Top 5 Free Ways To Make Money Online

Whether you're looking to make an extra $1,000 each month on the side or you're hoping to earn hundreds of thousands from internet marketing, it's difficult to believe that this can be done for free. But this is the thing - if you're willing to put in the work, these goals can be achieved without any startup revenue.

However, you will have to devote a lot of time to making your campaigns work just as a musician will practice and an athlete will train for hours every day. I'm not talking 12 hour workdays, but I am talking commitment. The thing about internet marketing is that once you've put in a lot of work, there is always time to lean back and watch as your empire grows larger. Every little part of your work will become a domino in your elaborate sequence, until everything comes together to make you some serious money.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Whether you're new to internet marketing or not, this countdown aims to provide the 5 best ways to get those paychecks rolling in without you paying a penny.

#5: Write Plenty Of Quality, Targetted Articles

Simple really - and you've already made your first step by being here on Hubpages. However, there is a knack to doing this right - running into article writing with all guns blazing is definitely not going to get you paid. What's necessary is planning (but don't worry, this only takes ten minutes) so that your topic is not too popular and your keywords have easily beaten competition.

Firstly, choose a targetted area to write about. There's no use writing about random topics off the top of your head - you're far more likely to get indexed on Google if you just blitz your chosen niche with a good twenty quality articles with the same keywords. It's all about quality and quantity remember - this way you'll annihilate your competition. Once your traffic rolls into the 50+ views per article per day category, you're on your way to earning that pay check.

#4: Start A Few Blogs

Blogs? Aren't they for people with too much to say and noone to listen to their drone? Well, yes. But they can also be a big help in getting your articles indexed on the first few pages of Google. Why is this? Because Google loves web pages that have loads of branches i.e. other webpages linking through to them. If two or three blogs have links to each one of your articles you're also going to be getting a lot of traffic driven through those respective bloggin sites, so it's a win win. Maybe you'll even gain your own gang of blog followers once you've made a name for yourself? All these little things contribute to that money making goal, so work hard on your blogs as well as your articles - never skimp on quality.

#3: Sign Up To Google Adsense

This is one of the many ways you can earn money from all those articles you've been working on. Adsense is a dream come true for internet marketers. Unlike a Pay Per Click campaign in which you pay Google to advertise your site, Adsense displays adverts on your article pages, blogs and websites and pays you when an advert is clicked on. Naturally, this isn't going to get you $100,000 a year (although nothing's impossible with the right traffic), but it's a great way of funding any campaigns that you might need to spend a little cash on. So once you've signed up to an article site such as Hubpages, make sure you enable your Google adsense account to start benefitting.

#2: Start Promoting Through Clickbank

In a nutshell, Clickbank allows you to promote products and earn a commission from sales. Clickbank is a great site for beginners and advanced internet marketers alike to begin promoting affiliate products. Once you've signed up, you will have open access to thousands of products to market with your own unique product hoplink. This hoplink is a link you can place in your articles, blogs and website which leads the customer through to the vendor's site. The great thing is though, because the customer got to the vendor's site through your link, you'll be earning a commission off any sales that occur. Therefore, as long as the content you provide in your articles is honest and rich in quality, you're bound to make sales.

#1: Create Your Own Website

Now this may seem like a far more daunting task than the relatively easy article writing mentioned earlier, but starting your own website can substantially benefit your campaign. Unfortunately, if you're looking to set up a '.com,, .net etc.' domain, you will have a fee to pay to secure that address. However, this fee can be as low as £1.99 from sites such as 1& and is surely a price worth paying to secure your own personal webspace as the central hub of all your internet marketing?

Now you have your domain name, you'll be needing a web host and website building software. Sounds really quite overwhelming, doesn't it? Well it doesn't have to be. I never thought I'd be able to comprehend building my own website, let alone finding the software to construct it - but that was before I came across Wordpress.

Anyone can get their head around it no matter how little computer experience they've had. And in no time whatsoever, you'll have a professional looking website to begin advertising and promoting on.

