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Honest Review of Typing jobs at Type At Home.com

I have seen so many type at home reviews online from people who have never even worked for Type At Home . com or any Type At Home company. I know you've seen them. They don't actually give you a solid review. They simply promote their own program and say all other type at home programs are scams. I'm here to offer an alternative theory. How about you try a program for a few months and then give an honest report!

I feel I have to speak out, because I have tried Type At Home.com and I am extremely happy with their program. Sure at first it seemed challenging and confusing, because it's a job. Like any other job, you have a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. From what I've seen on on other reviews, most people that try the typing jobs expect to get rich within a few days. Come on... Let's be real. They don't say get rich quick and they aren't a get rich quick program. Sorry to disappoint those that hope it is. The fact is it's work. I think that people see it's work and decide nahh, I don't want to work. I just want to sign up and get paid. Not very realistic.

Can you make money with it? Definitely. I make over 5k a month with Type At Home . com. I am at the business owner level and I worked my way up from part time. In fact, they have posted one of my hub articles on their site and It gets a lot of traffic. They also asked me to put together a set of training videos to help other member of their network get success. Basically, I plan to share how i expanded on their assignments to incorporate other ways to make money.

Let me explain. I am also an affiliate marketer. Which means I market other peoples products and make a profit when other people purchase them or show interest in them. I utilize Click Bank, Amazon, Googles Adsense and few others to make money. Type At Home, however, is not an affiliate marketing based company. They don't really promote that aspect of their business. They only promote doing typing assignments (such as typing articles, writing review, writing comments) you know, actual typing assignments. That's where people get confused. They don't realize that the assignment are actual typing and not promoting or affiliate marketing. So they think they have to advertise or sell an opportunity, when really all they have to do is type the articles, write some comments, do a few bookmarks and get paid.

To test them out, I decided to complete their article typing assignments and then monetize the articles. By monetize, I mean I added google adsense and Kontera Ads to my articles. If you don't already know, these company pay you every time someone clicks on their advertisement. Their advertisement are usually geared to match your articles. It's a great system. Later I added Amazon and a few click bank products The nice thing about Type At Home . com is they promote your articles all over the internet. So my adsense and Kontera income is where I make my most money. I also make really good money with Clickbank. All because of type at home's promoting of my articles. You see, the key is to do a lot of their assignments and moneytize (add adsense,Kontera, etc) every one of them. After you submit the article to them, they pay you and then they promote your articles. When i realized that they didn't care if I monetized the articles, I knew I was going to do well. My articles get soooo many page views that a few people always seem to always find an ad or two. For this reason alone, I make money EVERY DAY. Let me show you what is possible.

First Take A look at the Adsense Earnings. You have to block out certain sections to stay in complaince with their terms of service. Basically, I have around 120 articles through Type At Home and they are all monetized. I plan to add another 50 before the end of this year and I should be up to $350 a day.

Next I have my payments from Type At Home on Paypal. After you get to the highest level, they pay you daily. Business owners earn between $100 and $150 per assignment. It's incredible how much you can make if you stick with it and grow over time.

Lastly, is the click bank account. I have only recently started promoting it, but It's really taken off. The key to success with click bank is to do articles that only promote the click bank product, and of course a couple thousand page views a day. You really have to explore all options with Type At Home, before you write it off as "too hard." Remember it's typing jobs, not typing hobbies.

If you want to learn more about my ways of building an income, check out my site asktroyg.com and be sure to look for my videos for success with typeathome.com

For now, you can view a general video about the company at the bottom of the page.


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Lisa 4 years ago

Hello. I am a college student looking to make some extra income and am considering signing up with athometyping.com. I see that you are benefiting very nicely, are things still going well for you with this program? Two other questions, what is the advantage of starting at part time rather then home business? and if you start at part time, can you move up?

Thanks! :)

candz1 profile image

candz1 4 years ago

Hi there, so i wanted to comment myself because this hub was made awhile back, and not many people have commented on it since.

When you google typeathome.com, it's comes up with SCAM SCAM SCAM, and i've read all of these review's and they basically state that if you have to pay a sign-up fee then it's a scam. so really these ppl claiming it's a scam haven't actually signed up with Typeathome. after watching youtube vids etc it seemed legit so i signed up fot the part-time typist kit, just to give it ago and see if it's a scam or not i finished my training assignment and since then no contact- im not sure if i was sent a email and accidently deleted it before i could read it or what happened. but i finally got into conatct with typeathome and got paid for my training assignment lastweek into my paypal account. I am currently working on my first actual assignment, and will keep viewer's up-to-date with payments info etc.

asktroyg profile image

asktroyg 2 years ago Author

Yes, you may start as Part time and upgrade later to either full time or business owner. That's how I started, as part time and then I later upgraded to Business owner. All you have to do is cover the difference in the registration fees. Also, some people messaged me to see if you can join from outside of the US. I'm sure you can. Just be sure that your country is available on Paypal. Because that is how they send your payments, by Paypal.com. Check it out here. https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/country-worldwi...

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