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VodaHost Affiliate Program

Having come across VodaHost I was pleasently suprised to find that they have an affiliate program that took to my interest almost immediately. It is a different type of affiliate program to the likes of hubpages and google adsense, because it works solely based on referrals; with each referall paying a total of $70 dollars. It is available for anyone to join and from any country in the world, which is great as I am from the UK.

So how does it work and can you make good money from it?

Its very simple. All you do is visit VodaHost.com and along the top of the page you will see "AFFILIATES". You sign up and you are given a code, which sits within a link for which to refer people to the site. When someone signs up for webhosting then you will receive $70 per person per purchase. What makes it easier is the fact that VodaHost really are an easy company to refer people to because they have great services, packages and they are highly competitive when it comes to prices. But thats not all! If you can others to join in and sign up to the affiliate program then you will also receive a further 15% of the successful referalls that they make. Therefore the answer to the question has to be YES you can make some serious money from it, and it really is quite simple. Here is a picture of the banner taken from the site.

VodaHost Affiliate Program - Get Started Now!

Taken From Vodahost
Taken From Vodahost

VodaHost Web Hosting

VodaHost pride themselves on offering web hosting to the highest standard. They are high competitors in the software department because their hosting is fully compatible with the installations of wordpress, joomla, php and soholaunch, which can all be installed within a simple click of the button. These tools enable you to produce a whole range of websites, to meet any needs that you may require. This includes web hosting social networks websites, or simply producing blogs, communities,forums and in general just quality websites. Vodahost aim to provide the user with the complete hosting experience. Users have the following benefits:

  • Unlimited disk space.
  • Unlimited data transfers.
  • Free Domain Names for .com .org .co.uk .net and more.
  • Unlimited Domain Names and Websites per account.
  • Affiliate programs allowed - full revnue etc

On top of this you also receive lots of support and guidance on how to use the BlueVoda Website Builder. There are clear instructions on how to install programs such as wordpress and the site can cater for those who are very technically advanced and those that have very little experience / knowledge with webhosting.

Producing a site with VodaHost allows you to have free backlinks as well as sign up with the more common affiliates in google adsense, amazon etc.

From my personal experience I have found VodaHost to be a really user friendly platform for creating and sharing websites. It is simple, straightforward and can provide me with everything I need with regards to publishing websites. It is one of the best premium web hosting providers and has of the best affiliate programs on the internet.

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Terryandco 5 years ago Author

Let me know what you think! It VodaHost Affiliate program time well invested or wasted?! and please share any tips that you might have...

Thanks T

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