Understanding Lapel Pins Styles

About the different lapel pins styles

For the average person, a lapel pin is "just a lapel pin". You know they are cute, look good and they will enhance your clothing.

But until you really take a look at it and maybe at a few samples or pictures, you won't realize how many different ways it could be created and what perceived value it will have for others.

How Are Lapel Pins Made?

Die-Struck Pins
Die-Struck Pins

Adding Colors to a Cloisonne Lapel Pin Video

Die-Struck Pins

The typical lapel pin is a die-struck gold on gold pin, which resembles a piece of jewelry. Using this pin as a starting point, you could add a gemstone, or color(s) in order to make it more attractive.You could also make the design pop like a 3D sculpture.

All of these extras will definitely work wonders for your lapel pin, You just will have to pay a higher price, which could be worth it, it all depends on how you will be using your pins.

They are typically used in awards and employee recognition programs. Bold and not so detailed designs are recommended for this style as a general rule.

Photo Etched Pins
Photo Etched Pins

How It's Made: Photo Etched Lapel Pins

Photo Etched Pins

Photo Etched lapel pins are an economical way to have an enameled pin. the design is photo-etched with acid and then the etched areas are filled with soft enamel, then bake about 15min at 400 degrees, for durability.

Finally they are plated and coated with an epoxy dome to protect the colors. Because of the acid process, etched pins can have very small detail than regular die strucked pin.

Photo Etched lapel pins are very light in weight, which can save you money in shipping charges.

The major uses for etched lapel pins are in the givewayas and trading pins markets, although I have seen their popularity grow in another markets as well, specially for those designs that contain very fine and small details.

Printed Pins
Printed Pins

How its Made: Silkscreen Lapel Pins

Silkscreened and Offset Printed Pins

In this type of pins, the design is printed directly into the brass, one at a time and baked in between colors; plated and finally an epoxy dome is applied, which will protect the pins from fadig and crackling.

Printed lapel pins are recommended when the design contains photographs or gradients and/or when it is necessary to eliminate the metal lines in between colors that die-strucked pins need.

They are commonly used in general branding and promotions, as well as giveaways and trading pins markets.

3 Ways in Which Lapel Pins can Boost Your Business

PVC Pins
PVC Pins

PVC Lapel Pins

PVC Lapel Pins can be made in soft or hard pvc, using 2D, multilayer or 3D sculpting designs. They are mostly used in outdoor, sports and souvenirs applications.

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