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Be the search engine ... sort of

In a sense, everything centers on you with social media - as you become the searchable item.

Some people call these techniques social branding, but if you're looking for a job it doesn't really matter what it's called - you just have to learn how to use it, because as your traditional résumé becomes a search-engine-in-reverse, you have to use the right key words, phrases and terminology - or hiring managers will never find you.

Using key words in Twitter job search engines.

  • Go to Twitter's Advanced Search Engine.
  • Place a hash mark (#) in front of a word or words that describe the type of work you are looking for (Twitter refers to these combinations of hash marks and words as hashtags).
  • In the Mashable video (below), the key words "#greenjobs" are used to illustrate the search. In the screen shot of the actual Twitter Advanced Search Engine site (also below), "#socialmedia jobs" is used - feel free to use either to do a test search.
  • Scroll down to the calendar and select a period of time (the video suggests 3 days).
  • Click on the box that says Containing Links.
  • Click on Search.
  • A list of possible jobs appear.
  • It's a real search engine, so there are other things you can select to refine your search - Language, Places on the planet - like that.

Please be sure to watch the rest of the Mashable video for more ways to leverage this type of job search - because it's fast and actually works.

The Original Video From Mashable

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