US Airlines Scam: Roundtrip Tickets, Travel Anywhere in the Continental U.S.

US Airlines Roundtrip Airline Ticket Scam

Did you receive a letter from US Airlines Vice President Jocelyn Hall saying "you have qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip airline tickets"...for "travel anywhere in the Continental U.S."? Don't bother dialing 1-866-341-6498 or any other number listed at the bottom of the email. This direct mail piece from US Airlines is a scam. Here's why:

1.) US Airlines does not exist. Don't confuse it with US Airways or United Airlines.

2.) There is no return address on the envelope and the to address was handwritten in pen. Additionally, the letter was mailed with a stamp though most major businesses have metered mail.

3.) There are no footnotes or small print about the contest details included.

4.) The letter from US Airlines hasn't been proofread by a copy editor; letters like this from major companies are usually reviewed by professionals. Just a couple of mistakes include "2 roundtrip tickets," which should be "two roundtrip tickets" and "Continental U.S.," which should be "continental U.S."

5.) Don't remember entering a contest? Well, you probably didn't. The letter from "US Airlines" doesn't indicate why or how you won.

If you do dial the number listed for Jocelyn Hall of the fake US Airlines, not only will you be giving your number away, but you could be at risk of giving up additional information about yourself. Don't fall for direct mail scams like these.

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Giselle Maine 5 years ago

Great hub! Also, you can actually fill out an online form at the postal service to file a mail fraud complaint (at ). If you do so, I'd suggest giving as much info as possible (like the zipcode it was mailed from on the envelope they sent to you).

Julie 5 years ago

Great site. Thank you for the info. My mother received a letter and wanted to call but I knew something was off by the unprofessional letter head. So glad someone reported this.

robert 5 years ago

Just got one in the mail today. Thanks for the post

chuck pittsburgh pa 5 years ago

I too have received a similar letter today 03/24/2011 i am a retired USAirways employee and can tell you that USAirways is in no way associated with this so called company. i did take your excellent advice and did file a complaint with the US Postal Service today.I currently have a callk in to the Vice president of US Airways to get her thoughts on this matter. This is definitely a scam. Unfortunately I won't be calling Jocelyn as i hope no one will.

kris will 5 years ago

Also received this letter today! No return address on the envelope. Very sketchy! Where did they get our addressess?! I will not call, but I hope the word spreads and they don't get to scam anyone.

kim 5 years ago

I received the letter in the mail also. I dialed the number which was an 866 number and then quickly hung up as I was receiving another call. Guess what, the person on the 866 number started calling me back. It was then I realized something is not right at all. An airline would not call me back.

rrf15237 5 years ago

My husband received a letter today. However, the Vice President is now Marcia Oneal. Fortunately, I deal with computers on my job where we are constantly checking for security violations. Didn't take long to see the letter was a fake.

suzanne 5 years ago

Got a letter today: 1/23/2012, so they are still at it!!! The name at the bottom is: Kristina Bar and the postmark is out of Phoenix, AZ. The phone number on my letter is: 1-866-363-8023 (which I will not be calling)

colleen 5 years ago

Just got one in the mail today, dated 1/23/12, from Kristina Bar, VP...haha! 1-866-509-1022. Phoenix , AZ.

Jen 5 years ago

I got the same 1/23/12 letter as Suzanne and Colleen. These fraudsters aren't too convincing...

Jane 5 years ago

Just got the letter today. Mailed from Phoenix Arizona. They put two 44¢ stamps on a letter with a single piece of paper. Mine was from V.P. Kristina Bar too. The phone number I'm supposed to call is 866-509-3599. I'm in Austin TX. Wonder how anyone falls for this stuff.

Tony 5 years ago

I also got letter from V.P. Kristina Bar and knew it was fake. I am in Massachusetts.

apple 5 years ago

I just got one too from Phoenix AZ from Kristina Bar also but number was 866-363-8054. Ugh. I hate stupid scams and stupid fraudulent people! 2 instead of two (too)-ignorant.

JP 5 years ago

I got a letter too. It looks like a real check. I knew it was too good to be true. I'm glad I checked this on-line before I called the number. Thanks!

PMR5511 5 years ago

I received on from Kristina Bar the number was 1-866-509-1038. Same deal as Jane. Two 44cent stamps. Messed up.

Chicago 5 years ago

These people must not have a life.

Cj 5 years ago

Got it too! From Kristina Bar.

Probably part of a make money at home scam.

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yellowstrat 5 years ago

I just received one on 1/9/2012 from VP Alexis Doug.

Pretty obvious a scam, hope no one calls. Number given was


michael 5 years ago

Same letter as colleen. I wonder how they got my address????

5 years ago

Thanks. Your hub saved me time doing additional research. I figured it was a scam, but your hub confirmed it for me. I appreciate it.

Chicago 5 years ago

Received same from VP Kristina Bar dated Jan 23, 2012, postmarked in Phoenix. Call back number 1-866-509-1038 with response deadline of Feb 1. "Forever" stamp used for postage, address handwritten and no return address. "FI-43518" on the bottom of the one page letter.

Adam 5 years ago

I just received the same letter Signed Kristina Bar and the number is 1-866-509-1038. I didn't trust it soon as I opened it.

Chicago Again 5 years ago

Kristina Bar must have tired fingers. Got her 'personal' letter dated Jan 23, 2012 and it is just like others listed here.

Feb 1 is response date. I'll let that pass. BTW, anybody with a pay phone near by and a few minutes could call this number (866 509 1038) and not worry about getting calls back!

PS Thanks for great web site here!

Dave 5 years ago

I am sure this is the same scam. It looks like they may be correcting some of their mistakes. It looks like an official "check" in the amount of $1400.00 signed by Jessica (could be Trish, or Lish) Toll free number is 866-298-9802. US Airlines - Phoenix. AZ. Appears as the same only different.

Michel 5 years ago

I received the check version also after having received and ignored the letter version a few weeks earlier. This is a shame. Too many innocent people are going to fall (hard) for this one.....tsk....tsk....

Ken 5 years ago

I just got the letter from Brittany Hunt, Vice President, US Airlines. The letterhead doesn't even have an address on it. The phone number on my letter was 866-473-5610. I'm not responding.

Rick 5 years ago

Same here. Letter from a Brittany Hunt with the same phone number. Note that they have 'tried' reaching me without success. And that would be when? I haven't received any calls from this number.

Ray 5 years ago

Ditto, here in Charleston, SC. Brittany Hunt @ 866-475-7634. What happens if I call? With these phone numbers, you'd think they could be tracked down and stopped... How long does the nonsense have to continue before the police put a stop to it? I'm sure quite a few folks have been taken advantage of. You know what they say- "there's one born every minute..."

T. Kimbal 5 years ago

Just got a letter today from "Brittany". Phone # 866-474-4347. I live in nothern Illinois. They must be trying to hit everyone in the "Continental US".

saddle sore 5 years ago

Thanks for the heads up. I also rcvd a letter from Brittany @# 866-488-1492. I live in Michigan

Lisa 5 years ago

Yep, Brittany here as well.

bob 5 years ago

brittney as well, Sent e- mail it to postal inspector.

Dave 5 years ago

This is very helpful! Thanks!

Russ 5 years ago

Yup, from Brittany Hunt, but at 866-474-2112. New number every day?

Mike 5 years ago

Brittany Hunt - 1-866-473-5609

Clint 5 years ago

I just got one from Brittany Hunt as well. 866-203-7931...

Tom 5 years ago

received one from Brittany Hunt @ #866-473-5610. glad I checked this out. If it seems too good to be true.....

Pam 5 years ago

Just got Brittany's letter, phone number 866-473-5609, FL-25011.

Cindy 5 years ago

I just got the letter from Brittany Hunt, 866-488-1492.

Col 5 years ago

Received same letter here in Florida from Brittany Hunt 866-473-5608

MrB 5 years ago

Can't seem to keep a VP for very long!

LMB 5 years ago

We got the same Brittany letter today in Michigan 866-488-1492 phone number. Found it very interesting the envelope had forever stamp, no return address, and was not cancelled out by post office?

TWH 5 years ago

Got the same letter from Brittany Hunt, same scenario, no return address, posted in Phoenix, AZ and my address is hand written. I live in Austin, Tx. Phone number I am to call is 866-203-7931. (Am not calling BTW)

JB 5 years ago

Got same letter in MI I hate these people

BD 5 years ago

Same here near Chicago today. Number listed was 866-474-4347.

DD 5 years ago

Same here, just showed up in MI with the 1492 phone. Looks like the phone number may be targeted by state.

TA 5 years ago

Brttany Hunt:


NBM 5 years ago

And it continues. Got one today. Brittany Hunt. 866-203-7931. I'm in Austin, TX. Postmark was hard to read but it looks like Phoenix, AZ.

ST 5 years ago

Wife was so exited about this so I googled the number and got this site. Nice. I knew it was BS. What a waste of stamps and paper LOL. The letter was from Brittany Hunt and the phone number was 866-474-4347.

AJ 5 years ago

I am in Austin,tx. Mine came from Brittany Hunt. Designation FM 37548 at the bottom of the letter.

Thanks for the help(and warning!)

MDC 5 years ago

Letter from Brittany Hunt to call 866-473-5609 but no postmark on the stamp. Looks like I got a free stamp out of them! Also code FL-26242 on the bottom. Thanks.

DoNotScamMe 5 years ago

I hate thieves and scammers. What are they getting from people to support the thousands of discarded letters, stamps, paper, ink, and time? They are making money somehow to support this. Does anyone know how?

I'm in the Chicago suburbs where Brittnay Hunt, Vice President, 866-474-4347, wants to scam me. Grrrrrrr......

PC 5 years ago

Just got one today in Austin, TX from Brittany Hunt. Phone number 866-488-0464. The code on the bottom is FK-23761.

pjp 5 years ago

My 93 year old father got the letter from Britany Hunt - His name and address hand written, stamped and post marked out of Phoenix - 866-473-5609. Sad if they go after the elderly.

lgnsmama 5 years ago

I to received a letter just like that from Brittany Hunt!!- Exactly like the rest except the phone number was 1-866-487-2932.

mr 5 years ago

a few days ago the letter arrived, the address was hand written, postmarked Phoenix, AZ with a .45 cent stamp, from Brittany Hunt. Signed: Regards, B.Hunt. I'm in a suburb of Chicago and SHAME ON US AIRLINES

Boozehound 5 years ago

My letter was different. No name was used, instead it was "Awards Department". This letter was convincing, but too good to be true. It was prepaid postage; no stamps. One of those rip the sides off letters. I do enter contests, so I figured this was a result. Phone # was 866-503-2025. Postage was from Oklahoma City, Ok.

Truetide 5 years ago

I got one today from Brittany Hunt 866-463-0610 dated February 6th, 2012 claiming to be a Vice President. US Airlines was at the top of the letter.

Do Not Call 5 years ago

The web link given in the first response is not a legitimate government office. I'm a financial advisor and tax advisor with state gov't contacts in SC. STAY AWAY - JUST CALL YOUR BBB, REPORT THE COMPANY NAME, TOLL-FREE NUMBER ON YOUR LETTER, AND BE DONE WITH IT. I'm reporting to my Secty of State and BBB.

Boston 5 years ago

Same basic story. Handwritten envelope, 45 cent stamp, no return address, and postmarked from Phoenix AZ. The letter was dated "February 6th, 2012" from Brittany Hunt, Vice President, US Airlines, no return address, call back number is 1-866-461-2491 with response deadline of February 15th, 2012. At the bottom of the letter is a number "FM-89151". I'm filing a mail fraud complaint today!

AJ 5 years ago

It's good to see Brittany is keeping so busy these days sending out so many letters at First Class rates! Not the best way to run a business, eh, I mean, scam.

Got my letter today, Feb. 9, 2012.

Indiana 5 years ago

My son just received the same letter from Brittany today. I guess they are scamming kids as well.

Chicago 5 years ago

Got one from US Airlines, Brittany Hunt 1 866 461 3463

cls 5 years ago

Received a second letter today 2/09/12. Brittany Hunt certainly is a busy girl!!!

Mike G. Lakeland, Fl 5 years ago

I feel like I'm part of the club now! I got my official letter today. Yes, the same old typo's are there. My letter is from the Vice President, Brittany Hunt from Phoenix Az., at 1-866-563-3896. Thank you Brittany!!!

Pat in Michigan 5 years ago

Got one today...Brittany Hunt but phone 866-464-4106. I worked for years as an Executive Assistant and the letter is an obvious FAKE! Too many errors and poorly worded. Code on bottom: FM-42087!

kelly 5 years ago

We received our letter today 2/9/12 in Chicago!! no addy on letterhead, no return address on envelope, looks like hand written.. I need to call Brittany Hunt, VP of US Airlines!! her number is 866.461.3463. Heading to post office tomorrow for a fraud alert - thanks for that tip!

mike 5 years ago

Chicago area again 866 461 3463 really like to meet Britney!!!

Mike 5 years ago

P.S. In a courtroom!

John 5 years ago

This is a great site. Thank you all. I also received a letter from Brittany Hunt. her number this time is:1-866-461-2491.

