What do food and beverage consultants do?

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Food & Beverage Consultants

A consultant (from the Latin consultare means "to discuss" from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel) is a professional who provides professional or expert advice.

A Food & Beverage Consultant is someone who provides expert advice, assistance, counsel to the food & beverage industry.

This includes food production, suppliers, hotels & restaurants, packaged goods and consumer goods.

So What Are The Services They Provide?

Food & Beverage consultants provide the following services:

  1. Business Ideation - Conception, market research, business plans, strategy etc. visit hub
  2. Design - architecture, interiors, services design, layouts etc visit hub
  3. Menu Planning visit hub
  4. Human Resources - Recruitment & Training visit hub
  5. Food Safety & Hygiene visit hub
  6. Process Consultation - Standard Operating Process, Audits etc visit hub
  7. Marketing - Branding, Customer Relationship Management, Franchise Operations visit hub
  8. Revenue Management visit hub
  9. Purchase, Sourcing or Procurement, Vendor Development visit hub

Each of these is detailed in a separate Hub.Click on the 'visit hub' link for each to see more.

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I am looking forward for your response.

Thank you.

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