What are the qualities of a good salesperson

What are the qualities of a good salesman

What are the qualities of a good salesperson.

Different types of selling situations require different qualities in salespeople.  However, some common qualities are required in all types of sales jobs, but the extent to which each quality is required will very according to the type of sales job.

Physical Qualities: This relates to the person's health and appearance.  As most sales jobs involves a lot of traveling, some times under adverse conditions, good health is very important.   Good health also has an indirect effect on the person's mental make up and general attitude towards his work.  Physical illness might lead to a state of mental depression and frustration.  A good physical appearance is also necessary.  This means a neat, clean and impressive dress.  A sales person should look well groomed.

Communication ability:
Creative selling in particular and other types of selling in general, involve a two way communication process.  The success of a sales presentation depends a lot on the presentation quality of the sales person.  This means that the salesperson should have a controlled voice (i.e. no speech defects), a good command over the language, good impression and the ability to listen.  A salesperson should be  not only a good talker, but also a good listener.

Mental qualities:
Characteristics such as  analytical ability, intelligence, conceptual skills, etc., are also essential for a good salesperson.  He should be able to apply his mind to various problems of customers.

Education and Experience: 
The salesperson should have the minimum educational qualifications needed for the job.  In most situations, he has to be at least a graduate, except in case where sales engineers are required.  For jobs requiring experience, greater emphasis is given to related work experience.

  It is another essential quality required in a salesperson, especially where creative selling is involved.  A salesman should be excited and proud about his product and his company.  For this he needs to have a through knowledge of not only his company and product, but also of competitors.  Enthusiasm and sincerity can help in gaining the prospect's attention.

Good manners are important to all salespeople including order takers.  They must listen to prospects attentively, speak considerately and differ respectfully.

Initiative is very crucial in selling.  Since most salespeople are very much on their own, they have to be self-starters.  They have to seek out new customers, and find new ways to sell to old customers.  For all this, salesperson should have initiative.

This  refers to the ability to put oneself in the other's shoes.  A salesperson should see the sales problem from the buyer's point of view.

Dependability: The salesperson should be able to handle anything not covered in his training.  The company should be able to depend on him for dealing with unfamiliar situations.

Integrity and Honesty:  Since the salesperson has access to the company's funds, he needs to be totally honest in handling this responsibility.  He should not hide facts or mislead the company even if he loses sales.

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Wrath Warbone profile image

Wrath Warbone 5 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

I really like this article a lot. It gives good sense ways of doing the job.

mariazeyn profile image

mariazeyn 5 years ago from Ontario

You are right about all of these qualities but it is hard to implement all of them when one is actually carrying out the sales.

TUFAIL AHMED 5 years ago

Itis very helpful for me as a salesperson, and I really like these point,and try to my best to implement on my job.

sajid islam 4 years ago

This is very helpful.

mike 4 years ago

very useful, God bless the author

DIVYA 4 years ago


DIVYA NAKADE 4 years ago


meshack 3 years ago

very useful in nowdays,and bring success

the comment section 2 years ago

is flawed

chidy 23 months ago

This article is really rich and gives a positive impart in ones business.

david wangila 15 months ago

salesperson must of which age,?

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