Lynn in FL 5 years ago

Received letter yesterday dated February "6th" (rather than February 6) from Brittany Hunt, VP. The number to call was 866-462-9780. Another grammatical error: The letter says: "We have attempted contacting you..." rather than "we have attempted to contact you."

Alan 5 years ago

Received letter from Brittany Hunt in Pittsburgh on 2/8/12. No return address,postage stamp, errors in the letter and used 866-473-5607. Filing mail fraud claim. Thanks for the information.

Katie 5 years ago

got one 2/10/12 in MA -- not happy that we're all being hit. going to file that mail fraud claim, thanks!

Tom 5 years ago

Yet another from Brittany Hunt. I'm in South Carolina and the number listed is 1-866-461-9349. Code at the bottom is FN-24010.

kernal 5 years ago

Just got mine today from Brittany Hunt VP.

Number to call 866-464-4106. They're sure burning up the toll free numbers.

fitz 5 years ago

Just got a letter from Brittany Hunt... number 866-463-0401. Would've been awesome if it was real... what the heck is wrong with people?!

JLM 5 years ago

My father got the letter a few months back. He did call, I wasn't present when this took place so I'm not sure how much info he gave. He wised up when they were asking him for credit card info. We thought that was done with but received another letter today much like boozehound's. Looks official, paid postage, oklahoma city, no return address no name just "Award Notification". Has a flight coupon attached. 1866-203-7412.

SF 5 years ago

Brittney Hunt arrived in Massachusetts today. Handwritten envelope, no address just US Airlines for letterhead, and mailed from Arizona. Code at bottom FM 90868.

Lisa 5 years ago

I got mine today from Brittany Hunt! Scam city!

Dave 5 years ago

Can somebody tell me how "Brittany" makes money on this?? Seriously think about the labor involved here - writers cramp, bleeding tounge... But I would consider a stay a home job like this! But please, please save me the labor and just post your Social Security and bank account numbers right here for me. Thank you in advance for your support!

David 5 years ago

Same letter. Also from Brittany Hunt. Phone number in letter is 866-461-3463. Postmark indicates letter from "Phoenix AX 852".

Mavis Molina 5 years ago

My "Award Notification" was not signed, just from Awards

Department. The phone number was 1-866-563-3894 and the tickets are worth "up to" $1,298. Of course, I did not call and hope nobody does. These scammers make me sick!

Kara 5 years ago

think I'm going to get my number changed now

Mr. D 5 years ago

GEE GOLLY ,,, Brittany Hunt (VP) of US Airlines says I won $1400. 00 worth of travel tixs to ANYWHERE !!!! OH my goodness a dream come true !! I will call her @8664630401 give her my CC # , my house , car and my dog . She is in Phoenix Az., find her hunt her down like a dog and ........... her ! My 10 yr old figured this scam out . LMFAO

John in Boston 5 years ago

Got my letter from Brittany Hunt today from phone number 1-866-461-2491. I mean, really, with the internet available today how stupid do they think people are? The first thing any intelligent person would do is google this to confirm its authenticity! Thank you, good people for all your posts on this obvious SCAM!

Gil 5 years ago

Just got a letter from Brittany Hunt wanting mr to call 866-463-0401. Says I have til the 15th to respond. After reading all the posts, Brittany is a very busy scam artist. Thanks for the heads up.

5 years ago

Just got one from Brittany Hunt, 866-461-2380. Sad thing is the number of people who will actually call and give away their info...

Mel 5 years ago

I'm dying to know what they say when you call them. Hasn't anyone blocked their number yet and tried? I can't imagine who's sitting and writing out all those addresses in pen on the envelopes.

Mel 5 years ago

Here's a link that answers my last post's question:

5 years ago

Received 2/11/12 from Brittany Hunt, VP at 866-462-9780.

Echo 5 years ago

2/13/12 - Brittany Hunt, from Pheonix AZ to Tampa FL, 1-866-563-3896

Jeff 5 years ago

2/13 Brittany Hunt from Phoenix AZ 852 to Austin, TX

Michael 5 years ago

Got the same letter from Brittany Hunt, same scenario, no return address, posted in Phoenix, AZ and my address is hand written. I live in IL. It came with a canceled 45 cent stamp.

So, now it is a feloney with a long prision term for each and every offence!

The Post Office can trace this back and jail all involved!

Call your post office or stop in.

Mike 5 years ago

2/13 Brittany Hunt from Phoenix AZ, to Boston MA. Maybe these people think that we're all still in a stupor after the Super Bowl up here? Shame on these scammers for trying to take advantage of our grief! But I am confused as to how they got my address as I moved to this new place rather recently.

crown59 5 years ago

From Brittany Hunt 866-461-2380 from Phoenix AZ to Butler PA. Scam scam scam. Warn your friends and neighbors, and any elderly or computer illiterate people who might call before Googling.

sam i am 5 years ago

this company is a b/s scam. reporting them to local police as well as bbb

Shayna 5 years ago

They have reached Michigan. THey are now using the name Brittany Hunt, Vice President. Be careful.

steve 5 years ago

Brittany Hunt 1866-463-0401. Pheonix AZ to Rockford IL Even looks fake. Look out grandma.

Joe 5 years ago

I just got today.I will call and take my time and have a fun with that idiot.It reached Chicago.

Jim 5 years ago

Brittany Hunt again, she has a hot name.

dave 5 years ago

brittany here as well. carpentersville, il

Mark 5 years ago

Good to have found this. The letter looked sketchy. Mine is from Brittany as well. Lake in the Hills, IL. Based on the locations mentioned so far, it looks like they are targeting an area at a time.

Shawn 5 years ago

Brittany Hunt VP hand written envelop with no return address just the stamp showing Phoenix AZ 2/10/12. With the 866-463-0610 number and I'm also in Austin metro area so looks like they are just going door to door basically on the mailings. I made sure to report it to the website will probably follow up to BBB etc. as well since it seems to be ramping up more and more.

Shawn 5 years ago

In going to BBB site it shows US Airlines AKA Travel Awards c/o Domains By Proxy- 15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Just in case it helps anybody else out in the future.

me too:Chicago 5 years ago

received one today

call 1-866-461-3463

will report to post office

Mike 5 years ago

Got my letter from Brittany Hunt today. REALLY? I knew this was a fraud as soon as I opened it, so I Googled US Airlines and what do ya know, I found this web site.

Pat 5 years ago

Also very glad I googled US Airlines and found this site . This letter is circulating in MA.

Machesney Park 5 years ago

Got my letter from Brittany today. What a joke. My 3 yr old nephew could write a more convincing scam letter & he writes with crayons.

Betty 5 years ago

Got one too, from Brittany, now to CO, diff phn #, must be using cells.

TCO 5 years ago

Just got one from Brittany Hunt postmarked from AZ

Ken 5 years ago

And the beat goes on Brittany just hit Toledo- rock bottom but not stupid! Call her at 866-464-4106.

RhondaH 5 years ago

Received a letter with the letter head of US Airlines stating that I had been chosen for two round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US. When I called the number, the lady said that they were working with a local travel agent and that I would have to go to the agent to pick up the tickets. She ran through some questions and when I didn't meet the quilifers she told me I could still get the tickets if I referred 2 of my friends. Yea right I am going to do that. SCAM!!! DO NOT CALL or waste your time.

Dave 5 years ago

Nothing is for free my friends. I work in law enforcement for 30 years and these people will do anything to get your money or information to steal your identity

John B 5 years ago

got mine today 1-866-345-0544 but from the "awards department" - no name.

Trashed it.

John B 5 years ago

got mine today 1-866-345-0544 but from the "awards department" - no name.

Trashed it.

Melissa V 5 years ago

I just got one...the vice president is now Kelly Mane, and the number is now 866-545-9771.

NIck 5 years ago

Thanks for this kind of post or warning, Greate site to Check, coz I got one tpday too from Kelly Mane

Bruce E in IL 5 years ago

I got the US Airlines Letterhead letter yesterday. Dated 2-13, and said I must respond by 2-22-2012 to 1-866-444-5424. It is signed by Kelly Mane; Vice President. The code on bottom of letter is FP-25177. I will not call them to get my award!

Upset 5 years ago

Got this in the mail on 2/17 in fla. people should stop scamming this is so obvious! Read below for info on the documents.

Us airlines award notification final notice no 1008 8665459787 travel union Phoenix AZ 85005 48826509 41741 FO 43499 02/07/2012 1400 us airlines on behalf of (enter your name here) void after 30 days signed d jack routing info 961483 90810011 80580011 no return address on front of envelope says travel check voucher enclosed final notice phoenix AZ permit no 1484 personal and confidential

This is a scam!!

Mike W. round Lake Park, IL 5 years ago

Just got the letter from VP Kelly Mane with a call back number 1-866-444-5424

The address was hand written with no return address and one $0.45 stamp

Code on the bottom of the page is FP-18842

Glad O look up the number before calling.

T.M. Davis 5 years ago

My husband received a letter this week from Brottany but spoke with someone named Greg. The number listed is 866-461-3463 but Greg told my husband to reach him at 866-299-1009 ext. 0113. He explained that we would have to travel to Gurnee, IL to listen to a travel agency "presentation" and he would send us the airline tickets after we paid the taxes and fees. Way too many typos in this letter for it to be legit. It's dated February 6th, 2012. Lol...

hoffman_estates_IL 5 years ago

Got the letter from VP Kelly Mane (866-444-5424) dated 2-13-2012 from Phoenix AZ.

Glendale Heights, IL 5 years ago

Got the same letter from VP Kelly Mane (866-545-9770) dated 02/13/2012, also from Phoenix. I couldn't help but notice the letter head, No return address, and the stamp & hand written envelope. Decicded to double check, and found this site.

acg.chicago 5 years ago

Our letter was from "Kelly Mane," dated 2/13/2012, hand-addressed in ink with what looks like a girl's handwriting, postmarked 2/14/2012 in Phoenix with a full 45¢ postage. Number to call was 866-444-5424. It looks like the two letter code at the bottom might be a batch number (identifying the sucker who's paying full rates to mail this garbage) followed by a serial number identifying the recipient on the mailing list. Our letter was FP-22319.

This scam looks like it has two potential victims per mailing: the fool who's paying full First Class rates to mail every single letter (probably lured in by some kind of work-at-home scam addressing envelopes such as these), and any doofus who calls the number and ends up at a time-share sales pitch.

Huntley, IL 5 years ago

I also received one yesterday from Kelly Mane dated Feb. 13 and need to respond by Feb. 22. I knew that it wasn't real since it didn't say "US Airways" and had such an unofficial letterhead and as others have said, very poorly written. Can't believe this has been going on so long. It's a shame as some people will fall for this scam. I googled and found this site.

cheryl.chicago 5 years ago

Got one today from Brittany Hunt Vice President from Phoneix AZ 852 Don't call 1-866-461-1322

jt 5 years ago

Kelly Mane in the house in pittsburgh. Call her at 1-866-411-2997

bb 5 years ago

got one today. not U.S. Airways but travel deals. Kelly Mane 1-866-565-5633

jerry - Austin,Texas 5 years ago

2-18-12 just got this "Awesome Gift" ..... ya right ..... i will be forwarding this to the "Attorney General" ........ these people have to be stopped !!!!!!! Jail with BuBa is a good award for them

C & C in Mt Prospect IL 5 years ago

Received our letter from recently promoted VP Kelly Mane on 2/18/12. I wonder why all the VPs are female. Maybe women seem more trustworthy. Either that or they are discriminating against men. Lawsuit!!!!

repete 5 years ago

Received my letter today from Kelly Mane............knew something was fishy; handwritten envelope from a large company...........NO WAY! Thought I would check it out on the internet for laughs!

Had It!! Pittsburgh, PA 5 years ago

Received letter from VP Kelly Mane with handwritten envelope postmarked Phoenix, AZ with no return address. Letterhead says Goodman York instead of US Airlines with the same info as past letters.

Got it 5 years ago

Sent from az to Florida at my old address...they may be getting your information through the DMV since it is public record and that is the only thing with my old address....mine is signed Brittany hunt, vp to call 866 473 5608...scam

Mark 5 years ago

Kelly Mane is now available at 1-866-444-5602...also sent to a prior address. Came from Phoenix, though apparently they wised up and only used one stamp.

Bill 5 years ago

Mine arrived today and it has no stamps. It is a 3 part form with three rip away side. It is repaid from Phoneix and has a permit #1484. All computer printed and phone number is now 1-866-545-9797 with no contact name printed anywhere. US Airlines is on the top and the check has Travel Union, Phoneix AZ 85006 printed in the top middle.

PL 5 years ago

I just got my letter from Kelly Mane, Vice President. Dated Feb 13, Postmarked Phoenix, AZ with reply Tel 1-866-545-9770. Why won't the FCC sting this outfit??

Ted 5 years ago

Got the letter today signed by Kelly Mane, VP. Thanks for the warning.

Austin, TX 5 years ago

Great site! Thankfully the power of the internet has saved those of us smart enough to check first. Reminds me of the old saying, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is."

