Wharton Business School – Do They Teach Talibanism In Their Campus?

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Wharton Business School Management Caved In Simply

Wharton Business School Management Caved In Simply
Wharton Business School Management Caved In Simply | Source

Wharton Business School Can Ban Girls’ Education In Their Campus Next

Narendra Modi’s Speech To Wharton Business School Students Cancelled

Recently Wharton Business School denied the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi an opportunity to address its students through a video conferencing. Earlier Wharton Business School invited Narendra Modi to speak to its students on the economic and industrial development that had taken place in Gujarat. This was understandable as Gujarat has become a model state in economic development. It has even surpassed several European Union nations in industrial, agriculture and economic progress.

Protesters Are Sympathisers Of Islamic Ideology

But the students who are members of Wharton Business School’s alumni association and also some of the existing students objected to its students hearing Narendra Modi’s speech. They accused Narendra Modi for failing to prevent the 2002 pogrom that took place in Gujarat against the Muslim community. Many Muslims lost their lives in that pogrom. Clearly these ex-students and present students are either Muslims or sympathisers of Islamic ideology. What is the proof for this? Just look at this fact that the same Narendra Modi also failed to prevent the Godhra train massacre in the same year 2002 in the same place Gujarat in which many innocent Hindus were killed. But the Wharton Business School students and alumni have not objected to this act of Narendra Modi. In other words, for the Wharton Business School, Muslim lives are more valuable than Hindu lives.

Some Of Them Could Be Paid Agents Of Pakistan

Some or most of these students could also be sympathisers or even paid agents of Pakistan. Pakistan protested against Narendra Modi when the Muslims were killed but kept silent when Hindus were killed. The behaviour of the Wharton Business School students is similar to Pakistan.

Wharton Business School Management Caved In Simply

But what troubles the mind most is that the Wharton Business School management caved in to the demands of these students and withdrew its invitation to Narendra Modi. This is an insult to not only Narendra Modi but to Gujarat, Gujarati people, India and Indians. The college management caved in to the high-handed behaviour of these Pakistani stooges.

Wharton Business School Can Ban Girls’ Education In Their Campus Next

Any business school enjoys a reputation only when it allows open and transparent discussions and debates over even controversial topics. Had they allowed Narendra Modi to address to the university students and allowed the students to judge Narendra Modi’s merits and demerits, it would have been commendable. But Wharton Business School management denied its students an opportunity to hear Narendra Modi just because sympathisers of Islamic fundamentalism objected to Narendra Modi’ speech.

Narendra Modi’s speeches and the progress his developmental programmes have made in Gujarat are being published by some of the newspapers and journals in USA like New York Times, Washington Post etc. Tomorrow the Islamic fundamentalists may demand that Wharton Business School should ban its students from reading Washington Post and New York Times. Will the college management cave in to that demand also? Only Talibans want only their ideology to be heard and want to shut the mouths of other people through guns. Probably Wharton Business School is deeply and faithfully following the footsteps of the Talibans. They should not rest with these laurels. They should expand the scope further and ban girls from studying in their business school. That will please the Talibans and Islamic fundamentalists much more than banning Narendra Modi’s speech because they claim that girls’ education is a sin against Lord Allah and Prophet Mohammed.

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