What are the twenty most common questions asked in a job interview and what are the best answers for these questions?

Best on my experience here are the most common 20 questions asked in Job Interview if you want to land the best job:

1.0 Tell me something about yourself?

If you are asked this kind of question, it means that the Interviewer is not ready to ask you a serious question about the job but rather to collect her or his thought he will ask you such question. So the best answer for this is to tell something about yourself that is relevant to the job that you want to apply. Just make a little introduction to yourself like where you live and what you like that will tailor to the job that you want to apply. Make it simple and don't exaggerate. This question will also give the interviewer on what she or he will ask next. Just be yourself and relax because this is a warm up question.

2.0 Why do you want to work in our company?

The answer for this question is that you want to impart your knowledge to their company and you feel that you are best qualified for the job or position that you want to apply. Don't answer like “Because your company gives a good salary package" or you want to see in a short term that you can have your own house or something. You can tell that you want to share and want to improve your knowledge and that their company can provide it to you. Make sure that the benefits are mostly towards the company.

3.0 Do you know anyone that is working in this company?

This is a tricky question so better to research if the company favor or does not want anyone to work there if they know someone who is working there already. If you feel that they want you to have a friend working there or you know someone, make it sure that this person has a good company record and that your friend told you about the vacancy and you feel that he can help you to elevate your chance of being accepted.

4.0 Why did you resigned from your former company?

Warning: Don't tell any bad words about your former company.

Tell him that there is no room for improvement in your former company and you want to move on. Always tell positive about your former company if there is and it is better to shot up if you don't have any good thing to say about it. There are many reasons why an employee wants to look for another job. Like for example you tell them that the working place is very far since you transfer to other place which is nearer to the company that you are applying.

5.0 Who finance your studies?

This is common to new graduate. Be honest about it. The interviewer is trying to see if you are humble. If you are a scholar, tell him or her that you are a school grantee or finance by the government or the school. Explain it that will sound like you are down to earth. Tell him that you might not be able to finish your schooling if you are not scholar since your family is very poor. Of course tell him the truth. If you are not poor then why would you tell them that you are? Also even if you said that you are poor, have a dignity and pride in the interview. Have confident. Body language is powerful than words.

6.0 If you will be accepted, what can you contribute to the company?

It depends on what job you are applying. If you are applying for a marketing position then tell them that you can help increase the sales of the company. If you are applying for an Engineer position then tell them that you can help the company save money like inventing something or improvising something to lessen the power consumption.

7.0 Can you work alone?

This is a simple question but be careful because he is trying to see if you are independent or not. Tell him that you can work alone although you are happy to work in a team. Site an example like an experience that will prove that you can work alone.

8.0 Can you work with other people or in a team?

This is also a simple question but there are people who has attitude problem like they have a hard time adjusting with other people. The project will suffer if you have this kind of problem. In fact attitude is very important when you are working in the company. Tell them that you have no problem working in a team and that you are a sociable person. Tell him that you love a sport that is why it is easy for you to fit in.

9.0 What have you contributed to your former company that made you stand out?

Tell him about your accomplishment and award if any that you have in your former company. Tell this humbly.

10.0 What is your plan after 5 years?

Tell him or her that if you are accepted you will have a good and organize department in the company that is very successful and will earn big income for the company. Tell something about your plan in the company but don't tell them that you will see yourself as the president of the company. This will alarm the guy who has been in the company for awhile. Another thing is that don't focus on yourself like you will be rich in five years and you will expect to have a beautiful house and car.

11.0 What is your favorite sport?

I was asked many times with this kind of question. Although I have no favorite sport, I was able to relate about basketball because I read a lot about sport and I also watch so I knew who wins in final season. I also knew players from different teams. You do not have to be a varsity player to be accepted in a certain company but if you have the talent then it is a plus because some big companies have their team players. Also the interviewer is trying to know if you are sports-minded that is also a very important character a person should posses. It will also build a rapport between you and the Interviewer.

12.0 If you have a good idea for the company how would you bring it up to the manager or the president of the company?

This question is also asked to me many times. Well base on my experience I try to inform my immediate supervisor about it. I don't like bypassing anyone as it will cause trouble and misunderstanding. Now if your direct boss will not listen then that is the time that you have to talk to the president or manager.

13.0 Do you smoke?

Just be honest if you smoke or not. Tell the truth and hope that he is not against it. Telling a lie will still not solve the problem, when you will be caught in three months provisionary period still the company will not accept you as regular employee but will let you go.

14.0 If you will be accepted, how long will you stay in the Company?

Some interviewer will bluff you this kind of question. This is not a signal that you are sure if they will accept you as their employee but answer it with honesty because it might be the reason that he is waiting before he will accept you. Tell him about your plan if you will be accepted. Of course this is about the company not a personal plan. I am talking about what you can do for the company. Some reasons also if personal will be like that you will in a place near the company for family reason.

15.0 Do you have computer knowledge?

Although the computer has been around for more than a decade, some or many of the job hunters are still computer illiterate. If you know the basic, tell him that you know about excel, words in Microsoft Office. If you are an expert like a hardware technician or a networking engineer then this is a plus, so tell him about it especially if you are certified.

16.0 Do you drink alcohol?

Tell the truth if you drink or not.

17.0 Do you drive?

It is an advantage if you know how to drive. But if you drink then this is a disadvantage. Driving is a skill and it is a plus to your qualification.

18.0 Aside from what you are applying, what other things that you can do?

This is a simple question. Tell him for example you that you are good in Graphics Design even if you apply as a Network Engineer.

19.0 Are you willing to travel?

If your job involves marketing then you will be ask with this kind of question. Of course your answer should be yes.

20.0 Are you willing to work graveyard ship?

Yes or no is the answer then state your reason.

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howto increasever 7 years ago

Thanks For sharing the usefull tips.. I really wonder and thanked to you for such good Hub!...

creativeMind profile image

creativeMind 7 years ago from Cochin

what do driving has to do with job interview?

R Sanders 7 years ago

There were some good points brought up, but I'm sorry to say that the grammar, spelling, and dropped words were not good at all. I would think, if a synopsis like this particular one is on the Internet for the whole world to see, that it should at least be readable and/or legible. The person even spelt "illiterate" incorrectly, which was kind of funny, since they were referencing computer literacy. I think we need a rewrite by someone who knows the English language.

lapak2000 profile image

lapak2000 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

I proofread it already though I am not sure if this is enough but at least I corrected some grammar and spelling errors as much as I can

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