Tammi 5 years ago

Got the letter today also signed by Kelly Mane, VP. I knew it was a scam because of all the things listed,i.e. handwritten address, no return address, fake letterhead. Apparently some people are falling for this or it wouldn't still be happening. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

Naples, FL 5 years ago

Just got mine a couple days ago, signed by a Kelly Mane, Vice President. Good postings and heads up.

M. 5 years ago

We got one here in Chicago too. Signed Kelly Mane, VP.

Also hand addressed and from Phoenix, AZ. So sad and stupid all at once!

Laszlo 5 years ago

I got the same kind of letter.

Letter was mailed from Phoenix,AZ.

It was signed by a Kelly Mane. Phone number given: 866-540-8432.

John 5 years ago

I called the number just for fun. As I thought they want me and my wife to attend a 1.5 hour presentation from a travel agency before they will give us the $1400 ticket voucher. I did not give them any info and they said no money would exchange hands until we decided to use the ticket voucher and then we must pay the taxes on the value.The only thing that they require is that you bring a photo ID and a credit card, they said you could cover up the credit card number, it was just to verify you had one. I set an appointment with them as I do with all of these type offers,and then we just don't show up. If everyone would do that they would have to stop doing this out of simple economics.(printing,postage,call center, empty rented presentation rooms with presenters waiting on no shows.$$$$$

Jay 5 years ago

Received one today in MA from Kelly Mane 1-866-444-2691 postmarked Phoenix AZ Feb 17th. Submitted on-line mail fraud with P.O. will also send to MA Office of Attorney General. Unfortunately these scam artists just need one vulnerable individual to make their bulk mailing pay off.

Wendy 5 years ago

Kelly Mane 866-513-3691 from Phoenix

Elgin, IL 5 years ago

Vice Presidents don't seem to last very long at US Airlines!

Got another one today addressed to my deceased wife. I was thinking of calling to get her name off of their list, but I guess it's best to just leave it alone.

ed fla 5 years ago

got 1 Kelly Maine 1-866-513-3691 toady in fla did not even call. do they think we are stupid and not check things out on a computer, and yeaa NO COMPUTER ADDRESS ON THE LETTER!!!!!!

Jim 5 years ago

Got one today in Michigan. Kelly Mane from Goodman York. 1-866-452-0799.

Jeff 5 years ago

Today, western suburbs of Chicago, Kelly Mane - same crap, different number 866-444-7223.

For my Illinois neighbors:

Chicago Consumer Fraud Hotline: 1-800-386-5438

Springfield Consumer Fraud Hotline: 1-800-243-0618

Carbondale Consumer Fraud Hotline: 1-800-243-0607

Spanish Language Hotline: 1-866-310-8398

Identity Theft Hotline: 1-866-999-5630

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Florida Attorney General:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SRW 5 years ago

ILLINOIS-Kelly Mane-Goodman York Company-(866)-440-9104

Received yesterday. Response by the 22nd. Attempted calling and got no answer. I can tell you no one has tried contacting us.

US Scamlines 5 years ago

Received this yesterday, with 'must respond date of 02.22.2012'. Seems as though the TFN has changed. Mine was 866.444.5424.

I called quick, then told them I didn't have time to talk as I was at work. They said that they would call me back, so I gave them the main number to the Chicago Police Department.

Suggestion to everyone... If you get this scam, call them and do something similar, look up and give them the "Non-Emergency" phone number for your local Police department. Either it will stop, quickly, or the Police will start tracing the calls back to the various Toll Free Numbers.

DR 5 years ago

received the same handwritten no return address envelope today in Hoffman Estates, IL postmarked Phoenix AZ with canceled 45 cent roster stamp on it. Letter from US Airlines dated Feb 13th, respond by Feb 22 (today) number 866-444-7223, signed by Kelly Mane number at bottom of page is FP-16955. Same info in body of letter as others on this site. My first name is misspelled on the envelope & in the letter so hopefully I will be able to figure out where the mailing list could have come from. If I do figure it out I will post again on this site to help others. Meanwhile I have filed the complaint form for whatever good it might do.

KJ 5 years ago

Just got mine... NW Chicago Suburbs. I called to see what would happen, blocked my phone first though. They asked 3 questions. 1) if I was between the ages 25 and 67 2) If I was married 3) if the household income was above or below $45K. They then proceeded to set up an apppointment and asked for my email address and convienient phone #, which I happily gave them the hotmail account I use for junk and potential spam emails and the # to the Pizza Place down the street from the building I am supposed to show up at. They told me I had to show up to some tour with my wife and to bring an ID and Credit card for proof of identification. Definitely a SCAM.

BP 5 years ago

Received official-looking travel check voucher on 2.21.2012. US Airlines, phone 866-440-6498. 'Check' in the amount of $1,400 USD, dated 16 Feb. 2012. Authorized signature by "Laura Car". Obviously a scam for there is no US Airlines. Will be forwarding this to the USPS because it represents mail fraud. Hope they catch these folks!!

Randy 5 years ago

Wow! I am also in the Chicago land area and received a hand written envelope with the same type of letter. This one was from Kelly Mane VP. 1-866-517-1803

I have to give it to them the hand written envelope made it look possible and the fact I'm signed up for SmarterTravel deal alert a while ago. I thought it came from them. I'm glad I found this site before I called.

Brad 5 years ago

On 2.24.12, I got a Traveldeals letter from VP Kelly Mane postmarked Phoenix. My letter had 2.29.12 deadline and 866-517-3076. Bottom of the letter has "FR-67560" for some reason. No return address on either the envelope or letter.

Bonita 5 years ago

Today I too rec'd one from VP Kelly Mane; I immediately went to Snopes, found nothing there, then Googled US Airlines; my deadline is also 2.29.12 Envelope same as all above, hand-written, stamped, not metered and no return address. Looked suspicious immediatey as I did not enter a contest nor they it mention where I entered. In shredder it will go........

Joe H. 4 years ago

I just got a letter from Kelly Mane today (2/28/12). Mine was also postmarked from Phoenix with a 2/29/12 deadline. The phone number to call was: 866-517-3076. Someone should find who the number is registered to and arrest the jerks.

Joe H. 4 years ago

I meant to say I received it today (2/27/12)- Dearborn Michigan area.

V from Orlando, Florida 4 years ago

Got one today. Incredibly fake. Postmarked from Phoenix Arizona no return adrress. Vice President, Kelly Mane will be waiting all day for my call. And all night too.

This just in from Florida.. 4 years ago

And the lamest scam of 2012 award goes to..*drumroll*... Vice President of US Airlines, Kelly Mane!!!

Brian from Massachusetts 4 years ago

Got mine in the mail 2/25/12. Gave it to local police. Officer exclaimed that he got one, too! Investigated and said it was a travel company. You have to attend a sales presentation and pay taxes and fees to get the tickets. Apparently not a criminal activity as they have been sending these letters to folks all over the US for more than a year despite hundreds of us reporting this scam to US Postal Inspectors and police. None the less, avoid being ripped off. Do not call the number, shred the letter!

agnis 4 years ago

mines says to call: 866-245-0295, and is signed "the awards department"

Moni 4 years ago

I just got my letter yesterday and I am glad I did google it.... Thank you for the post.....

Dan 4 years ago

Got one of the tear off checks in the mail today in Florida, signed by Laura Car (authorize signature) with check number FR-40048 with telephone number of 866-245-0546.

KIL 4 years ago

My husband got one today dated February 27, 2012.

From: Megan Base

Phone #:866-226-9749

As soon as I saw it told him it was a fraud.

Bob 4 years ago

Just got our letter today ( 2-29-12 ) and the VP name is Megan Base now with a phone number of 866-226-9749. Seems they change VP's and phone numbers every few weeks. Sad people prey on others like this.

Fred in Fort Collins, Colorado 4 years ago

Received letter today Feb 29, 2012 with Vice President name of Megan Base at ph#866-513-2523. Postmark from Phoenix, AZ

Massachusetts 4 years ago

I received one from Megan Base today.

Don 4 years ago

This company has a high turn over rate for Vice Presidents. They may keep the post office in business! Megan wrote my wife e'll see who contacts me! Just think of all those "unsed air tickets!

Mark 4 years ago

Megan has now made it to Littleton Colorado. Phone number is now,1-866-513-2523.

Elena 4 years ago

Here in Greenville, SC. Got one from Megan Base.

Marybeth/CO 4 years ago

Got one today in Colorado, no return address on envelope or letterhead,cheap quality paper and ink and handwritten envelope. Very suspicious.

I'm contacting the Attorney General and Postal Service.

Joe 4 years ago

Got one yesterday, also in G'ville, SC. Megan Base, 1 866 226 9749

Andouille79 4 years ago

We got one today! Ouy! Megan Base seems to be the decoy vice president for the week.

Colorado 4 years ago

Got a letter signed M Base for Megan Base. I callled the number more out of curiosity of what scam they were pulling. After holding for 2 minutes it led me to a nondiscript voicemail. I think it is appropriate to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office in regards to consumer protection.

foco 4 years ago

Got the same letter in Colorado today guessed it MEGAN BASE. Postmarked out if Phoenix. Usps has been hurting sounds like these people gave bought enough stamps to up the post office's revenue.

Gail Miller 4 years ago

I received the Megan Base letter this week as well. I live in Massachuesetts. phone 866-226-9301. constant busy signal....

Dennis Florida 4 years ago

Just recvd in the mail, voucher chk for $1400 .signed by Laura Car . tel 1-866-517-3098

John 4 years ago

Got one today in Denver, CO. I got "M Base" for Megan Base, 2 tickets in Continental(sic) U.S., with phone number 1-866-513-2523.

Sam 4 years ago

Sam as above Megan Base 1-866-253-2762

Phil 4 years ago

Yeah, here in Chicago and got one from Megan Base. She sounds hot.

wendy 4 years ago

My letter was from Megan Base with FU-19731. Some people are such losers. Hope these people get caught.

john 4 years ago

I just received same letter from a Megan Base, Vice President. Handwritten envelope, no return address on envelope or letter, and Phoenix post mark.

Jubilation 4 years ago

Megan Base just sent me a letter in Massachusetts. The "blue pen signature" is just a custom font used by a printer.

longfellow 4 years ago

Can these scams not be tracked? I'm not a lawyer, but shouldn't this junk mail spam violate some law?

Scott 4 years ago

Received mine today in Inman SC and filed a complaint.

Al 4 years ago

Got one in Denver co..Megan Base, VP. 866-513-2523....just got the best buy text scam the other day too. They ate out in droves! Lol!

Rhett 4 years ago

I won two free tickets! Seriously, what a scam. Mine was from Megan base as well.

Frank 4 years ago

Ditto - from Megan Base - will file a complaint - but this kind of scam is impossible to prevent. Taylors SC

chris 4 years ago

just got my voucher from Laura Car for 1400.00 ye hah. seems like they just won't give up. orlando fl

st 4 years ago

Megan base vp...

gigimerbennugrob 4 years ago

geez and I got all excited too! Good thing I googled this crap!

ce 4 years ago

Now I can fly to AZ and finally check out that ocean front property I bought last year. I'll be moving there as soon as I get my winnings from the Nigerian lottery I won! BTW, Greenville, SC, 866-226-9749, and VP Megan Base.

Nita 4 years ago

Just got a letter like this and noticed that it was suspicious - unofficial-looking letterhead, no return address, hand addressed, and too good to be true. I am grateful for these other posts to confirm my suspicions. It was from Megan Base at 866 226-9301.

mj 4 years ago

Got one today from VP Megan Base, phone number 866-226-9301. I can't tell where it was sent from.

Gmoriones 4 years ago

Got one today from vp Megan Base with phone number 18662269501. Envelope hand written with no return address . Cannot tell where sent from. Definitely a scam!

RFlavin 4 years ago

Got a letter from Kelly Mane 1(866)-545-0737 call before 2-29-2012. We should form a group. But the better idea would be finding out what we all have in common.

DES 4 years ago

So i got one today from Megan Base, VP. I called and spoke with "Alan" -- I need to go to a travel agency presentation in Gurnee (Illinois) to receive my 2 free tickets (all I am responsible for is fees and taxes). Alan and I argued a bit; then he told me he was right because he recorded the call. I demanded to speak to his "supervisor", where I complained that I was being recorded without notice or my permission, which is eavesdropping in Illinois. He said it is, because -- get this -- I called their number, so they can record without notice and it is not eavesdropping! Garanteed, this is a scam. I did a Google search for "travel agency scam US Airlines" and found all of you folks. My wife said she feels sorry for the poor saps that do all of that work for the scammer. I feel sorry for all of the unwitting folks who give up time, and probably $$ to these crooks.

hr 4 years ago

I just received a letter from Megan Base...definitely will not be calling them! Might call the attourney general though.

ENDGAME 4 years ago

I received one of these letters US Airlines,Vice President Megan Base...what a joke.Dont respond to this letter anyone.(I didn't by the way)My opinion is,it is a debt collection company trying to update their database and find out your contact information.DONT RESPOND..have a good laugh and toss it in the Trash!!Did I mention DONT RESPOND,TRASH IT!!!!

