Triond Google Adsense Integration

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Everyone may know about Triond. The article website that allows you to write articles and get paid by page views. If you have ever used this website, you will know that it is also good with SEO. Each article, if done correctly, will have the possibility of showing up within the first list of results on Google. This allows your articles to get much more exposure than many other websites out there.

For some people, Triond has become a much better website. The reason being is because Triond has announced Google Adsense. A select few writers, including myself, have been blessed with the ability to use Google Adsense on our articles. With Triond's SEO friendly service and Google Adsense, that's a great combination. It was in beta when I was first offered the ability to place Adsense ads on my articles. I'm not sure if its in beta anymore, but this is a great opportunity for those who want to increase their adsense earnings.

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thanks for the information...

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