What is Google Boost?

Introducing Google Boost

As the next step in Google's tireless campaign to streamline and improve user experience, Google Boost is being released as a means for small business owners and individuals to make their advertising campaigns with google adsense and adwords even more efficient and easy to launch.

The core philosophy behind google boost is that adwords advertisers might be competent business people with an excellent service or product, but might not enjoy, or have the predilection for, performing complex keyword research, adwords competition analyses, cost per click measurements, etc. To this end, google boost is designed to allow a local business or google adwords advertiser to open up their account, allow google boost to do most of legwork in deciding which keywords will optimally target their core market and traffic for them, and basically automate as much of the advertising process as possible in order to allow the adsense advertiser to get back to their own business while google takes care of managing and displaying their ads. 

Google Boost is being designed with the small business owner in mind, but it will open up new opportunities and strategies for many adsense users across the board. 

How Will Google Boost Assist The Local Small Business?

Google Boost is partially intended as a compliment to Google places, the service that uses google maps technology to put colorful point-of-interest overlays on any given section of a google map. For instance, a visitor to a suburb of Chicago might pull up their current location on their iphone via google maps in order to figure out where the museum they're trying to get to is located. In doing so, they would see an overview of their current location, the grid of streets and highways and various public properties like parks and terrain features such as rivers. However, if any local business or restaurant owners were currently paying for google places advertising service, the locations of their businesses would be represented on the map as points of interest which the iphone user could click on in order to receive reviews (in the cases of hotels or restaurants), phone numbers and even walking or driving directions from their current location

How Google Boost Simplifies Advertising for Small Businesses

Similarly, Google Boost will assist small business owners and generally simplify the process of getting their ads shown to a geographically appropriate audience. Google Boost's main innovation is the automated keyword detection functionality which will allow google boost to determine which keywords would best represent a given business in the internet ad market. After using google boost, a small business would have their ad displayed along with locationally appropriate ads or points of interest that are being queried by potential customers. 

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Is The Automation of Keyword Research That Big a Deal?

With google boost, the search engine giant is hoping to entice more local business owners to get themselves online and start turning their web presence into serious conversions. 

While definitely a nice idea, many small business owners are waiting to see how well the application of keyword research automation will actually play out. Will they be able to trust google boost to net them the best performing and most relevant keywords to get their businesses seen and noticed? Or could it all just end up being a big waste of time and money? 

One thing's for sure: the potential that google boost has to spur new market growth is huge - people already comfortable with using adsense to get their products and services out in front of the public will enjoy the ease with which they can plug in some basic details and have google boost do the rest!

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