Sammy 4 years ago

I just received my letter today, same letter, same scam

Chris 4 years ago

yep I got mine yesterday down here in Trinity Florida, signed by Janice Pacy from Phoenix Az with a dead line of 3-16-12. Phone number was 866-225-8813,

Tammy 4 years ago

I also received a letter - signed by Kelly Marie. US Airways isn't specifically mentioned - it just says roundtrip airline tickets. Figured it was a scam, but thanks for the hub to make researching easy!

Mike R 4 years ago

Got one recently here in Jacksonville, FL. US Airlines/Megan Base on mine.

Ping 4 years ago

It's from Megan Base. number 1-866-253-2762

got letter today North carolina 4 years ago

Megan Base number 1 866 223 9345

received in North Carolina Wed Mar 7, 2012

Jim b 4 years ago

Janice Pacy sent me "travel check voucher" for 2 r/t tickets. Presorted from Phoenix, permit no 1484. I'm in the Tampa Bay area.

jminassian 4 years ago

Got one in Aurora, CO from Megan Base, 1-866-225-7160. Thanks for this post!

TOM 4 years ago







Lori 4 years ago

Got one today!!! Panama City, FL. It's simply from Awards Department, it expires on 3/13/12. Phone 866-225-7344. no name....just sincerely awards department. issue no. 0412

Kevin 4 years ago

Got mine today in Greenville SC. The Megan chick is busy sending some letters!!

Dan 4 years ago

Just got my letter from Megan here in Arvada CO. Wife was excited until I Googled it. At least they are keeping USPS afloat!

Kathy O 4 years ago

We received ours yesterday in Austin, TX. Megan Base VP, different phone number. Has anyone noticed the date? It was March 5th, 2012 instead of March 5, 2012. I think the letter may be from someone for whom English is a second language? There were too many red flags. Ours went into the shred pile!

Mad Dogs 4 years ago

Got one of these scam letters today, Chicago, IL. Megan Base as VP, phone number 1-866-223-8192. Love the VP names these clowns have come up with, in reading the previous posts from others. Also loved the stamp, going into my kid's stamp collection. The rest into the trash.

Kelli B 4 years ago

Got mine today in Panama City Beach, FL looked like a tax return document, postage paid presorted permit. From awards department 1-866-225-7344. Was advised to bring it to the post office and have them forward it to the Postal Inspection fraud department.

CCon 4 years ago

Just received a letter in Aurora, CO from Megan Base. Nothing on the envelope except the stamp. Number was 1-866-513-2523

SC 4 years ago

Got this same letter today for 2 free tickets 3/8/12 from Megan Base. No return address, but was postmarked out of Phoenix, AZ. Blocked my number and called 866-225-7160. Was told that a new travel agency in Broomfield, CO was opening and wanted to show me their showroom? Who knew travel agencies had showrooms. Total Scam. Reporting to Colorado Attorney General tomorrow

The Little Myrmidon 4 years ago

Letter arrived today (Boston area) from Megan Base. Knew it was "fishy" just by looking at it. Postmark is Phoenix, AZ.

Fla 4 years ago

Got one today in Central Fl from Megan Base 866 220 9179 from Phoenix Az.

Fl Pat 4 years ago

Just got one in Central Florida. Megan Base, phone 866-220-9179. Same scam. Thanks for the web site. Will file complaint with Post Office.

Jen 4 years ago

Got one from Megan Base in Greenville, SC

Lori 4 years ago

Got one today from Megan Base.

Martin 4 years ago

Got one today in Chicago, IL

Megan Base


Phoenix AZ

Eddy 4 years ago

I received one of these award letters as well! It's amazing how obvious it was that this was a scam because of the lack of a letter head to begin with!

Angela 4 years ago

Got one today in the mail from Megan Base. What a lame excuse for a scam.

ferlin 4 years ago

got one today too 03/10/12. Megan Base. Did not call them.

Adam 4 years ago

One more from Megan Base. In Illinois, Chicago suburbs.

Megan, if you read this, please send me a voucher next time.

ditto^infinity 4 years ago

Same m.o. In Des Plaines IL.

Kiersten 4 years ago

Megan base. Metro Denver. Wonder which cc company leaked my address. Funny how all of the "scammers" are "women". Astonishing if you think about the thousands of people they have preyed on with this scam.

Shemmy 4 years ago

I got one today also in Chicago with the below info:

Megan Base


Phoenix AZ

John 4 years ago

Just got one from Megan Base as well. 1-866-220-7312.

I picked up on the fact that it wasn't a professionally written letter. Usually an airline or a major corporation will have some color to their letter head. I searched US Airlines scam and BAM! this came up first. LOL Hope they get busted soon.

Jo 4 years ago

Also got one of these scam letters today in Chicago suburbs, IL. Megan Base as VP. Phone number 1-866-223-8192. 2 roundtrip airline tickets. They hand addressed the envelope using a last name I have not used in twenty five years. Too bad they continue to get away with this fraud.

Kevin 4 years ago

Just got a letter from Megan Base with the number 866-223-7160. Sounded too good to be true and a quick search led me here. Thanks to everyone who has posted here about this scam!

RhondaA 4 years ago

Got my letter from M Base here in Chicago yesterday. So I did call just to be curious. Without thinking now they have my phone number and email address. But really how much damage can that do? No CC info was asked for nor did I give them that. I guess I'm smart enough to withhold some info. duh! on me.

Richard 4 years ago

Just got one from Megan Base vice president at 1-866-220-9179. At least they could make a convincing letterhead, what a bunch of idiots.

Greg 4 years ago

No name on mine...just "Award Department". 1-866-225-8408.

MTG from Florida 4 years ago

Same as above , Megan Base @ 1-866-220-7312.

U S Airlines no return address, "I must respond by March 14, 2012 of they will have to issue vouchers to the alternate". The letter went on to state that they had attempted to contact me without success. This is their last attempt. This is to fake to be real.

Cheap paper, inkjet printer and letter heat is a cut and paste copy. Don't fall for this scam. It is a lame excuse for a scam if you know what you are looking for.

Dave 4 years ago

Received the same letter in the Chicago suburbs. Everyone should file a complaint to assist in catching those responsible. Everyone should file a complaint - you can do so easily here and only need to fill in the starred fields and provide a description. The more people who file a complaint, the easier it will be to catch these folks.

Marc 4 years ago

Jut got the same letter today. Also got another scam letter as described in this blog on the same day:

I wonder if they are from the same criminals. Thanks for posting this.

u4eanow 4 years ago

I received from Kelly Mane. There's some type of connection between all of us; frequent air travelers, US Airways frequent travelers, etc. What are the common threads here?

Aras 4 years ago

I got the same letter today.The phone number was : 1-866-225-7072 Signed Megan Base ,Vice President.

Thanks to everyone for information.

Stacy 4 years ago

Got one in Denver from Megan Base today. Her number is showing 866-225-7160

Nicole 4 years ago

Also received the SCAM letter today in Indianapolis suburbs. Only it was addressed to my Dad which lives in a different state. Megan Base is the VP. Telephone #: 1-866-223-7769. The address on the envelope looks handwritten but is printed. Same 2 free RT tickets for $1,400. This is definitely a scam! There is a code at the bottom: FW-87205. This has to be illegal, anyone know who to report this to?

Kec 4 years ago

Got one in Chicago suburb, from megan base, 866-223-8192. Address is handwritten. Totally Looks like a scam, no return address. No details in the letter. Too bad some still fall for this. They need to be stopped.

John 4 years ago

Yet another from Megan Base, this time the phone number is 866-225-7072. Ludicrously fake letterhead, already filed my note with the postal inspectors.

Mitchell 4 years ago

My wife and I just got one this week in Greenville, SC. It kind of looks like a W2 form. it is signed by "The Awards Department" and states that it is good for 2 Round Trip Airline tickets up to $1,298.

justo 4 years ago

i got one from megan base 866 225 7072 didn't know it was a scam hope they dont call me

yzhora 4 years ago

I guess, I am in a good company. I got letter from Megan Base, 866-223-7160. Same cheap stuff. Good think, that was their 'last attempt' to contact us. Glad to find this hub.

Mad 4 years ago

Received on march 13th from Megan Base 1866 225 7072 same mail same message . Not sure these people getting phone numbers , why not government unable to stop these people , how hard it will be to track them . This site is great help .

marly 4 years ago

Orlando FL, new VP Janice Pacu 866-266-0537 I just won 1400 dollars for 2 free tickets, woohoo. Need to get Anonymous Group to spam them.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Got ours in Orlando from Laura Car, check FT-58863 TPN 866-517-3098. We actually called and went to the sales presentation. We declined to buy into the deal, of course. Now I'm afraid to use the "incentive" they gave us...goodness knows what kind of roach motel we'll have to stay at in the ghetto.

Yowza 4 years ago

Got mne today in the NW burbs of Chicago. $1400 for two free airline tix, call Megan Base at 866-225-7072.

ybnrml 4 years ago

venice fl my letter from marry kay 866-740-5813

4 years ago

Mine is from Megan Base at 1-866-225-7160. Kind of cracks me up thinking anyone would fall for this. I mean COME ON.

Bryan 4 years ago

Got my second one today here in the Florida panhandle. I thought it appeared shady in many ways so I googled U.S. Airlines and found this hub.

Kevin 4 years ago

I got one from Megan Base at 866-223-7160. I'm sure they're illegally using the US Airlines trademark. I hope someone goes after these people.

Art 4 years ago

Just got one In Illinois from VP Mary Jay.

Greg 4 years ago

Got mine on 3/15..."Beware the Ides of March" (literary moment), signed by Mary Jay, VP with the number 1-866-740-4938...from Phoenix, AZ 852

Joan 4 years ago

My husband got the letter signed by Mary Jay, VP, 1.866.740.7215. He made the mistake of calling before talking to me. They asked him if he was married, what his wife's name was, if we both worked, what our income is. They asked what his email address was, and at that point he stopped giving information. They gave him a local address to go to for an open house to hear more about a travel agency. Too bad he didn't do his research before calling.

Bryan E 4 years ago

Just received a letter today. Everything in the letter is exactly as you described..

Jack 4 years ago

Got one today Chicago. From Mary Jay vice President 1-866-710-9393.

Chris 4 years ago

Just got mine from Mary Jay from Phoenix on St. Patrick's Day. Lucky me! The number given was 1-866-710-9325.

Dave 4 years ago

Got mine yesterday in CO. Mary Jay at 866-740-7215

mike 4 years ago

got mine today in colorado also. Mary Jay at 1-866-740-7215

Albert 4 years ago

What a waste of time and money... I guess that enough people fall for it for them to make a profit. Got letter today: Call me today at 1-866-740-5820... sent by US Airlines, Vice President Mary Jay... you would think that in 2012 this number could easily be traced by authorities and the people responsible held accountable...

Jim 4 years ago

got mine in South Carolina, Mary Jay, 1-866-740-4938. Also submitted a complaint.

Modi 4 years ago

Just got mine in the mail, Signed Sincerely Awards Department, 1-866-855-9274

Bob 4 years ago

Got mine today in Fort Myers Fl, Mary Jay (Should have been "Mary Jane!") VP at 1-866-740-5813. The minute I saw it I knew it was a fraud, no return address, stamp, hand written. If I was still a Cop I would had it dusted for print's!

Deborah 4 years ago

Denver, Colorado. Letter used the name Mary Jay with the number 1-866-740-7215. My first tip that something was not on the up and up was no return address.

Nicole 4 years ago

Florida as well ....Mary Jay VP ph# 1866-740-5813 plus e-mail ....question did they get the personal info?

Johnny B 4 years ago

Got one today in Marco Island FL. from Mary Jay, VP at 1-866-740-5813 code #FZ-83715. I'm reporting it to the Florida Attorney General at

Debra 4 years ago

Mine is from Mary Jay and the number is 1-866-740-4938. I'm filing a complaint. What a joke!

Desiree 4 years ago

Mary Jay sure works from a lot of offices. I got mine today and I'm in Indiana. Her phone number this time is 866-710-9325. Everything else was the same as that reported by others.

John 4 years ago

Got one from VP Mary Jay phone# 866-710-9393. US Airlines must be hurting as they couldn't afford an email address or return address for her! What a joke!

naples fl 4 years ago

866-740-5813...Got it from mary jay, AZ. Im in naples fl. The only VP in the world that wont add under their name what they re VP of.

Bill 4 years ago

Northern Illinois, Mary Jay, 866-740-5820. Recieved 3-19-12, deadline 3-21-12. Code at bottom GA-35857. Same bad writing, same not falling for this crap.

4 years ago

Received this letter in Illinois as well. Dated March 12. Phone number is 866-740-5820. Said "Must respond no later than March 21." Sigh... Its sad that they do this. It means that it works enough times for it to be worth it. Sad.

Elissa 4 years ago

Got mine in Southern Alabama. Mary Jay VP, 866-658-3542, lame...

