Where can felons get jobs?


So you or someone you know has been convicted and stuck with a felony charge. It's hard to get past the background checks, but people still have to make money. There are jobs available for felons, violent or non-violent.

Manual labor is a consideration. The pay is often decent, anywhere from $15 to $30 or even more every hour. Years of experience isn't always necessary, with some jobs asking for at year or less. They may require less than a specified number of felonies in a certain amount of time. Skinner Media Group, for instance, is a company needing manual labor, and asks that an applicant have no more than three non-violent felonies in 10 years.

Ask around and see which places skip the background checks. It may depend on the store, but Payless doesn't do background checks sometimes.

Food service may be an option, especially in smaller towns. Wait tables if you can, and then you can get tips.

Apprenticeships are also an option. People can get paid to assist a professional and could learn a lot and even get licensed in the process.

Telemarketing and mystery shopping (http://retail-jobs.eoltt.com, for instance) is something felons have done as well. Technology has created lots of jobs for the convicted. It's best to try for places that don't require going into a person's home, such as repair work or delivery.

Truck driving may be an option, depending on the felony.

Jobs depend from area to area. Be sure to check online to see if there is a specific website or organization that helps with jobs for felons. Visit the local employment office for region-specific advice, as well as probation or parole officers.

Most of all, be a good candidate. Don't lie in an interview, and show that you're responsible, reliable, and hard-working. Have a good resume.

I'm sorry it's so difficult to find jobs. I think people deserve a second chance. All I can do is offer some resources. Who knows? Maybe the employer is a felon as well and may understand your plight. Just be determined and who knows what can happen.

Try these websites below for additional information.

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Cassandra Senior profile image

Cassandra Senior 8 years ago from Illinois

thanks! very helpful!

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Westholm 8 years ago

When I worked at Goodwill the first question I would ask my clients was "How long were you in for" and "are you on your medications". My stats were 75% of anyone with any disadvantage would be working in 2 weeks if you did exactly what I said. Now I will share the cardinal rule. And this is very hard for felons as most become institutionalized. It is not about you. If you can make obvious choices such as Felons such as theft cannot go to work where you work with money or personal information. Violence issues should not seek work with team type environments. You get the picture.

Here is another secret. If you make the right choice about where to work all the employer is concerned about is can you do the job. Most industrial and heavy industry jobs pay quite well.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

if you have a record,the best thing for you to do is to take the first job you can find,save your money,go to school to increase your knowledge,and find something you can do,something you are very good at specialize in one area and start your own business.second chances come to a VERY few lucky people.for the rest of us you really have to create new opportunities find new ways to generate money,buy something wholesale and sell at flea markets or find stores that do consignment and fill up as many shelves as possible with your products.second chances lived in yesterdays society,today's society is scared of their own shadows.start your own business create your own money create your own job.your business will grow and the day will come when someone will be standing in front of you looking for a second chance,and you will be able to give it to them.believe in your faith and believe in yourself and every thing will fall in place.good luck.this message was sponsored by www.citpam.com a natural herbal medication pharmacy.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California Author

That's great advice, Bill. I hope it helps some people!

Renny 8 years ago

MyFelon - Starting Over Starts Here!

We strongly recommend Adogzheart's information!

Wayne 8 years ago

This is some BS work listed up above. I have a felony for taking some stupid ass rims and tires when I was 19 and since then I've been to school I have a family and I had ok jobs. I live in WI and been laid off and jobless for awhile now. I'm a certified computer tech and know what I'm doing and been hired by many corps until they do a background check. Since I'm a felon I'm suppose to get the bottom of the barrel jobs Manual Labor, waiting on people, Payless WTF. Not never will you catch me dead in those jobs. The system is designed for you go back to prison because I would rather sell drugs then flip burgers. Real Talk.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks Renny :)

Wayne, thanks for your input. I guess it depends on the person, because I would rather flip burgers than sell drugs, and I don't have a problem waiting on people or making low pay because I have all my life and have learned to live with it.

