Using Youtube to Drive Traffic and Make Commissions

Use Your Favorite Artists to Make Some Money

To provide an outline of the following hub, I found a way someone can make money using YouTube as a traffic source. It involves getting your hands on music that will be a hit, transcribing the song into a PowerPoint type program, recording a video of that, and posting it to YouTube.

Here is the trick. You need to post it before it is a hit, and then buy a ".info" that redirects to a commission site that sales ringtones. We are becoming a more mobile world, and YouTube is a great platform for this. Let me explain it in further detail below.

Using Music, You Can Get a Lot of Traffic

Have you ever heard portions of a song on the radio, liked it, and wanted to hear all of it so you look it up on YouTube? I have many times. If I hear a song for the first or second time that I like, I will memorize a phrase and Google it when I get home, hoping to find out who sang it or the title, so I can listen to it on YouTube.

I have to imagine I am not the only one who does something like this, and when you look at the number of views of many of the songs on YouTube (those that are not the official video), there are many with millions of views. So there is likely more than one reason to view these tunes.

How can you take advantage of this?

Well, I stumbled upon this by accident while I was listening to some country songs on YouTube. When I followed the links I saw, I investigated some other things, a light bulb came on, and I thought, that is Genius. Then I thought why not share the wealth.

Using a Good Song - Start with Your Favorite Artist

How can you post a song that will get significant traffic over others, which by typical naming conventions, will have a few competitors? Posting it first is a big deal. When an artist has a new album coming out, there is usually a single that comes out first, and it has an official video early on.

You can get an early posting by purchasing an album, and determining which ones are likely to be hits, and released as singles later. To be an early poster of a song, you need to get that album first day, which is usually a Tuesday.

Since this technique requires buying an album, or just guess individual songs to buy from iTunes, I would spend my money on artists I like, that also are mainstream. An artist on the fringe doesn't get the traffic you want, and their songs are likely not to have a ringtone.

Determine a Hit, and Turn it into a Video

After listening to the album, determine the songs you wouldn't mind listening to again and again. There is a chance that those are the songs that will be released as singles. Now, it would be okay to go ahead use the following technique for all of them, because this is free.

Using iTunes, you have to listen to the songs and transcribe them. If you buy the CD at the store, you may find that the front insert contains the lyrics already written out (time saver).

Now, determine how to break up the song in presentation format. A good way would be to separate the verses from the chorus. The verses and the chorus may need more than one slide to be presented in a readable fashion on the screen.

If your computer already has Microsoft PowerPoint, you can use that, or even the free presentation tool in Google Documents, or what they say they are upgrading to Google Drive. It could be a boring black text on a white background, but you're still reading this aren't you? You could use different color backgrounds and texts, and if you have great video tools you understand how to use, you can have a non-disrupting moving/changing background and the text being written out. The main point is use a video that does not turn off the potential viewer.

So, with presentation and music in hand, use the free tool CamStudio to record the video. While playing the song, change the slides as appropriate for when the lyrics change. When you are happy with it, use your free account with YouTube to load it to the site. I would advise at first posting, do what everyone else does. Just put in the description at this time, "I Do Not Own the Rights to This Song" and/or "No Copyright Infringement Intended", and we can change the description later.

When loading to YouTube, title it with this format: Artist Name - Song Title + Lyrics, or instead + Lyrics, you can end it "with Lyrics". An example of this would be Adele - Rolling in the Deep + Lyrics. This song has 19.6 million views at the time of hub writing. Another example not exactly following that convention is Luke Bryan - Drunk on You Lyrics. That video had just hit 4.7 million viewers on 8/6/12, and has risen almost another two million in two months, and this is the one that opened my eyes to this method.

You Build Up Views When There is No Official Video

When I looked at some of these songs Luke Bryan released from his latest album on August 9th, 2011, three big hits have been "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)", "I Don't Want this Night to End", and "Drunk On You". Using the month/date/year format, the Vevo official videos were posted on YouTube 5/23/11, 11/8/11, and 3/24/12 respectively.

The first song that included lyrics just by searching for the song title was posted on 4/6/11, so they could have bought the single when it was released on 3/14/11. It is the last two songs listed that attracted my attention. They were both posted on 8/10/11, and that is only one day after the CD was released. Those videos had a chance to be viewed and start accumulating traffic, which helps with ranking and being towards the top of YouTube searches.

The song "I Don't Want This Night to End" was released as a single on 9/5/11, and with the official video being posted on 11/8/11, the first person to post the video with lyrics had one month of exposure prior to the single hitting the radio. After the song was on the radio, they were just about the only option to hear that song on YouTube for two full months. They accumulated a lot of traffic.

For the "Drunk on You" single, the same person who posted with lyrics on 8/10/11 had six months online before being released as a single, and another month and a half after it was released and before the official video hit YouTube.

Traffic Acquired Using YouTube

"Drunk On You" with Lyrics Video Statistics,  Posted 10/17/11,  Traffic Through 10/17/12
"Drunk On You" with Lyrics Video Statistics, Posted 10/17/11, Traffic Through 10/17/12

How Does This Turn Into Money?

Get Them to a Commission Website

As mentioned earlier in the hub, having chosen a popular artist with popular songs means it could turn into a ringtone. When you first posted the video, you didn't know if it would be released as a single. After it becomes a single, it may not become a ringtone through a particular provider.

After spending money to get your hands on the latest CD of an artist you like, everything to create and post the videos was free, aside from time. Now you could find some method to save time and spend some money by getting people at websites such as Fiverr and Elance to create these videos for you. I'm not going into detail on that at this time.

When I clicked through those YouTube videos I listed above, they added a link in the first line of the description, and it was a ".info" website, which can be pretty cheap, assuming you already have web hosting to which you can easily add another domain without additional charge. In that description right under the video, it has "Ringtone HERE --> .info site <--".

At the time of writing this hub, I found that offers .info domains for $1.99/year, while charges $12.99/year. The .info is the cheapest domain extension Domain Cheapsters offers at this time.

You could use a link instead, and have people directed straight to the commission ringtone site with your affiliate ID associated. By telling people to download the ringtone there, you save money by not buying a domain, but it doesn't allow you to use the artist's name or song in the domain link. That is the $2/year choice you have to make.

For the two live examples I found, upon clicking those links, you go to a one page website with a picture of the artist, large print of the question "Do you want this song as your ringtone?", and a dropdown box asking for your mobile provider or country you live in. As soon as you make your selection in the box and hit download, you go to a site offering mobile applications that looks like the one listed below.

The only problem I have in describing this technique to you is I don't know how to create that one page website, and I would certainly have to pawn you off to Elance again.

In Summation

To conclude this Hubpage, I have taught you a process that allows you to make some money investing some of your own time or money in creating a video of the music you already enjoy.

By doing this early enough, you can't help but gather a lot of free traffic from YouTube. Now it may take some time, but by being first, you could reach millions of views. You can take advantage of that traffic by having the proper sequence set up from a link in the description and where you send them.

Mobile video viewing is big now, and this method can put a few dollars in your pocket. If you have similar views or similar programs that take advantage of other marketing platforms or sell other things, let us know. If you view things in a totally different way, let us hear about that too. Thanks.


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