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Wellington 6 years ago

If your not afraid of learning and doing a little bit of work, online marketing can be very lucrative. All you have to do is find an online business that is legitimate with real people to help you do your best.

The opportunity that I will tell you about allows you to earn money from ClickBank, HD Publishing, TrialPay, Google Adsense, US Search and What you get is your own People search engine website (free of charge to you) that pays you a commission when people uncover results for anybody's phone#, address, email look-up, ssn or running background checks. It's a fact: 30% of all searches online are people related, so it's a very good niche to get into. Plus there are other ways that you can utilize your People Search business to make more money, like growing your downline with GDI.

There's also a whole forum full of members working the same system you are, helping you along the way. Give it a try. You won't regret it. A small investment of $10 is to host your website with compatible software.

tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 6 years ago from South Africa

Thanks for this useful info. I am quite hopeless about marketing myself or my articles, but I am learning little by little, thanks to Hubs like your's.

Love and peace


EpicNoob profile image

EpicNoob 6 years ago Author

Cheers for checking my hub out pal, glad it could be of some use.


Damir 6 years ago

How work

theboxmeister profile image

theboxmeister 6 years ago

Great hub! Commitment is all about. I just want to ad a great place where you can build your website and it will provide to you many tools to ease the process of creating and promoting your site. You can see a comparison with other services alike at the following link :

Granny's House profile image

Granny's House 6 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

Grea hub. Thanks for the info

EpicNoob profile image

EpicNoob 6 years ago Author

No problem, glad it helped you out Granny's House. ;)

USA Colleges 6 years ago

Very good information. Nice adsense screenshot but AFAIK, it's against google TOS. So you may like to remove it from this page.

Good luck :)

EpicNoob profile image

EpicNoob 6 years ago Author

Oh sugar, you're right pal. Thanks for the heads up. :)

Glad you enjoyed the hub.


Mr Allround profile image

Mr Allround 6 years ago

Great information, thanks. And I would add something too: Patience is the key in this business.

EpicNoob profile image

EpicNoob 6 years ago Author

Absolutely. It sounds difficult to apply yourself 100%, but the rewards are almost limitless.

Cheers for reading Mr Allround.

jahranimo profile image

jahranimo 6 years ago from new york city

good content. Quality stuff thanks

EpicNoob profile image

EpicNoob 6 years ago Author

I appreciate the feedback jahranimo,

cheers bud.

Directory Submission 6 years ago


Nice ways of earning online money. SEO an also a great way of earning online dollars.

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EpicNoob profile image

EpicNoob 6 years ago Author

Glad you enjoyed the hub bro.

profile image

Tamil Hot Actress 6 years ago

very nice hub

EpicNoob profile image

EpicNoob 6 years ago Author

Cheers Tamil. Hope it helped.

Tris profile image

Tris 6 years ago from Nova Scotia

Excellent Hub with useful information.

Ryan Clinton profile image

Ryan Clinton 6 years ago from

There is one common thread - It's real but it takes work, much work. Hell think about it, if it didn't everyone would do it. Thanks

EpicNoob profile image

EpicNoob 6 years ago Author

No problem, glad you enjoyed the read.

FindYourSearch profile image

FindYourSearch 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

Great list; having it all in one place like this is a good resource. For the greatest ROI, don't forget to make sure all the articles and websites you create are optimized for search engines. More visibility usually means more traffic, and that helps the methods mentioned above be even more effective.

trishool profile image

trishool 6 years ago from Delhi

Is that a snapshot of your clickbank earnings? Are you serious? You are my Idol!!!

profile image

billy7867 6 years ago

Nice hub very colourful:-)

Sunnyglitter profile image

Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace

Nice article!

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

Wonderful information. You are absolutely right it does take a lot of commitment and time.

"Humphrey@Quicktraffic" 6 years ago

Thanks alot for this great interactive and comprehensive post me i have bkmarked already.Keep it up.

Johnadisonnur 6 years ago

Iwant mony

Master of the Web 5 years ago

These are good techniques but if everyone begins doing this then no one is going to make money online. Which I can already see happening.

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