What Affects Organizational Behavior? Trends


What trends are affecting organizational behavior?

We are consumed by our own creations and tire by them.

In reference to my business organizational behavior and in comparison to most businesses, the trend of technological product growth and demand is considered as an affecting influence.

My organization is impacted by these trends monetarily. For example, similar to the never-ending circle, the hierarchy for technological popular demand has an extensive effect on our lifestyles today. This popular demand we preserve also as technological trend. As competition cultivates from the seed of trend, the demand for such has provided the foundation of my business to grow dependent and is consequently the reason for trend occurrence. Divergent from historical generations, we develop more rapidly into the future, with new ideas emerging to reality. Popularity and marketing performs an immense factor in trend. We expand with the rapid growing technological market and embark on invulnerability. The more immune we are to such technology, the more we are dependent, the more dependent, the more we are indulged. We are continuously waiting for that latest mystery product and the most modern technology. Consequently, we are intrigued by all of these creations and are impatient to consume them. How does this impact my organizational behavior?

Amongst the external influence of technological trend, the internal behavioral structure of my organization is subjective to maintain a pace with modern trend and scalability. The products and services we provided must meet the requirements of our customers. As trend grows, customer demand increases. Thus, the behavior within must grow and increase as well. Therefore, the internal behavior consists of: researching new levels of supply/demand monetarily, up to date product purchases, and overall, fresh training/marketing practices for employees on up to date products and services. Internally, this is a high-priced market; however, with new trends, the customer satisfaction level must remain priority. There is nothing we can do to resolve this, we have to persevere with the increase of trend or my organizational structure will be abandoned.

As a result, we are consumed by our own creations and tire by them.

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