Tri Fold Brochure

Perhaps you are starting a business or trying to get new members to your organization; in order to attract new clientele or members, a tri fold brochure can be a huge asset. It helps lay out information about your organization/business in an informative and attractive manner.

There are several Microsoft programs that can help you create your tri fold brochure. It can be created with or without templates in both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher.

However, working in Microsoft Word can be rather frustrating because the user is required to search for a way to produce the desired result. Tabs must be pulled down and settings must be created. This can be irritating, especially if there is a deadline approaching. However, it absolutely can be done and is great for someone who may not have much computer experience besides using Word. First, choose landscape layout. In order to change the layout the user must go to File, then to the Page tab, choose paper size, and then choose landscape. Once the page layout is changed, the user must set their margins. The user will be able to find this setting in the Tools tab. Under tools they must choose options, view tab, and choose margins.

For ease of use, Publisher is recommended since everything is at your fingertips. There is a bar to the left side with various options to change the scheme, add text boxes, add an image (perhaps a logo), etc.

Similar programs that are not Microsoft and handle graphics more capably are Adobe InDesign and Quark XPress. They are most often used on a Mac platform, however they can be downloaded in Windows-compatible formats. Once a person is familiar with these programs, though, they will be able to create a tri fold brochure easily. However, since they are generally for professional use, the user will need to read up on the programs' usage and practice the activities found in books, for hands-on experience.  These programs are also typically used in a professional setting such as at a graphic designer's office or at a newspaper.

Regardless of the program being used, the templates for a tri fold brochure may not be satisfactory. Luckily, it is the internet age, so new templates can be found online and downloaded. It is important to check the page being used for template download, to make sure the template is compatible with the system and program where the brochure is being created.


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