Earn Money- Work from home

Share your skills with others !
Share your skills with others !

Work From Home

Are you wanting to work from home rather than have to face the traffic every day like many others ?

What would you like to do to esrn money at home ? Are you the type to want to work outside in the garden or are you happy inside ?

Would you like to work on your computer or use a skill you have to make money ?

You will need to be firm with yourself and others so you do work rather than spend the time on the phone or in front of the tv, however it can be good working from home especially if you have children.

They will love coming home to you every day rather than an empty house!

Teach a skill that you have

Are you wondering how you can make a living from your home ? 

Do you have any thing that you are especially skilled at that you can share with others or work at to make a living like many people who have a skill that others would love to learn where you can earn money fromsuch as


or sewing






another language

that you can share with others ?

If  you are good at these skills there are a couple of ways you can earn from home .

1. set up a room for having knitting or sewing/ craft classes in your home or shed

Make it sound inviting by coming up with a fun name for a group that you hold

Advertise your class in the local paper/ fliers and on notice boards / school newsletter etc

Make sure it is on at a suitable time for ones that work .

Have drinks and a snack included in the price to make it even more apealing for them to join.

Have a set number of classes so they can pay ahead and you know they are more likely to stick to the group.

2. Knit or sew garments or make craft work to sell locally at a market or a shop .

See what is popular at the moment so you have a good chance of sales.

Come up with a catchy name for your creations so you stand out !

Travel Business From Home


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Provide a snack with your classes
Provide a snack with your classes

Start an agency

If you have good skills with organising people as well as yourself you could start a local babysitting agency from home.

Have a list of babysitters that are reliable with  good references that you can check out and trust to start with.

There is a range of agencies you can start depending on your skills and interests as well as local needs in your area .

Dating agency for older people

Travel agency

Job agency

Cooking from home

I had a friend who saw a need in the area we were in &  organised her own work with a sandwhich run around an industrial area  nearby on a daily workday basis which turned out to be very popular & well appreciated!

Here are some other ideas that you might like to look into!

If you are good at baking cakes , biscuits or other goodies then you could

Make cakes for parties in your local  area for

Wedding anniversaries


New Baby in family

Other important occassions

Visit local bakeries & food shops where they could be sold. on a daily basis

Have a market stall where people love to buy home made food to eat on the spot or take home for later.

Create a catchy name for your food for more appeal !

Create your own chocolates

Teach cooking in classes

Cater for parties in your area.

Work frome home listing

Check out this great site on working from home and the jobs available for working in the comforts of your own home such as

American Express is seeking Travel Counselor to meet their clients expectations

.Apple Vacation is seeking part time Sales Agents with the opportunity to work from home.

Sales Jobs _ Nurses - Telemarketers - Lawyer - Investigators wanted for work at home

IRS is seeking Worker Compensation Adjuster to analyze claims and settle claims prior to the company guidelines and policy.

More p[ositions for you to check out when you follow the link below !

It also lists a description of what exactly the job is and what qualifications or requirements are needed to apply for this job

Other Ideas

Start a Lawn Mowing business  / or window cleaning round for yourself in your local area.

If you have a decent size yard start a child care service as there is always a need for this

or a pet minding service which is popular with people who work.

Are you Good with  numbers ?

maybe Book keeping would suit you or

Resume writing for job hunters


Do you know a lot about your area and would like to share it with others ?

Why not offer guided tours in the area .

Walking tours


4wh drive

Night tours

or how about a mail direction service for travellers

Spare room in your house ?

There is often someone looking for a room .

Why not either get someone in on a long term basis or

let it out on a casual basis for holidays .

If you dont have a room yet have a big back yard you might want to pick up a cheap caravan that you could rent out either on a long term basis or for occasional visitors.

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wheelinallover profile image

wheelinallover 5 years ago from Central United States

Some of these ideas also work if you are working for someone else, a good way to earn a little extra income. I have done at least two of them at home and a third on job sites or more correctly taught people how to do carpentry at their own house. I found your hub through put up someone else's hub

wytegarillaz profile image

wytegarillaz 5 years ago from Australia Author

Thats great sharing your skills !& earning $$$ I earn every week from kooday ! Do you put ads up advertising it ?

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