Stephanie 4 years ago

Got one earlier this month, live in Denver, CO. Dated March 5, 2012 from Megan Base Vice President from Phoenix, AZ. Code at bottom FW-25646 phone number 1-866-225-7160

Bill 4 years ago

I just got a letter stating the same B.S., I have not signed up for any contest to win any tickets from the so called US Airlines. If it to good to be true it probably is. The letter had no return address and on the envelope it appeared to hand written with my address. The letter itself advised to call 1-866-710-9325. It is a total scam.

Sam 4 years ago

Wow, what a scam! I am SO glad I decided to check this out and found this hub. We are in Illinois and here is what our letter said: Mary Jay, 866-710-9393. Dated 3-12-12, deadline 3-21-12. Code at bottom FZ-44093. Hand written address on envelope. Thank you to Giselle Maine for providing the website to put in a mail fraud complaint. Going to do it right now.

Joe McCutcheon 4 years ago

Got one today, No return Address no info about company looks bogus do not give them time of day.

i hate scammers 4 years ago

Well Mary Jay must be busy, she sent me a letter today(03/2112). The letter looked so shady I had to check online before calling. I am so glad I didn't call. This is some kind of scam.

leo 4 years ago

yep I got mine 2/28/12 down here in Largo Florida, signed by Janice Pacy. Dead line of 3-16-12. Phone number was 866-225-8813,Check # FV-70995 for $ 1,400.00.Thank you Janice !you are the wman!.

bruce 4 years ago

Received one today 3/20/12 in Bloomington, IN. The VP is Mary Jay, the deadline is March 28, 2012 and the phone number is 866-826-6873.

Emma 4 years ago

March 22

Received mine today in SC from Mary Jay VP. Came handwritten from Phoenix AZ with 866-826-7464. Code at bottom GB-84034

Glad I thought to check it out. Filing with post office and

Stu 4 years ago

Received yesterday in North Port, Fl. Typed with respond date of March 28, 2012 with 866-855-7587 as the call back number. Signature was a Mary Jay, Vice President. Looks real phony. Just printed from a normal printer in black ink only.

Kevin Stephens 4 years ago

Received one today with a March28,2012 respond date and Mary Jay Vice President.Call back # is 866-855-8454 3rd one for me.

pj 4 years ago

Got one today from "Mary Jay", I knew there was no such airline...i want to know HOW they got my name and address!

jackson 4 years ago

Got one today with a 3/28/12 respond date. Mary Jay didn't even write her first name, just an "M". Writers cramp, M. Jay? What a joke!! Envelope has no return address, looks hand written but is printed. US Airlines? with a fake looking logo? Call back 866-826-6873. M.Jay sure got a lot of phone numbers!! Will report to postmaster tomorrow.

crankyanker1 4 years ago

Wow, they must have a VERY big company or they have a revolving door of VP's. Mine was from Mary Jay and the number to call was 866-855-8454. Looks like it was mailed out of Phoenix. I'm going to gather up some spare change, grab a few drinks, find my voice changer and make a phone call and have a little fun!!

disgusted 4 years ago

got ours today from Mary Jay. 866-679-5007. Said we had until March 21 to respond, we received it on March 22. Knew it was a scam soon as we took it out of the envelope

Hoosier 4 years ago

Got my notification a few days ago. I am in the Suburb of Indianapolis.

Mailed from Phoenix AZ. US Airlines (this company does not exit) from a Mary Jay VP #866-710-9325. Appearently this individual changes names about every month or so but they are too stupid to change the name of the airlines to one that really exists. Filed my complaint to Postal inspectors. Hope many others will do so as well.

Hoosier II 4 years ago

So does anyone know what they are trying to do? They are wasting a lot of stamps. But hey, I guess they keep the post office working. M. Jay wants me to call her at 866-826-6873 and she said that she tried to contact me several times and this was their last attempt.

Strange thing is that my address wasn't correct. Instead of Spring.. they put SPG ???? LOCATED IN INDIANA.

David 4 years ago

Just got one from Mary Jay. I wonder how many people actually call.

Michael Connery 4 years ago

Received today 3-23-2012, still going I guess,VP Mary Jay with 866-826-6868 GB-50877 on bottom. Must respond by 3-28, 2012?? or goes to alternate??

mike 4 years ago

just got one today, total scam.

Not an idiot 4 years ago

Just got one from Mary Jay to call 866.710.9393. What losers!!!

Dr.Evil 4 years ago

Got mine in Spartanburg SC. Called Mary Jay at 866-826-7464. I told her that I did not own a credit card nor was I gainfully employed but that I REALLY wanted to have phone sex with her. She began to go into how I could still get the tickets blah blah blah, so I began to moan loudly and ask what color her underwear was. She hung up.

Anderson, IN 4 years ago

I received a letter today (March 24, 2012) in Anderson, Indiana. Mary Jay 866-826-6873 has given me a response deadline of March 28. Claims they've attempted contact several times. Code at the bottom of the letter claiming I have won "2 roundtrip tickets" is GC-17592.

The envelope was hand written with no return address and includes a $.45 postage stamp with a meter stamp of Phoenix, AZ 850 7. Funny how the fourth digit is completely blank. AZ has several zips this could have come from.

I have already filed my complaint with the US Postal Inspector using this link

Douglas 4 years ago

Received mine just recently; bulk mailing permit, so no postmarks.

It's a tear-and-unfold affair, much like an official reimbursement or payroll check. The indicators on the paper are surprisingly authentic, but there's a number of bulk-mail printers that will let you use this stock for almost any purpose. It even appears to have real MICR print at the bottom, like an actual financial document. The security features of the document, while authentic, are a moot point since the originator (presumably) has no intention of honoring the printed dollar amount.

On an interesting legal note; while the "Pay to the order of:" line has my name, it's described as "on behalf of" me. The principal payee is the fictional US Airlines. IANAL, but shouldn't that count as wire fraud?

Details of my "offer" as printed:

- value is "$ 1,400.00" with the word "DOLLARS" printed out

- Voucher # is GB-10895, which is probably unique due to the nature of the bulk printing process.

- The attached letter, "Award Notification" is serialized with "Nº: 1008" in the top-right corner.

- The number to call is 1-866-861-0470, but it is well known that companies can lease large blocks of 800-numbers for any purpose. The up-front cost to set-up these numbers is usually low, since overall cost is based on the amount of calls received.

- Voucher claims it was printed March 15, 2012

- The "Authorized Signature" is readable as "Jessica Wren" but is clearly typewritten, probably from a name generator printed in a handwriting font. (repeating letters look identical and the cursive ligatures do not match from one letter to another; no hand wrote this)

- Like authentic checks, the drawing institution is identified along with a realistic Federal EIN number. After some research, the number (20-365272/66769) appears to be issued for an "internet" business entity; that means it's not attached to any particular state. The other details are "Travel Union" (no such bank that I could find) allegedly in Phoenix, AZ. (zip: 85006) On bona-fide financial documents this information identifies the party responsible for honoring the payment of the check.

- On the face, since it uses a bulk mailing permit, the permit number shown is 1484. The USPS can use that to identify the people who paid for this mailing.

I am going to look into submitting this to my local Postmaster General as state's evidence.

Florida Here 4 years ago

We got this too.... Thanks for the advice .. we did not call ..

Not Cool 4 years ago

Got mine from Mary Jay, no good

Indiana Now 4 years ago

M. Jay has struck here too, same MO

Windy City 4 years ago

Received the letter, dated March 19, 2012, from Mary Jay at our home here in the Chicago suburbs. It was postmarked from Phoenix.

Thanks for having this site.

SWFL 4 years ago

Mine is from Mary Jay - no address or contact info anywhere in the letter... code GC-67910 on the bottom.

Scott 4 years ago

I got it too. I can tell you where they get their mailing list: Ameritech! The name mine was addressed to is only with Ameritech. The name exists nowhere else, period. No other possibility. Ameritech sold our info for direct marketing.

t j walker 4 years ago

mary jay is crazy 2 think he/or she or it can pull a fast one on me u gotta love goggle thanks 4 the site

Veritas 4 years ago

Look closer at the "handwritten" address on the envelope and you will see it is merely a FONT printed on the envelope. There aren't any pressure marks or indentions to the paper. These are dead-giveaways to handwritten vs. printed. They are clever to leave the return address off. However, lodge a complaint with the Postmaster and note the barcode at the bottom on both front and back of the envelope. This is a direct read back to the point of origin.

LTC Dave D. 4 years ago

Mine was from Phoenix and dated the 23 Mar. It was signed by Mary Jay.

What was odd for me it was entirely in black and white. Most places use a mufti-colored logo. Next time I go in to own I am going to drop it off at the Post Office.

Somebody learned how to use mail merge program. I just wonder where they got my address?

Anita 4 years ago

I'm in North Carolina - Mary Jay is the VP of choice today - 866-826-7464. I also found a couple of sites, explains it is type of travel agency and they deal with unsold seats from various airlines in the US, including supposedly TWA, Southwest, Northwest, Delta and Alaska. It was copyright 2011; however, TWA sold to American in about 2001. If they are such a big company, why the cheap letters with no logo, address, etc. Doesn't sound legit to me.

JT in Indiana 4 years ago

From US Airlines on a Hand written envelope, no return address, Mary Jay Vice President, 1-866-826-6873, GC-31723 is listed on the bottom of the letter

Marsha 4 years ago

Received this same letter 3/27/12 with deadline of 3/28/12. The Vice President is Mary Jay.

I told them US Airlines was not an airline company. She said, "Oh you can use it with any US airline. All you have to do is pay the taxes on the ticket.

I said, "well when I google this, it says you are a scam."

She said, " oh no, I can assure you this is not a scam! Are you married?"

I said, "I'm not interested." and hung up the phone.

Ang 4 years ago

Got mine today signed by Debra Hall...they are so crafty because it seems that she's an actual airline employee. I did order from Ameritech last month so it's possible that this company is selling customer information. The phone number on mine was 1-866-815-9702

Jen 4 years ago

I got mine today in Golden, CO from Debra Hall. The phone number used was 866-822-7824. Will report them ASAP!

andy 4 years ago

Debra Hall signed mine and I should call 1-866-815-9702. same deal as all the above. based on this scam, it has been going on for some time. Boston.

Sam 4 years ago

Debra Hall signed mine as well. The number listed is 1-866-815-9702. I reported this to USPS.

jejwey 4 years ago

They are getting smarter ... I got the same letter from Debra Hall, VP.When I googled her name, there is a Debra Hall who is a VP Sales with UNITED Airlines ..... Call back number was 8668159945. Thanks for the heads up!

Alice Turner 4 years ago

I got a letter from Debra Hall also, the number is 1-866-815-9702. Need to respond by 4-4-2012. Postmarked from Phoenix, AZ Sounds like letter that Sam received. Address was handwritten. No return address

Dean 4 years ago

I just now sent a check for 76 thousand dollars on the promise Debra Hall will send me a life time airline package for me and my family for life .She also mentioned a 7 mile long bridge in Marathon Florida ,that is for sale,and suggested I could make millions by putting a toll on it's usage .I checked with my Congressman in DC ,and he thought it is a great bargain .People are foolish not to take advantage of deals like these .

TKS 4 years ago

Yes, today I received the same letter from Debra Hall, Vice President. I called the number on the letter and she wants me to drive 75 miles to Bonita Springs, FL to collect the "voucher". And she said to bring my credit card and drivers license (or other photo ID). Thanks to your "scam" postings, I will not be going to the scheduled meeting.

Angie 4 years ago

I received a letter from Debra Hall also this week. It was addressed to my ex husband. We have been divorced for over 4 years and he has nothing to do with me, my new home purchase or even any knowledge of my new address. Where do they get these names from? There is NO return address. This is scandalous! I hate this.

How can we stop them?

thanks for listening!

Angie 4 years ago

OK I've called these people a number of times and got different answers etc. I asked why they did not have an address or anything. I am registered on the 'no unsolicited mail'. They will not give you a number to contact to UNSUBSBRIBE! I finally got a number and got a person - call 866 299 1009 to get rid of them.

What was scary is I didn't tell them my name or my address. Tney knew my phone number already and associated it with me. So hide your number before you call.

We shall see! Good luck everyone!

Angie 4 years ago

Oh sorry forgot - one guy who ansered the phone # I dailled form the letter 1 866 815 9559. I told him he was working for a 'scam' and I advised that I had googled USA Airlines and all the scam pages came up. I said I was sorry he had to do this to innocent people for a living. His response was GOOGLE LIES!!! and it was my problem if I chose not to proceed with his wonderful offer. He then hung up the phone.


Sucker in Golden 4 years ago

I just called after getting Debra Hall's letter and was pressured into making an appointment for tomorrow for 2 airline tickets. When I told her Broomfield is a bit out of my way, she without hesitating offered me a hotel for 3 nights for the inconvenience. I hung up feeling suspicious so I googled their phone # and this site came up. Feeling a bit violated, I called them again to get the website address of where they were sending me and my wife. Turns out to look legitimate:

My wife and I have done time share sales pitches before. This letter, while posing as a bunch of bull, might a actually turn out to be somewhat legitimate. I will go see for myself and let you know.

