Weird Unusual Job Opportunities

Make Use of Your Ideas
Make Use of Your Ideas

Try a Path Less Traveled

In life we experience incredible things that we want to remember for a later date.

You may recall while you were just a kid you had wild ideas of what type of work you wanted to do. Even making up professions that did not really exist.

Everyone of your friends and family just laughed and told you how cute you were and being so young it was okay to be weird and unusual in your career ideas.

As you started to age and get older, finish college and then start your new career you lost that sense of imagination. Later you found yourself laid off work, unemployed and in a rut. After sending out your resume to hundreds of employers with no success, you may be ready to give up.

Out of despair you start to make up your own profession and decide to imagine the perfect job. This type of brainstorming is what it will take to get through the rut you are in right now.

Dream, explore, and imagine what you would love doing for your next job.

What are some of the crazy ideas, weird job titles and unusual occupations that could change your life and push you into a satisfying workspace?

Do books really have the answers?

You can buy books which list several of these types of crazy jobs to try. Many of them are not really that unusual but are professions that people consider to be dangerous, silly or out of the ordinary. Such as dressing up as a clown for kids, growing worms, hanging lights on skyscrapers, fixing elevators or working in a nuclear power plant.

What May be Weird to One person is Normal to Another

The thing that makes me laugh is that if a person lives in the city, any jobs that require them to be on a farm or in a rural area they consider unusual. Milking a cow, operating a winery, gathering chicken eggs, driving a tractor, picking cotton, taking care of goats, are pretty normal activities for those who live on a farm.

Those who are used to driving to the grocery store to get food and going to a department store to get clothes or sitting in a bar for wine tasting would think having to gather, prepare and make these things for themselves from scratch as weird.

Human nature has not changed much from history, although we have advanced technology such as cell phones, iPads and other gadgets to make our lives faster, quicker and instant. It does not change the fact that everybody still needs the same things to survive.

We Need Bread and Water to Survive
We Need Bread and Water to Survive

You next job is sitting in your kitchen

One thing I like to suggest to my students is that the only limitation we face is that of our own limited way of thinking.

Your perspective on the things around you is what keeps you from finding employment, it is not the hiring managers or the economy or unemployment statistics holding you back.

When is the last time you reflected on what life is really about? If you think about it, life is not about making money although that is what everyone wants to do. Life is not about having a job title, and life definitely is not about following the crowd in a herd mentality.

Okay your probably asking where is the list of weird and unusual jobs. Hold on a minute I am getting to that. But first I wanted to make a point and get you to start thinking differently. Plus as I mentioned earlier it is not a strange thing to do unless you are not accustomed to doing it.

Look around you, study your surroundings. What do you see? It is not a trick question but pretty obvious if you know what your looking at.

It starts with the letter "S" . That letter stands for the word "Survival". Yes that's right your next job is sitting right in your kitchen.

You need water and food to survive, right? Then to find your next career you need to stop thinking about what people can do for you and change that to what you can do for others.

Survival means different things to different people, tap into what people can not live without.

Create a product or service to fill the need. Then you will have the secret to freedom and independence.

Find Ways to Help Others
Find Ways to Help Others

How Can You Help Others?

I know that most people want to be the chief, the boss and the one who calls all the shots. Well guess what?! if you are currently unemployed then you are the "boss".

You make the decisions in your life from this point on.

You have an opportunity to teach, instruct and help others with the knowledge and skills you have obtained during your working career.

You are no longer an Employee, now you are an Independent Contractor, also known as a Freelancer.

Considering the state of the economy being your own boss is the best position to have. Simply because you are in control of the end result.

You determine how much money you want to make each week, month and year. You determine who you want to work with, you decide how you want to live your life.

Isn't that inspiring?! Knowing that you are in control of your ideas puts you back to the place you were as a child, your imagination can grow and expand with as many crazy and unusual ideas as you can handle. No one will laugh at you this time, but instead they will take note of your creativity and willingness to take risks.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, when I list the following crazy occupations you will understand what vantage point I am coming from.

Tip: if you look for ways to help people solve a problem by providing the solution, do you think they would hire you? of course they will. Because you have become a valuable asset to them.

How many clients do you think you could have in a given month? You have the opportunity to expand your income on your own terms and using your skills, talents and knowledge to be of assistance and providing a service to those in your local area.

Some important questions to ask yourself

  • Have you defined a need in your community ?
  • What do you find is something that people need most ?
  • Can you provide a service that will help people with their problems ?
  • How can you turn your knowledge and experience into money ?
  • Is starting a service based business or consulting company a crazy idea ?

If companies will not hire you, and businesses are not creating jobs and you find yourself unemployed, then hire yourself!

