USA State Maps

Editable PowerPoint Maps for Sales and Marketing Presentations

Is there a PowerPoint map that is editable and that I can use to show where my sales people's territories are? Can I color each state? How about highlighting the map to show locations or where my customers are?

No problem at all. PowerPoint maps from Maps for Design are completely editable. Each state is an individual element. States can colored, or pulled out, deleted if need be, set up to form regions. Maybe you want to edit the text, or add a star to show an office. These maps are full fledge PowerPoint files, all of the tools and features in the drawing bar apply. The maps come already inserted into the slide so you can get started right away. Check out the site, lots of sample to review, FAQ to give you help and tons of maps. Including USA plus World, States, Countries, Counties, Regions and Globes.

Editable PowerPoint USA State Map

Simple to PowerPoint Maps

How Do I Color a PowerPoint Slide?

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How Do I Color A PowerPoint Map?

How to Video for customzing an editable PowerPoint clipart map from or

Select the state or country with the pointer by clicking on it. On the PC use the right button of the mouse, on the Mac just click with the mouse. You will see 8 little handles appear around it, this tells you the object has been selected. Choose a color from the Fill Bucket in the Drawing Tool Bar usually located along the bottom of the PowerPoint slide.

About the Maps

Editable MS PowerPoint clipart maps for sales and marketing presentations, illustrations, and websites. Royalty Free, World, USA, States, County, Countries, World Regions, and Globes.

Each state, county, country, text block is an individual element that can be customized, changed, colored however you like.

Perfect for sales and marketing presentations, showing sales territories, office locations, project progress.

Learn more at or

USA State Map

USA State Map

50 States on the USA State Map that is what they say. We are a union of 50 independent or subnational entities, united together int the United States of America. A grand experiment in the history of mankind. Most are states and a few, in fact 4, are called commonwealths. In our country some power is given to the state governments and some is given to the Federal governments. We share power, but historically the states deal with public education, public health, transportation and other infrastructure items. Though we do have a lot of Federal funding and regulations. 50 States, each with its own characteristics, all finding a place on the USA state map.

For more info, check out the US State entry at Wikipedia.

Or maybe check out some clip art US or World maps for your latest project.

USA State Map Fun Facts

Hi ok so here we go with some fun facts about the USA for the USA State Map Hubpage. These are adapted from the web site Did You Know That

And their section Did You Know That…

Passports that are issued in the US after January 1, 2007 have always-on radio frequency identification chips, this is just a scary thing.

There are 882 islands in the Florida Keys

The White House in Washington DC has 132 rooms in it.

There are no natural lakes in the State of Maryland

Route 20 is the longest highway in the US and runs from New York City to Portland Oregon. Check out for more details.

The highest city in Colorado and also the US is Leadville, at 10,200

The longest boardwalk in the world is in Atlantic City.

So there you have it, some odd fun facts at USA State Map

A Graduated Map of the US

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