Joy 4 years ago

Jacksonville, FL Got my letter today from Debra Hall

Cape Coral, FL 4 years ago

Debra Hall VP US Airlines 1 866 797 5540..."We've attempted to contacting you several times"...Well Hell, Just send me cash and there wouldn't be any issues...

JB 4 years ago

Got ours today- I knew it had to be a scam from the unprofessional letterhead and no return address envelope and non metered mail. Thanks for the resource here. I am glad to see that I am not the only one receiving letters from these creeps.

RSM 4 years ago

Received one today also. However, VP today is Debra Hall. They sure go through their Vice Presidents in a hurry. I knew it was a fraud even before discovering this site. First of all, the envelope was addressed by hand but no return address on the envelope. The logo seemed really shabby for an "airline" and I did not recognize US Airlines, which is why I googled it. I am always suspicious of prizes I win when I know for a fact I never entered a contest. You know the saying, "if it's too good to be true......."

Tom 4 years ago

Same here. Recieved it this weekend. Debra Hall

I figured it was a scam and thanks to this site it is confirmed.

Hoffman Estates, Il

JG 4 years ago

I have gotten this for the 3rd time (at least that many). This time it is still a hand written envelope, stamped, and then with a smudged postmark from Arizona. However, they have dropped the US Airlines brand and now have a color logo "traveldeals."

Bnlcustom 4 years ago

Wooooohoooo, I won thanks debra hall for nothing

JW 4 years ago

That's absolutely amazing. My wife changed her last name on 4/4/12 and today we received the "check" dated 4/5/12 on her new name.

Sary 4 years ago

I won I won!!! We just have to go to crystal lake il and attend an open house at wholesale travel agency at 500 Coventry ln. We booked the appointment but unfortunately we are unable to attend. Has anyone else actually gone to see what the scam is?

Skeptical 4 years ago

just received the letter myself. good thing I googled it. hahha!

Susan Killeen profile image

Susan Killeen 4 years ago

My I feel that I am in great company with receiving my letter yesterday. VP Lois Adams, mailed from Phoenix, Az.

Not to bother to call number on letter as there would be no chance of a company writing out their envelopes. Poor grammar, ......this is obvious, however my elderly mother would have called as she is sure she will win the next Publishers Clearing House LOL..North Port, Florida

SR 4 years ago

Got one today in the mail (4/13/2012). Googled it and ended up on this site. VP is Lois Adams and number to call is 866-765-5334. I agree with a couple others here that my senior grandmother would have fell for this. So sad!!!! Thanks everyone for posting.

michael 4 years ago

got one yesterday lois adams vice president 866 785 6389

Jacksonvile rat 4 years ago

I have dealt with the likes of these people before. Yes it is a legit travel club. These clubs are not scams, however buyer beware, you can often get the same travel deals and discounts buying yourself and to hand over a large payment every month seems absurd. These folks prey on the elderly and unknowledgeable. I went to one two years ago (different company - or could be the same - these folks change their name like underwear) just to scope them out and call them out on it, very sad - young military couples and elderly attended, I called them out on a number of things and they ushered me out - they are planning some at the Hampton Inn probably in the last week or this week, I am about to call the Hampton Inn that they may not want to be in cohoots with them and call my media buddies to try to get them out of town.

Jerry Thomas 4 years ago

Just got my US Airlines letter today (4-16-12). Knew something was not right. Airlines don't give free stuff away. Mine was from Lois Adams at 866-765-5334. I sure wish there was some way to rescam these stupid people. It would do my heart good. Be careful out there.

sah 4 years ago

We got ours this past week. Lois Adams.

ph# 866-774-6163 different number than above

the bear 4 years ago

I feel ripped off - all I got was the rippable envelope containing a "check". No. 1008, GM-78828, "signed" Carin Kane. (There was no attempt to make it look like an actual signature, it was just a script font.) US Airlines at 866-353-3463. 93-643307/71492. No letter. (Or I had just tossed them in the shred bin unopened.)

The OCR numbers at the bottom might look like bank routing numbers but they're bogus (duh) - the symbols around the routing number are wrong and it's not 9 digits.

The "I'm totally not a lawyer" in me laughs at the check though. Something I remember from ugrad business law is that pretty much everything you think you know is wrong. Banks don't have to refuse post-dated checks and the date is used solely to identify 'stale' checks. You can't put restrictions on the use of the money in the memo line since it's outside of the contract with the bank. You don't need to sign the check legibly, hell you don't even need to sign the check if the payee can infer intent via, oh, sending the company a check together with the payment slip. On and on and on....

My point is that somebody with legal knowledge must have tried to cash an earlier "check", probably with success once the company realized it would be far cheaper to settle than fight it in court and possibly establish precedence that all of those bogus checks were, in fact, cashable. So now it's a check to themselves "on behalf of" you since that keeps you from cashing it.

jim 4 years ago

Just got mine..oh the Vp is now Christine Hay! This is my last notice as well. Previous attempts to contact me failed. Right! Naples.Florida

renfru 4 years ago

'This is not a timeshare or land sales offer' as noted on the letter. I'm glad I was warned about this. Carin Kane is full of S**T.

renfru 4 years ago

The post office in Phoenix should be able to ID the permit no. 1484.

Same'ole 4 years ago

Christine Hay is now the VP.

Number is 866-303-0201

Bill 4 years ago

I got one today also Christine Hay 18663030201.

Me2 4 years ago

Got one in the mail today. Scary how they know my real address. I thought it was a fraud. Something was wayyyy "off" about it. My fiancé told me to type in "US Airlines scam" in google and this hub popped up as the first one on the search list. It had no return address (a red flag). It was postmarked out of Arizona. The number on the scam letter is 1-866-303-9949 signed supposedly by Christine Hay VP.

Brad Smith 4 years ago

I got this scam letter today 4/20/12. the new name is Christine Hay. People are such LOSERS.

Marilou 4 years ago

What I just got from my mail on 4/20/12 is a post card indicating a trip for two going to Las Vegas. I dial the number 18882672810 and ask about it. I asked them how did I win. The operator said by draw lots of different addresses in Baton Rouge. He asked me when to get the ticket and I said on Saturday at around 10 am. He directed me to go to the courtyard of Marriott Hotel. Although I gave a confirmation to go and pick up the ticket, I am hesitant. I asked my friend if she knows about this offer. She said, let's google that because it might be a scam. We found this blog. Thank you so much for posting what you know. Why are these evil works exist for long time? Praise God for directing me to this site. The Lord is really good. He does not want me to fall into the hands of this people.

Lester '44' Moore 4 years ago

Got the letter from Christine Hay 1-866-303-9770 mailed from Phoenix AZ 850, 18 Apr, smells like a scam. Will report to US Post Master General. Wonder how many poor folks have been ripped-off by this group?

debsc 4 years ago

got my free trip letter yesterday. after reading these post im glad i didn't call. It seems as though you would think they would be caught with today's technology. Christine Hay- vp 866-303-9666

Deb 4 years ago

Received one such letter from Christine Hay (VP). The number is 866-303-9949. Envelop or letter has no return address.

Please do not call. It's a scam!

dcm 4 years ago

Received the same letter today in Florida. The voucher was signed by Riley Bach and the phone number was 866-384-7165. I called them, and made an appointmnet for us to attend later this week. Hours later, I went on and made a research and have read many negative comments about them. Now the question is, is it a scam or not?. If a scam, what do I do now that they have on hand my new address and phone number?

Greg Smith 4 years ago

Same letter received in Florida from Christine hay number now is 1-866-301-4822

Michelle 4 years ago

Recieved this same letter addressed to my ex husband who has never lived at this address. We have been divorced for 7 years. I also will be calling a local cable company who also send him advertisements here, they must have gotten the list from Charter communications. (I do not have Charter) Same letter as everyone else and signed by Christine Hay and phone is 1-866-303-9949. I will be in contact with the postmaster also.

Chris 4 years ago

I just got the same hand signed & Addressed Letter. Mine was from Christine Hay, Vice President with a callback number of (866) 303-9666. Over the past year we have gotten a few others like the postcard and the fake boarding passes from US Airlines with the same logo.

Ryan 4 years ago

Got one just now in Austin TX.

US Airlines


Travel Union

Phoenix, AZ 85006


No: 1008 ---ISSUED---

Check Number: GO-92529

Aprin 17th, 2012



Carin Kane


"677563" :523026885967: 850060889184"

Called and got a recording of a British lady who said I would have to wait as all agents are busy. She did not even mention the name of the company on the message.

Nikki 4 years ago

I got one dated April 16th, 2012 from Christine Hay Vice President.

Dana 4 years ago

I just got one also just outside Austin. It is dated April 16th and is from Christine Hay at 866-569-2419. It's amazing how quickly the phone numbers seem to change from post to post. Mine doesn't have the fake check attached, it is just a very short letter with no real letterhead beyond the "US Airlines". It says they have been trying to contact us...I bet they have :).

Tina 4 years ago

Got one on Wednesday.I called.Deadline was for today Tuesday.I get a special gift for making my appointment for tonight.I would have checked this out myself anyways were it not for the price of gas.With the distance to the meeting and price of gas i don't find it funny.I already got two reminder voicemail messages to my cell phone.No one i repeat no one is eager to give away anything in such a manner ever.I am so organised and never ever late with my legitimate bills but not even with that am not so eager.I understand some people were saying to check it out but not even a millionaire would not be willing to give away so many free tickets across the country.I do not need their snacks am an excellent cook.I am from the caribbean.

The IRS looking all typewritten official letter with all around perforations came from Oklahoma.i got a final notice,which was the first notice.Notice Urgency:EXTREME

US airlines form 645--HH callback number 1-866-429-1684

claim number Gm-62582. Last chance to respond.Flights fill quickly.NO. 0412--Issued

Well let it fill quickly.Someone needs it more than i do.My idea of a light snack is 100% coconut water and fresh fruits and veggies.I bet they will not serve this.

Thank you all.My son advised to check this out before going.He is 15.He won't let me buy even a kitchen knife without reviews.Thanks.I am not cancelling.They have been scammed!!!!! The joke is on them.

By the way i am in central florida Orlando area.

My callback number to follow up for the meeting was 321-213-6107

Ooops!!! One more thing.You all breached.The envelope stated---"PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL"

You won 2 free tickets and not keeping this a secret???

Ha ha ha.

Carolyn 4 years ago

I also received a letter informing me I "qualified" for two roundtrip airline tickets. It was a short letter with just the words,US Airlines, for a letterhead. It was from Debra Hall, V.P. with the telephone number of 1-866-796-5725, and the code at the bottom was GG-78081. My name was hand-written on the envelope with no return address and was postmarked April 6,2012 in Phoenix, Az. I live in Rhode Island. The envelope and the letterhead were enough to convince me it was a scam, but I didn't realize its dissemination was so widespread.

Ray 4 years ago

I got the letter today and called to see what it was all about. Funny thing the person told me it was Travel Rewards with American Airlines, I hung up after I told him it was the wrong number. The evnelope was the same as everyone else. Don't be a sucker to this.

Heather 4 years ago

I received the same letter today in Florida. Dated April 23rd, 2012 from VP Christine Hay... phone number 1-866-294-2949

Diane 4 years ago

We received the same letter yesterday in Florida. Can not understand how this has been going on over a year, and the authorities have not stopped it.

Cx 4 years ago

Same stupid letter to me... No letterhead.. "US Airlines"? Ha - know that doesn't exist... hat a joke.

Roger 4 years ago

Just got that letter too.

Andy 4 years ago

Received letter last night with Christine Hay as V.P.. Phone number 866-294-2974. It's amazing to me how people get away with continually praying on weakness or desperation

Melissa L. 4 years ago

Got one in Connecticut today, Christine Hay, VP, 866 return address hand written. I have a rich Nigerian uncle with a money problem I'd like to introduce them to.

Ken 4 years ago

Same song and dance.

•Nonexistent airline

•Poor letterhead unbecoming of an airline

•Contest I never entered, qualified how exactly

•Have attempted to contact you many times

•If they tell you the retail worth in dollars• then it probably isn't worth a nickle

•Poorly written letter, unprofessional

Perhaps they are scamming people out of money so they can afford to take a remedial English course.

vickie 4 years ago

Same letter with Christine Hay as the VP. Phone number 866-297-4850.

Mel 4 years ago

Christine hay vp must respond by may 3 rd 866-294-2974 Chicago postmark (I'm in the greater area)

Tara 4 years ago

I just got one today 04/30/12 from a Christine Hays

Michelle 4 years ago

Phoenix postmark, Christine Hay 866-877-6957.

I would love to know how much all the phone numbers have cost these fools!!

MDF 4 years ago

Received mine in Chicago today - 1-866-877-7276, VP here is Grace Pell!

Miryal 4 years ago

Received in Boston - 1-866-877-6987 From Grace Pell

Kevin 4 years ago

Received the same, today, with Christine Hay as VP.

I called to have some fun.

Guy, named Josh, kept going round and round about how "legit" it is.

There is always some negative nellies out there that think that everything is a scam.

But you can usually find "some" good feedback.

Not with this company.

