Use Appropriate Video Media to Promote Your Brand

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The video information market is vast and can be viral!

Video Marketing through Social Media: Using video presentations is the most popular way to promote or introduce anything at all on the internet today. Videos have a life of their own once they are viewed and enjoyed by just one viewer. Place an interesting video on your company Facebook page and that one viewer can share the video with 6 others, who pass it along to a few others each, and it could inevitably end up in the postings of many or shared via YouTube or email messages, Twitter, etc. Videos have the potential to exponentially explode. They also have the potential to do great harm to your company in the same viral way.

When you wish to share information with your target market, be very careful about what you record and post. You must have a plan and a vision for what you would like to present and how you want it shared. Knowing your target audience is the key. Know what motivates them and what attracts their attention. The old television commercials that shout out the name of a company brand over and over to subliminate the audience is over, for the most part. Today’s consumers want to feel as though they have the information edge when they make a purchase or use a service. Informed decisions are standard.

In the same light, there are different types of audience and that’s why you’ll want to make an effort to know your audience well before posting. Use information that is interesting to your viewers and is presented in the way they typically like to receive it. Comedy works in some cases, but definitely not all situations or markets. Don’t make the mistake of trying to be funny while the main focus of your video is lost in the joke. On the other hand, make your presentations interesting to the market you cater to. Those who manufacture off road aftermarket parts for monster truck shows will have a very different audience than one who sells homeowner’s insurance, for example.

Once you decide what image you will want to present to your target market, you can plan your video production and presentation. Determine how often you will provide fresh material so the viewers can return to your page to see what’s new. Keep it flowing and interesting to those you are trying to reach.

The planning phase will slow you down a bit at first, but once your strategy is in place you’ll see that it was worthwhile time spent.


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