Web Marketing Strategy

Book authors need to develop a familiarity with web marketing strategy. If the author of a book wants to sell that book, then that author should use the Internet to promote that book.

A book author ought to have a web site. That author should also have a blog. The material in the blog should have some relation, even an oblique relation to the material in the author's book.

Now if you are an author, then please note that the suggestion in the foregoing paragraph indicated that an oblique reference to the topic of a book can be as effective as an overt reference. In fact, sometimes that oblique reference is the one that will encourage some other blogger to link to your blog.

In fact, that was what happened to one blogger, a woman who was trying to promote an anthology. Actually, she wanted to call attention to one particular story in that anthology. It was a fictional story, one in which two youg boys shared Life Saver candies with a visitor to the United States.

Now someone who wrote a blog about chocolates happened to read a comment on her blog. It was a comment about the fact that the visitor to the U.S. was known to love candy. Since chocolate is often used in candy, the person who was blogging about chocolate happened to link to the comments about that one character in the web promoted anthology.

Now the woman who was striving to promote that one anthology also served as secretary for a local interfaith organization. One month, another member of that organization announced that he had written a picture book for young children. He distributed cards with informtion about that book.

Now that secretary and blogger understood the importance of good web marketing strategies . At that time she was receiving regular requests from HARO. She noted that one request asked for suggestions concerning good gifts to give young children on Valentine's Day.

That secretary and blogger let the inquiring reporter know about the newly released book, the one written by the member of that local interfaith group. She also sent an email to the author,letting him know that she had made mention of his book, when responding to a HARO request.

The above examples touch on just a few of the ways that any item can benefit from either a well planned or a very spontaneous web marketing strategy.


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