Adogzheart 8 years ago

Hello everyone. My blog address has changed:


all comments are welcome

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Erick Smart 8 years ago

Do not forget that if it has been a long time since your crime there are some that can be expunged so that that part of your past stops holding you back.

Adogzheart 7 years ago

I have posted a lot of videos on youtube that can help ex-offenders get jobs. You can find them here:


jackblack 7 years ago

This was very unhelpful, thanks. But really say a felon goes to college and he has a violent felony smudging up his record where can he really find a job.

da boss 7 years ago

i've been looking for a job for about a month now ,i just got laid off of my job and now all i can find is dishwashing jobs and no body really want to hire you because of your background. i guess i just need somebodies feed back on how i can obtain employment.

bluucrayonz 7 years ago

its really hard. ive been on the hunt also and nobody has offered a chance..

John 7 years ago

I agree with Wayne. I get paid 48,000 yr to be IT. in the oil industry. I have a wife 0 kids and ill be damned if i flip burgers for a living making min wage. Get real people. This is a damned situation for all felons. EVERYWHERE!! But what can we do? Shunned by those who have never been convicted of a crime then laughed at when we cant find good work. GLASSVISAGE u have no idea. If u want to flip burgers than sell drugs ur out of ur mind. Leave those jobs for those who dnt give a damn. The ones who eat up wellfare and love it. Food stamps ha. Ill never go to that. Keep ur head up felons. Things will get better. Most jobs now are a little more willing to hire after 5 yrs of conviction. That's what i had to wait for. Don't be fooled into falling back into the old ways. We are men amongst other men, but we have a fist up and we will conquer a better life if you belive. STAY UP FELLAS.....

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Well, sorry you feel that way. I just tried to put this Hub up to help people.

carlos 7 years ago

yiah man basically if your a felon you minus well move to the north pole and call yourself santa because america gets hopeless if your a felon

Graceful and Humble (Dallas,Texas) 7 years ago

Hello my brothers & sisters in Christ. I am an individual with multiple felonies on my record, and I am currently employed for a company that gave me a job starting at $6.00 an hour in telemarketing. I have been working with this company since 12/04. I was released in 8/04. I worked on the phones for 4 1/2 months positioning myself daily for possible advancement opportunities by being first of all respectful to all, being present at work daily and punctual, dressing professional and most of all not only meeting requirments of the job, but exceeding the requirements of the job task. I have now been superivsing for this company for a little over 4 yrs. and am currently the only supervisor over the newest department of the company which began as an experiment (only 4 people) and now I have workstations for 60 people (the company extended space for this department - the highest sales closing % in the company). I am still on a daily basis positioning myself for success because it is all a matter of mindset. If you believe you can and are willing to put in all and even extra work to make it happen, guess what, it will!

Think about the song "Stanky Leg" it's a great song (G Spot Boys)

GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!

Graceful & Humble (Dallas, Texas) 7 years ago

Oh yeah my brothers & sisters in Christ, I forgot to mention to all of you that I now am making over 50k per year! God is good all the time and all the time God is good! Remember that!

GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks for your story, Graceful and Humble! That's a great example for this Hub :)

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blameonlyme 7 years ago

To those who would rather sell drugs than flip burgers let me tell ya. you must really want to go back. well i didn't so i flipped burgers in a small family resturant for very low pay always kept a positive attitude helped others ended up becoming assistant manager beating out the owners daughter for the job and my felonies were agg robbery, breaking & entering, theft, and forgery. well six months ago one of my customers opened a Bar and Grill and guess what 48000.00 year plus bonus. so go ahead go back to jail when you get caught selling drugs me i'll keep watching my employed fellons flipping burgers for 11.00 an hour in the resturant i manage

missy021671 7 years ago

I got a felony for child support that I owed and the prosecutor knew they were getting my taxes for it. I started out owing over 5,000.00 and now I owe 1,100.00 and I have a felony and 3 years probation and on top of that I am 38 years old and don't have a degree or a career. Life is really gonna suck for me now trying to get a job. I have already been struggling with job search the way it was!!! Now I have to suffer a felony too!!! My kids are 16 & 17 and will be graduating soon i am down on my luck because of the horrible economy. I have never been wealthy so I could end up in prison for being behind on child support for the first time since the kids were 5 and 6 years old!!! That can make ya want to sell drugs for a living cause I don't see a light at the end of my tunnel.

