Unions Are Necessary

Why Unions Are Still Necessary

When Unions first started it was to protect the rights of workers mostly involving pay issues.  During this time the major issue for everyone was to make sure that everyone was paid the same for performing the same job.  During this time mostly white men were in the work force.  As time went on and women and minorities entered the workforce, Unions were needed to insure that wages and jobs were handled fairly.  Unions are still necessary today because the workforce now includes all types of people and all types of employment issues.

How Unions Have Changed Over the Years

Unions have changed over the years because they have become much more politically involved in the big decisions.   There was a time when local Unions only dealt with local employers.  Now the National and Local Unions get involved in all aspects of labor relations.  These fights are necessary to make sure that employers abide by the labor laws.  If Unions only dealt with local issues, major government organizations and large corporations would have no outside source to monitor their personnel matters.  For most American workers this would be to their detriment.  Can you imagine going back to the days when an employer could fire your for your job just because they wanted to hire their child who had just graduated form college.  This does not happen as often anymore because the employer knows that the employee has an Union that he can go to for assistance without having to hire a private attorney.  The Unions have changed over the years because they represent a lot more people and the internet can be used to bring large groups of employees together to fight for a common cause.

Why Employer Might Not Want Unionized Workforce

 believe the employers do not want a Unionized workforce because it saves them time and money from negotiation.  Without a union employers really have free reign on how much or little to pay employees on an employee by employee basis.  In other words, if your employer is biased toward one person over another, there is nothing stopping him from treating one employee different than another.

Employers save a great deal of money because most local union officials are employees of the company.  This means that these individuals are often away from their work areas to deal with employee/management disputes.


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