There is NOTHING but scam alerts, out there.

Walk away.....WALK AWAY!!!!!!


Mike 4 years ago

Received in South Carolina. 1-866-877-7542 from Grace Pell

Greg 4 years ago

I think this is new... New telco number on the one I recieved yesterday, 5/3…

1-866-294-2411… again Christine Hay, Phoenix, AZ 852

27 APR 2012 P ? G T With MOM and Heart Stamp

Krystal 4 years ago

Got this today. Grace Pell 1-866-877-6979 sent from Phoenix.

How are they sending this out without a return address? Since 9/11 and the anthrax scares, no mail is supposed to be sent out without a return address!!

syl 4 years ago

Received one today (in chicago) postmarked from Phoenix AZ, addressed handwritten, VP Grace Pell. No return address! SCAM written all over it, just have to focus carefully or at that slightly to see it

AM 4 years ago

Yep... I got this one to addressed to my husband ! WTH ! From Phoenix AZ as well. V.P. is Grace Pell and the number is 1-866-877-6979 ... I new it was a scam as well as I use alot of diff airlines for my kids and I have never heard of US AIRLINES and the letter head was not official neither was any info about hoow this was won... and what fortune 500 company would send a hand writen letter with no return address... come on ! but I was courous to see what the internet found.. was happy to stumble on to here ! thanks !!!

roy 4 years ago

received in chicago from vice president grace pell 1-866-877-7276

Dorothy 4 years ago

I just got one yesterday dated 04/30/12 and it was from the same US Airlines and the vp is Grace Pell. Thank Goodness for Google and this post. This is always too nice to be true.

Thanks all.

Kat 4 years ago

I just received the US Airlines scam letter from Oklahoma City, OK with a postage paid permit #324. The call back number on the mailing has changed to 866-271-9555, ticket value is $1,298, and signed by "Awards Department". There must be a bunch of idiots running the scam.

M.kuno 4 years ago

Got one too. From Grace Pell 1866-284-1146 post mark Phoenix, AZ

dondi 4 years ago

Add Indianapolis to the list. Strange coinsidence for me since not 20 min. before my husband brought in the mail, I was reading an article on what debt collectors we're not allowed to do. I told my husband for once I'd like it to be a debt collector, but seeing as we pay our bills, lol, thought it would be a good idea to Google it. How disappointing that these people haven't been stopped. I feel sick to my stomach knowing that there are poor souls out there who have fallen victim to these retched people. Since the postal service and AG haven't been able to stop these crooks I am speaking with an attorney on Thurs. If debt collectors are not allowed to lie or use made up company names, how are these people?

Jennifer 4 years ago

Got one from Grace Pell here in Palm Coast, FL

Lil 4 years ago

I just tried calling from my office phone. They cannot hear me. Glad I looked this up. Mine was from the Awards Department 1-866-271-9555 sent from Oklahoma City.

Joel 4 years ago

I got mine today from Grace Pell "VICE PRESIDENT" number on letter 1-866-285-8247 from Arizona .

Sina 4 years ago

This is so scary because some poor soul will call that number and give all their info out. I got mine today addressed to my husband from VP Grace Pell! 1-866-284-1146. Looks like they've been at it for years and changing numbers as and names as they go. "This is our last attempt" comment is priceless!!

Jackie 4 years ago

Ms. Pell is now the VP. Ocala, FL

Sharon 4 years ago

Received mine in Greenville SC 1-866-877-7542 from VP Grace Pell

keven 4 years ago

just got one too from grace Pell. Phone number was different though 1-866-285-7915. Obviously this is a large scam that is effective. They been doing it for months now and keep changing the names and numbers.

Mike Pernicano 4 years ago

I recieved this trash as well, now the VP is Lisa King , LOL

John from IL 4 years ago

Lisa King, VP, PH: 1-866-223-6278

Bill 4 years ago

Yes we received one today from Lisa King VP at 866-223-6277

Laura 4 years ago

Rockford, Illinois

Googled phone number and it came up from Nantong, Jiangsu (China) Pres: Christine Hay. How stupid do these ppl think we are? I guess that there are some who actually believe that there are truly "free" offers out there with no strings attached!

Always Non-believer 4 years ago

Received two today; one from "US Airlines" and the other from "traveldeals "Powered by Expedia Affiliate Network"" (trying to trick people to thinking it is from the real "Expedia". The US Airlines letter's VP was Lisa King @ 1-866-223-6278, and traveldeals letter's VP was Roberta Case @ 1-866-250-1357.

Ric 4 years ago

Lisa King must be the VP of the month. She has a new number. 1-866-223-6093. I travel a decent amount and my wife thout it had something to do with my status until I pointed out there is no US Airlnes.

Grounded 4 years ago

I got the "official document enclosed" with bogus boarding pass version. This one metered from Oklahoma City. 866-217-3712 as the reply number.

I am insulted...apparently I am of such a low social standing that I am not even worthy of a personally signed piece of fraud mail as my letter is from the generic "Awards Department.". Now that is low. Everyone else is getting letters from VPs. I feel so left out.

Mao 4 years ago

Just received my Award Notification! I see in the document which included a "Flight Coupon", that if you do not claim your award, it will be transferred to the alternate. So, I guess I just received one of your all's unclaimed voucher.

Gee, thanks :)

Good to get the word out so scams like this do not succeed.

mt 4 years ago

The vice president of the airline wants to talk to me personally about $1298.00 . No case number or reference number. Wow. Small outfit, I guess. Though they fly from any major international airport.

Mine was dated May 14 2012, signed Lisa King.

lmc 4 years ago

My check just came in for $1400.00 signed by Jane Rice dated May 10, 2012. Ridiculous.

Robin 4 years ago

Mine is also from VP Lisa King 1-866-223-6093, it was so vague and plain looking, decided to google it and found this site... glad I did! Thanks :)

Fabian. from San Francisco, 4 years ago

just got the letter 5-22-13 must be redeemed by 5-25-12 ,from US Airlines 2 round trip airline tickets, issuer is just rewards dept. thanks for the update to this SCAM , the number they want called is 866-223-6074, pre paid postage from Oklahoma city, OK . thanks all for the infow not to call.....

Amy M G 4 years ago

So glad I googled this and found what I knew in my gut to be true. Thank You! A reminder of "when it seems too good to be is!" Received this same suspect letter on 5/25...with a YOU must repond no later than May 30th, 2012. The sad thing is you know....there are some people hopeful for any good news that will call...instead of check it out first.

Miriam from from Windy City 4 years ago

Recevied a letter today in Chicago (midway area)too. SCAM written all over it. I never registered for any contest. Envelope has no return address, hand written, 44cents stamp. US Airlines? with a fake looking logo? VP Lisa King at 1866-223-2437. So glad I google it. Thank you!!

Bridge 4 years ago

Same here....Lisa King is VP now.

Andy 4 years ago

Got one today, 5/26/2012. Dated 5/21/2012. 'traveldeals powered by Expedia Affiliate Network'. no company address. Roberta Case vice president, 1-866-220-6708.

They removed the US Airlines wording and upped the value to $1398.00. 45 cent stamp mailed from Phoenix 850..

No professional company would misuse grammer like this.

Obvious scam.

Bob - Chicagoland 4 years ago

I received the same updated letter as Miriam and the others. Dated May 21st, 2012 with Lisa King as V/P. 866-223-3179 as the callback number and postmarked out of Phoenix, AZ. I think I know now how the people that work from home and make thousands a week do it. Fraud, fraud, fraud!

Jen- Indianapolis 4 years ago

Lisa King sent me my letter. $1,298 retail value. Wonder how they come up with these numbers and what shady-s#*t is going on at that place. Nice try.

cmack 4 years ago

Yes, I just got one in what appeared to be handwritten envelope. No return address, no address on the letterhead but the logo for travel deals with the smaller text "powered by Expedia Affiliate Network."

The handwritten envelope is a clever touch but on closer inspection it does look a bit fake. What really gets me is the lameness of the overall package. I mean, seriously, no return address on the envelope or letterhead?

I would like to (metaphorically) drag these people through broken glass and then through a pool of iodine.... I say this because I hate the thought of them taking advantage of some senior citizen or eternal optimist.

seriously 4 years ago

Dang it ours did not have a check!! From new VP Lisa King, 1-866-221-3445, our letter looked like an assignment from a high school typing class, from all of these post I'd say they're still making something....

Rhonda 4 years ago

Got one today (Orlando) for 2 airline tickets...

Now the VP is Denise Cale.

I knew it was bogus - smelled like a rat! Crazy people in this world with no character or conscience... So sad!

carol 4 years ago

Just received the letter here in MA. Denise Cale, VP and the phone number to call 866-841-1989. stamped envelope postmarked Phoenix AZ..I must respond before 6/6/12! The one thing that made me think twice was the number at the very bottom HJ-87953....AT first I thought this as a Frequent Flyer number of ours...I checked, nope but it still looks like a famliar number??? I will be promptly shredding this piece of JUNK!

Misty 4 years ago

I also received the letter today. Denise Cale, VP, and the phone number to call is: 1-866-841-1993. It seems Ms. Cale has multiple lines to call as an earlier post from today indicated a different number. These people are ridiculous!!! But, no doubt some innocent people will fall for their scam.

Florida Fred 4 years ago

We received our invite from Denise Cale today. We did not call 1.866.841.1987. Instead we went to Google to find out if US Airlines really lives. They don't. Don't call; just shred the letter and get on with life.

Leery 4 years ago

Received a post card airfare offer today. Very ambiguous, but has many similarities to the others mentioned. Mine is typed, no envelope, no VP, 855-402-0812, offers free hotel stay if call in 48 hrs. If it's the same group, they are getting wiser and changing their tactics a little.

Washington State 4 years ago

Got one today: U.S. Airlines, presorted US postage out of Oklahoma City, OK permit # 324

Mine is printed professionally and made to look like a government envelope - although it says "not a government document" on it - probably to avoid federal charges for fraud. . .

tells you to call1-866-832-7949 from the "Awards Department"

tiredofscammers 4 years ago

Received mine today - do they not realize anyone can check for fraud on these in a matter of minutes? Denise Cale signed mine.

Not'Tupid 4 years ago

Dorothy Nale -- 1-866-883-4407 -- HH97926 (code at bottom of page). No specific airline mentioned; yeah, $1,398.00 (but no "check" included -- darn). Their "traveldeals" logo looks so ...tired... in black-and-white.

Circular file!

toteyetawapuddycat 4 years ago

Just got one today dated 5/25/12, phone number 866-219-2035, no name attached, mailed from Oklahoma City (allegedly).

Deborah 4 years ago

I opened my letter today, it was dated May 26th,2012, from Phoenix AZ. I actually called the number -1-866-841-1989, but first dialed *67 before the number. The man that answered was very unprofessional.When I asked him where he got my info, he stated that it was from a previous travel. Now I have'nt traveled by plane for almost 20yrs. Most of my travel have been by car. He wanted to argue with me and asked me if I was sure. Of course I informed him that I know someone that works @ the airline , I will have this investigated . He still continued to argue & I hung up. The travel value was $1,298.00. The letter was signed by Denise Cale. Code #HJ95782. The letter also states that they have made attempt to contact me several times without success.( this happens to be their first contact.) Good luck & be careful to whom ever receives this.

tell it all 4 years ago


tellit all 4 years ago


JP 4 years ago

Denise Cale is at it again today. US AIR lines has a High turnover rate I see for the position of VP

And I thought I was the only one... 4 years ago

Denise Cale 866-537-4559 is probably not real, eh? Oh well. I like that people continue to post on here, it came up first in the search for US Airlines. Grass roots SEO at it's best!

Not the last one 4 years ago

Received a letter last week and again today with a US Airlines Logo advising me I have "qualified" for an aware of 2 roundtrip airline tickets. Today's is handwritten with female teenager type of writing and mailed with 45 cent stamp from Phoenix AZ and signed Denise Cale who is still the vice president apparently. She wants me to call her 1-866-537-4559 by June 13! Her code is HO-84060. These people make me angry.

Update! 4 years ago

I googled their phone number and came up with a company name and website:

And 1 More 4 years ago

Funny, I just received a letter with a US Airlines Check, Pay to the order of "US Airlines on behalf of "my name"" signed a Dorathy Nale, phone number on the check is 866-832-7291.

jaka 4 years ago

Just got one today from Dorothy Nale it's not first class mail; it was sent on the mail but the paper is not a certified copy, it is fake!!

Susan 4 years ago

I got a check voucher today from US Airlines out of Scottsdale, AZ. Grace Pell is now the authorized signature. It looks very legit and indicates the document has a blue background, just in case someone tries to scam the scammer--haha!

pissed off 4 years ago

Actual name of the company is Market Development Partners located at 1601 N 7th street phoenix az 85006 telephone number 602-248-9273

------ copy and post it everywhere thank you!

annoyed 4 years ago

Has anyone brought this to the police's attention? I recieved a second letter from this same scam with a fraudulent check of $1400 enclosed- im considering it because obviously making fake checks is illegal

California 4 years ago

Ashley Hall was the VP on mine, I'm in California.

doesnotmatter 4 years ago

Same letter company name traveldeals powered by Expedia Affialate Network, Megan Lane vp

This had a HU-xxxxx batch number... Same stupid scam.