Miss understood but nobody cares! 7 years ago

All my life I was the guy who eveyrbody loved and said, "That guys going to go far." I graduated college and not like I was making $100k/yr, but I was able to do better than what I can now. I got into some he say she say and $25,000 later, accepted a plea from a lawyer and now live this life waiting for some miraculous thing to happen, but the everyday I awake it's the same thing! My GUYS, if you did or didn't do the crime, turning to crime shouldn't be your only option. Yeah, things get hard, but we,and I say we because I'm struggling with a wife, four kids, a car payment, and a mortgage, but if you try hard enough you can make it! Selling drugs or whatever illegal activity may seem easy, but it's harder to sell drugs than to make your own empire. We must help each other and other people as well! Stay up my guys and be easy.

Mis understood but nobody cares 7 years ago

I misspelled the name earlier it's Misunderstood, I was just so excited to see a site like this! I am very much a man!

MS DUGAS 7 years ago

i know its hard for people with a felony well let say that the guy that im dating got a felony " robbery " but realy he just went and beat up a guy that he let borrow some money and took the money out his pocket and the guy mother seen it and the police and said that he broke into her house but never did he the guy he jump in or his mother told the truth" but any way he was charge and sentence 6 months in the county even though that was his first convictio n and he didn't have any money for a lawyer he was setence and that was 10 year ago but since then he has not been able to find a steady job he even went and took and trade as a truck driver and still no good luck sometimes i notice when he is in the bedroom and i can see a tear falling from his eye and i will ask him is everthing all right he would respond with its so hard for a person like me with a felony and we will take about it and i always let him know to keep his faith ad look above minor set back for major come back is my motto and he always ask me y is that im so humble and when i told him my story and the struggle i went through he saids that i lift his sprit up so high so the motto to the story is that i know that its hard for the ones with felony but keep your head up to the sky and always put God first and he said knock and it shall be open so keep looking and serching and if you have to go through temps company hey look at it as it a new trade that u can put under your belt because must general labor is not always picking and pulling or lifting but accept those jobs and say thank you lord for open the door and u will be surprise on the money u have made and the training u have learned.

B4JAZZY54 7 years ago


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Miss D. 7 years ago

I understand the frustration and can relate to a lot of the stories that I'm reading on this hubpage. It's not any easier for individuals with misdemeanors. These days employers seem to be super paranoid, and seem to be out to further punish those with indiscretions no matter whether misdemeanor or felony. Mine is a misdemeanor larceny charge (shoplifting). I paid my fine, restitution, and was given one year's probation. I had no priors and have had no other infractions. However, I can not find a job to save my life. I made a mistake, I took responsibility, and I can't get past it. It's been 10 years. Ten years and it's still haunting me. I didn't have money for an attorney, and I was naïve and foolish in thinking that I could handle the situation myself. Now I have this record forever...50 years from now...long after I'm dead and gone, anyone interested can go back and see this on my criminal record. It's discouraging. It's depressing. I was at a job for 6 years, I made low wage, but I was terrified to try to find another job. I lost that job on June 30th when the office closed. Now I have been thrusted back out into the job market and forced to once again reveal my shame and BEG for a 2nd chance. I have an Associate degree which might as well be used as toilet paper. The only advice that I continually receive is to further my education, so now I'm trying for my Bachelor's, but really, what will that do? I'll be spending a crap load of money on a degree that no one will ever see because they will never get pass the question, "have you ever been convicted of a crime? if yes, explain." That question takes a piece of my soul each time I see it. I know that I can do a better job than 1/2 the people in my field, but I'll never be given the chance to prove it because of the prejudice against individuals with criminal records. And what's more is that the people that do have the jobs, should probably be under the jailhouse, but had sense and money enough to hire a high priced attorney to get them off the hook, or just simply haven't been caught yet.

