What Makes a Top Self Storage Facility in Greensboro

Since the year 2000, the population of Greensboro, NC has grown almost 15%, and is now over 260,000. And it’s not far from two of the fifty fastest growing cities in the country, Durham and Raleigh, both experiencing record growth due to strong economy, good climate, and affordable cost of living. North Carolina also boasts one of the best collective higher education systems in the U.S. All of these factors have contributed to making North Carolina one of the fastest growing state in the U.S. in recent years.

With all of this moving and transition, there is bound to be an increased demand for storage space, especially for people relocating from other states or moving from apartments to homes. It is important to understand the marks of a quality storage facility in North Carolina, and specifically in Greensboro, before leaping into a contract that is inescapable. There are a few key factors to consider when choosing a storage facility, and while price is certainly among these factors, it should hardly be the sole consideration.

First of all, security is of the utmost importance. Most modern facilities of note offer fairly comprehensive security packages. 24-hour surveillance should be high on anyone’s list of priorities for storage facilities. Also at this point it is rather common to have a facility that is fully fenced and gated and requires passcodes unique to each tenant to enter. Many facilities even require a second passcode to enter other regions of the property. Good lighting around the facility is an absolute must, and the location of the facility itself is fairly important as well. These are all signs that a storage company has your best interests as a tenant in mind.

Secondly, while it may seem that tenants will not have to deal with the employees much except for upon move-in, having excellent customer service is more important to the experience than renters may realize. One good sign that the company cares about their tenants is the offering of additional amenities such as complimentary water or beverages, office equipment usage, or free truck rental upon move-in. While these are by no means mandatory, and many companies that do not provide them may be very reputable, they are common enough that they indicate a company’s commitment to customer service.

Finally, climate control has become standard enough in the industry that there is almost no reason to sacrifice this amenity. Climate control adds an additional measure of protection against damage to your goods from the environment. Climate control is itself probably an insufficient term, because when a facility is climate controlled it is also far more likely to be impervious to stray moisture and other harmful intruders, such as rodents and insects. Generally speaking, climate controlled units are not substantially more than units that are not controlled, and the few additional dollars are always worth the added peace of mind.

The mark, then, of an excellent storage facility in Greensboro is not solely dependent on price. The protection of consumer goods by means of security, quality service, and environmental controls are all far more important than the bottom line. Although tenants may pay a bit more for these features, the money is always well spent when they can sleep more easily at night knowing they won’t be replacing the items in their storage unit.

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