Employment: What Evaluations Do For Us

Performance Reviews

We get rated for almost everything we do anymore. Having our driver's license is based on how many points we do or don't accumulate. Our weight is registered when we go to the doctor or weight loss clinic. Our blood is measured for high cholesterol and many other aliments. We test our urine if we want to become pregnant or if we don't. We're graded on a four point scale if we attend college.We're given titles by our high school and college friends at reunions. We're judged by the hundreds of photographs taken of us everyday at banks, businesses, and private homes. We're evaluated at our jobs. We even get a score when we're playing games.

It seems everything is based upon a scale of some sort. Do these ratings do anything for us though? Do you want to kick your buddy off the golf course for taking too many hits? Do you want to quit your job because you didn't get a raise? How about the scale? Do you want to throw it out the window after you read what it says?There are many ways to deal with the judgement we endure in daily life. We can choose to let it make us stronger, or we can choose to let it ruin us.

In the case of a wedding dress that's a couple of sizes too small after months of fittings,do you buy another expensive dress and start over? Or, do you hunker down and lose twenty pounds? Most of the time you have a choice of ways to react to something. Remember that when you're in the throws of a situation. What you do can make you feel like you did the right thing, or it can fill you with guilt.

When you receive a complement can you accept it? Can you believe it? Do you let it make you feel good? If you're stopped on the street and asked to be in a movie that's being shot in your town you can have faith that you have the "look" they're seeking. Finding a $100 bill in your suit jacket could inspire you to think the universe it looking out for you.

It makes sense to get motivated by the positive and the negative we experience. You can turn things around if you so choose. I just depends on your ability to seek things out with optimism. Whatever you have in terms of how you're rated in all areas of life, is what you've got to work with. So accept it. Then, run with it. Use your scores to move forward.

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