Types of wars

So many, so sad

There are several types of wars. Some are experienced more often, some not so much, but they all have negative effect on us. Let’s see what kind of wars exists.

Civil War.

The characteristic to this type of war is that a large amount of people goes to war with another large part of the population, in open conflict.

Revolutionary  War.

Characterized by a lot of unsatisfied people, who is ready to change the situation they are living in and decide to rise up against its own government, in order to replace it.

Wars of Religion.

Occurs when a large number of people, living in the same country, but not necessarily, attack people of another religion or sects of the same religion.

World War.

There had been two World Wars, wars that affected the life of many people, changed the system of so many countries, and also a lot of countries have changed its value, territory. Both World War I and World War II occurred because many countries all over the world go to attack each other, until one part had win through allying other countries and fight that way against the other part.

Wars of Nationalism.

These kinds of wars occur when the people of one country suddenly feel that they are better than the people from another country and that they have the right to rule them.

Other types of wars are:

Cyber Wars

Guerrilla Wars

Proxy Wars


Class or Caste War

Wars of Resources

Total War

Cold War

Wars of Genocide

Wars of Unification

No matter what war are we talking about, that is not good. So we should try to maintain the peace on earth and avoid wars, since they have only negative influence!

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Your article is good but you shoud know that ,war don't only have negative effect but also possative effect.because there must be misundersanding , which can led to war and some times is only war can resolve the misundersanding.which is possatie effect

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