Q & A = ( Google Adsense $$$$ ) !!!!! WEB ANSWERS

I am willing to tell you this is my first blog post in hubpages. So I have to make this look more professional :D Anyway my English is not at very good so please don't hate me and my writings :) As the subject I m going to talk about another way to earn with Google Adsense. Really it is another adsense revenue sharing program like hubpages. Web answers earning system completely same as hubpages (But WebAnswers only have adsense, I see HubPages have more options).

So what is web answers?! simply WebAnswers is a free question & answer website where you can ask your questions for free and can answer other people's questions. The change is, it also earns for your answers. If you provide more quality answers you will earn more. If you already know about hubpages and other websites could be earn with Google Adsense there are nothing to explain with how this work is. Anyway I'll tell you all :)

1st Step - Just Get Started

Now I'm going to explain you how to get start at webanswers step by step. This web site has pretty cool interface(I upload a Image) and very interest when use it. After you sign up for web answers they ask you to answer for 10 questions there before set your adsense with webanswers. Also You could post any questions under many categories. Many experts ready to answer your questions there because they have good income with webanswers. So first you have to provide 10 quality answers to get started.

2 nd Step - keep posting

After you complete providing 10 answers next they ask you(by e-mail) to setup your adsense account with webanswers. You could use your existing adsense account or apply for a new account. If you apply for new account Adsense will take 2,3 days to approve it. So now you are on the way to earn with web answers.

Final step - Start earn with adsense

After Google approve your adsense account web answers will show ads on the site, specially pages of your awarded answers. If you have any problem with setup adsense account you could post a question about it in webanswers. You will have quality answers in just few seconds.

What is awarded answer ?!

When someone ask the question and many people post answer under 1 question, means 1 question may have more than 1 answers. So have to choose the best answer. Best answer will be chosen by who question posted. If you post a question you could choose the best answer. If your answers awarded as best answer you will earn more. Also try to provide best and quality answers.

Note : Don't try to cheat system by making fake profiles. They will catch you easily and terminate your both adsense and webanswers accounts. Don't go to promote your links in webanswers asking nonsense questions like "Here is my blog >>> www.yourblog.blogspot.com <<< How is my blog looks ?" But you can give some links when provide answers. Provide your links as helpful to question. 

You will earn bulk with them if you could go with their rules. Just Q & A :). No cheaters allowed.

Where all those earnings coming from?

♦ Does webanswers pay you for providing quality answers? No, All earnings coming from Google Adsense.

♦ So how all work is ? We providing quality answers and web answers will show ads in whole site with your ad codes. Specially on your awarded answers. So only things we have to do is providing quality answers and when it awarded as the best answer promote the link for pages. I will show you how to generate the referral link for every page below in the post.(see image)


Referral program and awarded views

You could maximize your earnings by promoting your links for your awarded answers. Bottom in the every page(see image) you will find "Link to this Page" button. Click it and get your referral link(It also include your referral tracking token). Now you can promote it by facebook, twitter and many more ways. You will also earn by your referrals activities. So keep providing quality answers and promoting :)

Why I choose to talk about webanswers in my first hub? The reason is I learn many more things in web answers specially about Google Adsense revenue sharing programs like hubpages even we could earn without website or blog :) To sign up to webanswers click on the Image source or click here. feel free to ask anything by comments.

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szts77 profile image

szts77 5 years ago from Spain

Welcome to Hubpages! Great hub!

Binaya.Ghimire 5 years ago

I use Google Adsense but with not great luck.

Your hub was very useful.

rixpro profile image

rixpro 5 years ago from Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka Author

Thank you for comments!!

@szts77 - thank you & nice to see you here. now I'm interest in hubpages :)

@Binaya.Ghimire - thank you for comment :) I think webanswers is the most easy and successful way to earn with adsense ;)

StayPos profile image

StayPos 5 years ago from Florida, USA


Good hub! Thanks for sharing your insights about webanswers :-) Welcome to Hubpages!

rixpro profile image

rixpro 5 years ago from Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka Author

thank you Staypos. I'm very appreciate your comments on my blog :)

Bedbugabscond profile image

Bedbugabscond 4 years ago from United States

It looks like you have to answer 50 questions to get the invite. They have changed a few things, but WebAnswers still seems like a good place to make money online.

rixpro profile image

rixpro 5 months ago from Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka Author

web answers currently not working :(

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