Unusual Occupations
Unusual Occupations

Weird Crazy Unusual Careers & Jobs

  1. Power wash the oil stained driveways of homeowners.
  2. Paint one of kind murals for first-time homeowners.
  3. Offer decorative Gnomes for yard landscaping projects.
  4. Start a dinner home delivery service for busy couples.
  5. Convert old photos into digital albums for families.
  6. Clean out cluttered garages and post on eBay for a fee.
  7. Fix old computers for seniors to use.
  8. Help stay at home moms get into shape with home fitness workshops.
  9. Provide a service to wash cars, pick up and home delivery.
  10. Become a personal shopper and image consultant during the holidays.
  11. Repossess cars, and collaborate with a towing company.
  12. Work as a bounty hunter tracking down felons for a living.
  13. Clean up crime scenes, it will require biohazard training.
  14. Bicycle taxi-driver in your local area, requires liability insurance.

(see more ideas below)

You get the picture, think of what people need to survive and then offer a service that will fill that need. Believe me you will have more work than you know what to do with. Be prepared to get busy and the power of word of mouth is extensive if you do good work.

Other ideas:

Also just remember you want to give people what they want and then you will have all that you want. If you provide a service for seniors, pets and children you will have a lucrative business because people will not spare any expense for their loved ones.

1. For example there is a need for: pet sitters, pet walkers, pet groomers, pet daycare, pet clothing designers, environmentally friendly pet toys, pet behavior training, as you can see the types of service you can provide is endless.

2. There is a growing need for senior elder care: home health aids, housecleaning services, home meal preparation, home hairdressers, personal shoppers, kitchen and bath safety devices for seniors, personal drivers to run errands for the elderly. The aging population is big and they need professional assistance.

3. In the area of children you can: be a midwife, babysitter, baby clothes designer, build backyard toy sets, teach doula classes, prepare organic baby food, be a homework tutor, teach a foreign language to home-schooled children. Providing a service to help busy parents and stay at home moms and dads.

There are no limits to what you can do once you put your mind to teaching others and assisting them or creating products that will make peoples lives easier.

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Cloverleaf profile image

Cloverleaf 5 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

Hi careercounselor,

You've really opened my mind with some of these ideas. I think that being a personal shopper would help a lot of people out especially busy or elderly people; and also the dinner home delivery service. Great hub, voting UP


careercounselor profile image

careercounselor 5 years ago Author

Thats great cloverleaf, I like the ones you picked. I found myself in a similar situation when I was out of work for a few months. I had to go back to the beginning of my employment journey and see what I had to offer to people that they would pay me for and it can be a real eye-opener.

Patti Riggs Hale profile image

Patti Riggs Hale 5 years ago from Burdette, Arkansas

I can tell you put a lot of thought into this! Some great ideas!

vox vocis profile image

vox vocis 5 years ago

Interesting list of unusual jobs! Personal shopper and image consultant sounds like a fun job :) Still, the one which would suit me best would be: homework tutor.

careercounselor profile image

careercounselor 5 years ago Author

Patti - Thanks for stopping by my hub glad you found the information useful.

Vox - I have always thought people who can express themselves creatively must have the most fun on their jobs.

PWalker281 5 years ago

Inspiring article, Cameron. It's got me thinking about work and employment in a whole new way. Rated up and useful!

careercounselor profile image

careercounselor 5 years ago Author

I am so glad that you found the hub inspirational, its interesting to me how certain situations in our lives can change the way we think.

I actually started to study the different behavior characteristics of people who never worked a job vs people who never been unemployed.

The contrast between the two types of people was that the first group were creative thinkers while the latter were not.

Which shows that out of necessity comes invention.

Simone Smith profile image

Simone Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

This is quite the inspiring Hub indeed. Welcome to HubPages, careercounselor! I look forward to reading your future work!

careercounselor profile image

careercounselor 5 years ago Author

Thanks Simone, I appreciate you stopping by my hub. Have a great day!

Jared Zane Kessie profile image

Jared Zane Kessie 5 years ago from Richland, Washington

I am definitely going to look into the decorative lawn gnomes. Honestly, it really does seem like it could be a fun little project.

I also like the clean out cluttered garages and post thing to sell. Two birds with one stone.

I have been fixing and rebuilding computer for senior citizens. It is an awesome and rewarding (beyond monetary) experience. I never charge, but they are always such lovely people and always end up sneaking money or food to me somehow!

careercounselor profile image

careercounselor 5 years ago Author

Those are some really great ideas, sounds like your doing well with the providing service for others too! Thanks for sharing.

molometer profile image

molometer 5 years ago

What a great hub. Voted up and interesting,funny. Many people do define themselves by their job. Sadly. I'm sure this will inspire folk to think again. Good job! no pun intended.

careercounselor profile image

careercounselor 5 years ago Author

Sometimes it just takes looking at things from a new perspective to get that one "bright" idea.

david 4 years ago


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