What are the Least Stressful Jobs?

What are the Least Stressful Jobs YOU Can Do?

Stress in the workplace is obviously a terrible thing. You definitely want to know what the least stressful jobs are - just so you can stay sane while working!

In my opinion there are only so many ways to call a job NOT stressful. You pretty much have to have a good interest in what you're doing and the ability to not get bored distracted or upset about things that may happen during your work hours. Jobs like maybe a "bed tester, candy taster" or something like that may be some of the least stressful jobs you may think of. Other than that I really can't see how you could call any job not stressful unless you truly like it. I personally love working online, making my own hours and setting my own schedule is what works for me.. others may find that stressful due to the complications that can arise from other issues. I don't know, what do you think, what's the least stressful job in the world? Please add your suggestions at the bottom of the page.

Remember this next time you're thinking about what are the least stressful jobs!

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What are the least stressful jobs - according to you!? 5 comments

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Lisa McGrimmon 8 years ago

For me, the least stressful job changes. It depends on my other priorities in life. So, assuming my boss and co-workers are reasonable people, and I am interested in my day to day job realted activities, for my job to be "unstressful" it has to fit with my values.

I used to run a job search workshop. I had great co-workers and clients, I had fun running a workshop, and I felt the information I was sharing with my clients was important and helpful to them. Although I had a long commute, I enjoyed the time alone in the car to crank up and sing along to my CDs. So, that job was not stressful.

Then I had my son. All of a sudden, that same job became an enormous source of stress. I resented the 8 hours in the office and the 2 hours I spend driving to and from work every day because that was time I wasn't spending with my son. Suddenly the job that I loved became incredibly stressful because it no longer fit with my values and ly lifestyle.

So, for me, to find a low stress job, first I look at what is most important in my life, then I make sure those things aren't compromised by whatever job I accept.

Doug Bergman 8 years ago

I would have to say a high school teacher for men!! If the kids behave and are nice and respectful, then that has to be an easy and stress free job!!

Carlton 8 years ago

Sales can be a no-stress job if you do it right. The stress comes when you don't follow basic selling principles. If you like freedom, control of your income and to travel it is fun and stress free. However, try to get a salary sales job if you are new to sales. The stress comes when you are chasing sales and living on commissions.

stephen 6 years ago

become a janitor they have little stress

Jonathan 6 years ago

Professional Wine Tester

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