Lisa 4 years ago

Obvious scam letter from "US Airlines"'s vice president Ashley Hill.

Went right into the shredder.

Envelope was hand addressed with no return address.

Was mailed from Phoenix AZ

Kim 4 years ago

Hey I joined the club today!!! I feel so special. New Vice President AHSLEY HILL sent me my letter! Feel sorry for the people who fall for this. Southwest suburb of Chicago here!

Chris 4 years ago

Ashley sent me a nice letter out here in the Chicago burbs too.

Brett 4 years ago

Kerry Dyer is evidently the new VP, the letter was postmarked from Phoenix. Wish they had something better to do with their time. They do seem to go through management (especially VPs) rather quickly, huh?

Brett 4 years ago

Oh, and I'm in Chicago too. City though, not burbs.

T Herrera 4 years ago

Mine came yesterday.I'm in south central FL. Nothing was handwritten. Postage paid (metered?) from Phoenix, AZ. Looks like they've been reading up on themselves. 1.866.746.4403 - $1398.00 and signed by Amelia Luna.

Where DO they get our names & addresses??

AB 4 years ago

Received a handwritten envelope with no return address on it. Sent from Phoenix, AZ. Signed by Kerry Dyer, a very busy VP. Her number is 1-866-675-8061. The claim number is JJ-65289. I called the number, spoke to Amanda, probably not her real name. I called her out on the scam at hand. She's adamant that it's not a scam. She thinks I have US Airlines confused with US Airways or some other signatory airline. After going back and forth for several minutes I could sense that her faltering voice got the better of her although she tried to make me believe her spiel. Hopefully, when I disconnected the call, I ruined her day.

Moi 4 years ago

I just got one today! LOL

7/17/2012 I'm in Oregon.

I KNEW right away it was a scam - I'm a skeptic so anything like this I usually throw away. I have never heard of this airline, their cheesy logo just confirms its stupidity. I thought it was interesting to see how far they actually try to get with this - I wonder how many innocent people have fallen for it.

JT 4 years ago

Guess what??? Um, ok nothing different, same here lol....Im in MA and it is July of 2012.....Kelly Dyer is the new VP (as it seems to change once a month) and she also has been "trying to get in touch with me" god knows how or why as I am SO anti-contest entering so there is NOOOOO way I would have signed up for ANYTHING like this....again, glad I am pretty worldly and knew that US AIRLINES is not a real company....=) but I feel for people who may not know this and get taken in by creepy scammers so I WILL be reporting this!! y uncle is a postal inspector and he will be getting this letter ASAP....but they seem to also change their place of buisness alot as well, my letter is from AZ, so f they can afford all these places of buisness (haha) then they could afford to actually give away free tickets!!

JT 4 years ago

I found this info up higher in the postings and wanted to re=post so people are sure to see it!!!

Actual name of the company is Market Development Partners located at 1601 N 7th street phoenix az 85006 telephone number 602-248-9273

AEN 4 years ago

We got one today. Return addy was from Oklahoma City, OK. Hubby is a bit naïve so he had me Google it. Glad I did, and thank you for this great, informative page to help people from getting scammed.

Dennis 4 years ago

I got the letter today 7/26/12 up to 1,298.00 US Airlines from Jacklyn Paul V.P., envelope stamped in Phoenix,Az..PH#1-866-481-0093 no later than 10-1-12 :)

Thanks you saved me!

maria/ MA 4 years ago

I rcvd a letter from jacklyn paul - free round trip... funny

Mary 4 years ago

Got one on 7/30/12; I live in Northern IL. I knew it was a scam just by looking at it, but this site was helpful as well. Mine was from VP Jacklyn Paul (sounds a lot like VP Jocelyn Hall, right?) with the number 1-866-418-8559 and the envelope was stamped from Phoenix, AZ as well.

name 4 years ago

I got a letter from Joanne Cane vice president (866)651-0117. stamped in phoenix,az.

Dan 4 years ago

Los Angeles here I come!

Nick 4 years ago

Mine came from Joanne Cane

al 4 years ago

Mine came today. It was from Joanne Cane a@ the #1-866-651-0575 from AZ. I tried to look up the # @ white and toll free directories - no luck - right away I knew it was a scam. I did not call it but started to look up on the net for letters like this and found this site - I am just leaving my comments to let others know that this is a scam. But I see that it has been going on for a long time. Don't send these people any money. I don't know who sold my name and address to these people - I hope I can find that out so I can take some action with that information.

ashley 4 years ago

Mine came today, August 16, 2012.

Vice President is Joanne Crane.

Phone number to call is 1-866-569-0092

Retail Value of Prize is $1,298.00

Letter is postmarked from Pheonix, AZ., no return address.

Bea 4 years ago

Got ours today with an expiration date of August 21, value $1,400-, signed by Linda Rey. Got on the phone while I googled it and got Britney who said all we had to do was to go pick up our airfare tickets to a travel agency 5 miles from our house, I even questioned the fact that it is ALL OVER the internet as being a scam and she said to prove they are not they DO NOT ask for any money up front. I wonder if anyone has gone any further to confirm it's a scam...I GUESS WE'LL NEVER KNOW!

jj 4 years ago

Got one today old Joanne Cane up to her old tricks again same as ashly it bull shit

jamaall 4 years ago

Today, I qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip airlines tix from US Airlines today! Retailing at $1298, certain restrictions apply though :(

They must have used my old number when trying to contact me several times with no success.

Vice President "Jill Taye" even signed it!

Haha 4 years ago

My husband received one today too. They fixed some of their grammatical errors. There is still the number 2 instead of being written out but his came with Dorothy Joy's signature. He doesn't fly nor does he enter any contests.

winning 4 years ago

I received one. It was all typed, no handwriting. Looked somewhat official, give away to scam: there is no company called " US Airlines" and I never win anything!

Kim 4 years ago

Just got one of these today. Thanks for the info.

MHarvey 4 years ago

Yep....I got one too. D.Joy signed my check :-) for 1398.00. Funny thing is, though, that the routing number on my check only has 6 digits....all banks use 9 digit routing numbers....just sayin.

Robbin Lull 4 years ago

I don't check my mail very often...but when I do, always check suspicious mail...never heard of US Airlines, and if we play our cards right, maybe, the next we hear of them, they'll have been convicted and thrown in prison for....oooooohh about 120 years plus a day...

malex 4 years ago

Got the same letter today 9/17/12 word for word , but signed by Renee Wade . ( 1-866-418-8034 ).

ash 4 years ago

got one today from renee wade. what do the numbers at the bottom mean?

Lisa 4 years ago

my husband got one of these signed Sincerely Awards Department with 1-866-493-7435 for the call back number now. Postmarked bulk mail permit 324 Oklahoma City, OK

NOHME 4 years ago

Got mine today with the check for $1,400. Signed by A Hal with a call back of 1-866-931-4054. This is very intertaining. Dang fools...

Barrera from Chicago 4 years ago

I just received mine today from Cathy stein #1866-381-4674,and was sent from Phoenix,az 852

Sweets 4 years ago

I just received mine today from Cathy Stein 1-866-350-5896 and was sent from Phoenix, AZ.

Gareth H 4 years ago

Can't believe this is still going on. My wife was really excited . . for about a second.

KJ 4 years ago

They are atill at it. Envelope had "FINAL NOTICE".with a presorted stamp and it was one of those computer generated where you have to tear off the end tabs, and top to get to the inside. Just some more shredder fodder.

How 4 years ago

Got one. 'FINAL NOTICE' on envelope. Signed by Julie Leo. $1398. Tel 1-866-940-1463.

Taken too 4 years ago

Yup, got mine today from the Veep... Margaret Fultz. My retail value was only $1,298.00. What am I, chopped liver? Screw you Marge. I want $1,400.00. I have a mind not to call you and give you all my credit info. Take THAT!

shawn 4 years ago

good place. I also got a letter about this US airline scam on 10/05/2012. The name is J Leo. phone # is 866-937-0399.

Jessica 4 years ago

I just got my letter today. American Airways scam on 11/1/12 from Monica Hunt @ 886-746-4358

LueAnn 4 years ago

Got it today from Monica Hunt 866-753-0092 letter dated Oct 29th, 2012

Jessica 4 years ago

I got my letter about a month ago from Monica Hunt to call 866-746-4358.... For fun I called and spoke with Josh. He told me I would need to go to the travel agency in person to pick up the tickets. I booked an appointment and went down there. They introduced themselves and told me about their services and then gave me my vouchers. I had to show my ID and a credit card for identification purposes only. Josh told me I could cover up the numbers all they needed to see was the name so I did. All they did was glance at the name to make sure it matched my ID and then gave me the vouchers.

As soon as I got home I called and made a reservation for the tickets. Departing out of Houston to Vegas in two months. I had to pay $39.24 in Tax and $4.95 for a "processing fee". Today I was shocked that I actually got my airline tickets via FedEx!!!!!! I called up American to verify they were legit and they confirmed!!!! I suggest to anyone who gets the letter to go down, listen to their crap for a few minutes, grab your vouchers and get out of there. You dont provided any financial info until you make your reservation. Its a pretty sweet deal if you have the time to get down there! OMG YAY VEGASSSS!!!

Slogan 4 years ago

I received a letter today from D Hall this is a scam it's funny how people try to manipulate people to do what they want. It's very sad and hope nobody really gets hurt from this.

profile image

happysickmind 4 years ago

I got my letter like everyone else but I didn't check it out first. I had some time to kill and I was curious. I went down to my appointment. I was there an hour and a half and it's a low pressure sales environment, so it wasn't that bad. If this is a scam i'm still fooled. Yes I did get vouchers for two airline tickets.

Jim 4 years ago

Just got one today with American Airways and the number 866-955-6024. They are still up to their old tricks.

Joanne 4 years ago

Just got my letter today, postmarked from Tampa. Retail value of the award is $1,398.00. Only phone number is different from any above, it's 1-855-879-8217.

profile image

AKSUZ 3 years ago

Just received it. Ours is from Scottsdale AZ 85251

The voucher is for $1350.00 Jane Cane (Oh Brother) is the name signed to the check. The number that they want you to call is 1-866-529-0852

peaceful 3 years ago

I just opened mail. The heading of letter is US Airlines. The voucher is for $1350 for 2 roundtrip airline tickets. Must respond no later than May 1st, 2013. Please call me today at 1-866-324-4880. I knew instantly this was a SCAM. It was signed Regards, Keli Jae, Vice President.

Dakota 3 years ago

My wife just received one today, the name is Juli Kyler, Vice President. The number is 1-866-294-8171. Thanks for this site.

nArchuleta profile image

nArchuleta 3 years ago from Denver, Colorado

Still at it! 5/13/13 Juli Kyler. It must be working for them if they've been at it 2+ years.

RGV 3 years ago

5-19-2013 just one in the mail vice president juli kyler phone 1866-535-8627. The letter came from Arizona.

CC 3 years ago

Why hasn't the government been able to do something about this? Mine is dated July 15, 2013. Basically the same as others. VP-Ali Reed at 1-866-323-3439.

charles 3 years ago

This is now being sent in the form of a check - but no routing numbers, so it's obviously not real. Thanks for posting this - if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Mike 3 years ago

I just got one today. It's from Jane Allen dated July 19th, 2013. Pay to the order of US Airlines on behalf of ME for $1198.00 check number X-285917

Charms 3 years ago

I got one on today. Amy Dae signed off as the vice president. The award is for 2 roundtrip tickets with a retail value of $1,198.00. What a scam!

jax fla 3 years ago

8-21-13 They are still add it, I recently moved so slight lag in receiving, was forwarded to my new address. Letter is dated July 10, 2013, VP Juli West 1-866-277-9493, retail value $1198.00. Unsure of where letter originated from it wasn't postmarked.

Patty 3 years ago

I got mine yesterday. $1,229.00. There's not a name on anything except the check from Travel Union, authorized signature is Susan Banks.

What a waste of paper.

I'll report this to the Postal Service along with the U.S. Postage permit #1765

AP 3 years ago

Same letter, different letterhead. Now it just says "American". Still single page, Vice President is now Tara Dean and callback number is 866-955-7789. Bottom of letter has 113-608-218 and it was sent from Phoenix, AZ

CharlieZ 3 years ago

got the sealed letter from"US Airlines". Retail value 1398.00 The number is 1855-879-8217. Guest Services Manager is Elise Warren. Oh well.

john 3 years ago

Just received award notification dated august 28th 2013..scam..

AlothaBread 3 years ago

The turnover at this place is incredible! The Vice President is now Lexi Coy. :-P

Mike 3 years ago

Received letter today- same postmark of Phoenix and V. Pres., Mia Hale. Very obvious, looking at envelope with no return address and letterhead without address, etc. that it is a phony from some jerks.

Kim 3 years ago

Received one today 9/25/13 for 1229.00 The number is 866-996-3352. Signature is Kristina Meyer

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