What Burns My Goat XVIIII

What Burns My Goat XVIIII

I'm A blogger and an affiliate marketer. I'm always looking for ways to make honest money on line. I sign up for free downloads and information on joining programs to make money. What burns my goat is these Gurus that send me stuff saying it's free to join our business but you have to pay,or all you have to do is pay for a website and web hosting. If they say the program is free, then everything should be free. I signed up with one program and even tried my luck with the website and web hosting thing it was cheap. Well the website wasn't designed the way it was suppose to be couldn't edit or add anything to it. I did get my money back from them which is a good thing for them. If you are going to work on line to make money,don't fall for the free to join or I've paid your way baloney. Everyone says their way will make you so much money as little as in twenty-four hours. I have emails that say in two hours you after setup you can have $1500.00. Well my friends that is hockey pucks because you can't. If it was truly a great program then they would give it to you 100% free no strings attached. The best way to make honest money on line besides owning your own business, is do surveys. You won't get rich quick but, if you are steady with it you could make extra money every month. Another place you make some money is slicethepie.com ,here you listen to few mins of music and write a review of it. you make anywhere between .02 cents-.29 cents per review once you get your bank to ten dollars you can receive it. So don't fall for all these Gurus saying you can get so much money in just a few mins,because if the program was sooooooo great, and they really wanted to help us people,then they would give the whole thing for free. They don't do that cause they won't make money that we work hard to get and that's What Burns My Goat !!!!!


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