stores usually offer email or text notification of deliveries, or allow you to call-in to check your mailbox.

9. You move often and need a permanent mailing address. Many folks move from apartment to apartment, creating huge problems in terms of finding their mail. Private mailboxes are perfect for these people, allowing them to maintain a consistent long-term address.

10. You travel often and need your mail forwarded to wherever you are. RV'ers and road warriors can benefit from using a private mailbox. Mailbox stores can forward mail and packages at your convenience to any destination.


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