Where are the best minds?

There many intelligent individuals throughout the world but the question to be answered is where are the best minds? A quote from President Ronald Reagan makes a good point. It states:

“The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would hire them away.”

This statement gives us much to think about not only for our country but our society as a whole.

Intelligent minds have been a part of the growth of our country and while there may be individuals who are highly intelligent within government they tend to be ignored. It is difficult for some individuals to accept ideas which may be ahead of their time when they are presented but their time will come.

Congress is comprised of hundreds of individuals who must make difficult decisions on a daily basis but leaders in the business community do the same. There is one distinct difference the decisions made in and by Congress have the country to consider along with the restrictions in getting them passed. Businesses if they have stockholders must worry about satisfying their investors. In addition to satisfying investors businesses must make decisions to earn a profit.

Throughout history good and bad decisions have been made by those in Congress. The individuals serving when our country began were committed to serving the country but only for a short time unlike the politicians of today who seem to stay for years and years. While there are individuals who are intelligent serving us today at all levels of government they need to be able to get their point across to others who may not be receptive to their proposals.

From the beginning of our country individuals stood up for what they believe and thought of ways to make their lives better and they worked to achieve them. We have had numerous developments within our history which made the lives of those around them better and at the same time some of those ideas made our lives better today.

Inventions and the development of technology are all ideas which came to fruition simply because someone had an ideal to improve the way things were done. Development of the airplane, automobiles, the Internet, radio, telephone and others were ideas that came from the private sector not government. Having an idea is one thing but developing it and making the effort to realize them has been seen throughout history and the same is true today.

We have major issues within our country and in some cases within businesses and it will take the efforts of individuals the best minds to resolve them. There are critical issues for which Congress must act including such issues as our national debt, national security and having a strong defense with the limited resources available. The equipment now being used needs to be either replaced or kept if they are reliable enough to do the job they were intended. The federal government and some state governments need to listen to the public who has the best minds to develop approaches which make sense. In the past when the public was consulted for the most part the proposals were ignored and approaches which the public had an unfavorable reaction the government pushed forward anyway in many instances.

Our elected officials need work with the private sector and consider the ideas the public has to tackle critical issues which must be resolved. Industry has had many critical issues over the years and they have had the ideas and perseverance to resolve them for the government has been unable to do to this point. Some officials who represent us have good ideas but they do not seem to get the traction they deserve. Elected officials who have proposals to address the hot topics need to get the support of the public. If the support is strong enough Congress I believe would be hard pressed to ignore them. If it is one thing our elected officials understand it is the threat of not getting reelected and this is an election year.

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