Where and How to Find Part Time Jobs for Teens - Employment Is Possible

It really is easy to find part time jobs for teens. Well, at least finding the open positions, actually landing the gig is a bit tougher. Still, there are many, many places that offer quality part time jobs for teens where you can learn life skills to guide you into adulthood. Many of the top executives in the world once flipped burgers. There's nothing wrong with any position that you can work at, especially in today's economic crunch.

Find positions by looking at the standard places at least to start out. Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's, just about any fast food joint is accepting applications at all times. There is no shame in this at all, and it can actually be kind of fun. Hey, I worked at Hardees for a few years, and I learned a lot of skills that I've applied into other positions, due in large part, to the management skills I picked up after being promoted to Supervisor. This is a staple for part time jobs for teens.

Look for part time jobs for teens by looking at major employers in the area. Retail stores, especially the larger chains, often accept applications at any time. In addition, you can try to local "hangouts", as it would make the work a little more fun. It would be nice if the part time jobs for teens were fun to work at, wouldn't it?

Keep in mind that many states have laws requiring a certain age before you can become employed, typically 16. This can make it harder to find part time jobs for teens. Keep in mind that there are some exceptions like agriculture position, paper routes, and some other odds and ends. In addition, if you fall below the legal age requirement, you could try to start your own small business. If you know web design, you could possibly make money online. If you can mow lawns, you could start your own lawn service business. This is a great way to find part time jobs for teens.

If you want to find part time jobs for teens, it's a good idea to apply at a lot of places. It's simple mathematical odds, really. The more applications you fill out the better chance you have of getting an interview, and thus, the position you're applying for. Keep in mind that quantity of applications does not mean ignoring the quality. Make sure all information you put on the application is accurate, or you'll risk losing the position. In addition, you should consider including a resume, even if you've never been employed. Simply put down your school accomplishments and some other odds and ends. There are plenty of free blank employment applications out there for this, and it will improve your chances of finding part time jobs for teens.

Consider using a hiring agency, or temp service. This can be an effective way to find part time jobs for teens. Keep in mind that some agencies will require you to be 18 years old, but not all. Simply call and ask before you apply in person. The benefit of this is that one basic application and interview could potentially qualify you for several positions, making it much easier to find part time jobs for teens.


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