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I saw the most peculiar thing the other day. As I was out and about taking care of business, I looked ahead and noticed that a train was about to stop me in my tracks – no pun intended. Since I had a ton of things to do, I was a little perturbed, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

As I got a bit closer to the stop, mild irritation gave way to grave concern. The lift gate of an SUV in the other lane was raised and – for some reason – I thought there had been an accident.

Turns out there was no reason for me to be concerned or alarmed. The driver of the SUV was simply cleaning out her car. Actually, using the word “simply” to describe her task is quite an understatement because the woman was borderline maniacal. She’d raised her stow and go seating, so there was a third row. Then she put bags, bottles of water, bottles of Gatorade, paddle balls and other random things in the back of her car. Before getting in the drivers’ seat again, she checked her car one more time to make sure there was nothing left to do. Then she got back in. A couple of minutes later, the train was done and we were on our way.

As I watched her work, it hit me: people waste so much time.

We hang out on facebook cyber stalking our virtual friends when we really need to be advancing our careers. We sit in our homes playing video games when we should be woking on constructive projects. We waste time watching TV, daydreaming, and surfing the internet in search of nothing in particular, when we should be taking cae of serious business.

Just as the woman frantically cleaned her car because she had no clue when the train would end, we should work just as frantically when we have “down time” making sure to use our time wisely.

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