I have read that in some states records can be expunged. I live in North Carolina and that is not an option here unless you were a juvenile at the time of conviction. I'm so hurt right now...I'm typing this through tears. I feel hopeless. The only one I can look to is God. I try to keep in mind that everything happens for a reason, everything in it's season, and that God does not give us more than we can handle. But if I'm this upset, can I really handle it? I'll hold on for as long as I can, and do some reaearching, praying, and footwork. There's a lot of prejudice out there, there's a lot to overcome. I hope I have it in me.

Gerren 7 years ago

Tonight I sit hear and I read all of your post. I have read some and started weeping. Why do I weep? When I think of what you all as felons go through it only reminds me of my own life. A few post up I read that someone was a Computer IT in the oil industry. I relate with you most. I, like yourself, have a BS in computer Science. I graduated HS at the age of 15, started attending UNC Chapel Hill when I was 16, went into the USMC at the age of 18, Graduated collage with the BS at 20. When I was in the service I was deployed twice to fight for our country and maintain freedom. At least for some. I have a security clearance higher then anyone in this forum is aware of probably and speak 2 languages. What's the problem with my resume? Nothing. The problem is when I was 19 I was convicted of a Carjacking while I was stationed in SD, California as a Marine. This in turn ended my career and everything I have worked so hard for. How would someone like me do something like that, speaking about my accomplishments. Simple. I didn't. 2 of my friends did a crime after I dropped them off. When they got in trouble for taking the car the cops asked them how did they get down to southern SD when their post, our unit, was in N. SD, at Camp Pendleton. They could have said train, cab, walked or anything. They told the cops I dropped them off at a girlfriends house. That's all it took. They gave me accessary to the fact, pretty much the exact same damn crime. To this day I don't trust anyone. I don't let people ride with me. I have relocated back to Carolina just to get away from the statistics of California to be violated within 6 months of release. I did my sentence and have been home since July of 12th 2004. In the DA's eyes I got the lighter sentence and should have been thankful but at the end I shouldn't have even been arrested. As untrue as this may sound, or for those who think parts of my story are missing I hate to inform you, this is the God's honest truth. Now I'm 27 married with 3 kids in the house, 1 in Oki, Japan from my previous wife, a car payment, mortgage, bills through the roof, etc.....

When I finally start a decent job, May of 2005 at a plant, as an operator, they see my patential and I started taking steps to better our shift first and then eventually the plant as a whole. Did small work for about 9 months just to get recognition, moved up to Lead person (running a shift), they made me a trainer and Tech Writer because of my knowledge of computer, considering I have been programming for kicks and giggles since the age of 8 when we we still using DOS as the format. I grossed 59k the first year and 48k the second year. (WHAT's YOUR POINT NERD)

I started getting big headed and thought, hell, I have all this experience from a well known and respected company I think it's time to do something else and move to the next chapter in life. I came across some job openings and applied were I thought I might like to work. Bingo, got someone looking to put more money in my pocket. They offered my a starting salary, not hourly, but salary of 68k a year plus bonus and incentives. I had been honest about my record and everything. Didn't even lie, considering when you're offered that much you know backround checks will be done. They said green light and I was able to give my other high paying job the boot. I put in a 2 week notice and left on good terms. I kept in the back of my mind the plant changed their policy and knew they no longer hired felons, NO EXCEPTIONS. Before I started my first day the head Sup called me on the cell when the wife and I were on the way back from VA. He essured me and the wife I didn't have anything to worry about. He promised her and I that everything was going to be fine and I was the right dude for the job. I worked there for 1 week 4 days. That Following Thursday I came in to him and a box on my desk. He told me my record was to much of a liability and the company can't risk my past of clients although they knew I was capable of perfoming all respected duties. I was let go on the spot. I have been in odd and in jobs just trying to earn pennies ever since. I rather be free and broke than rich behind bars. The problem is a violent strike makes you unworthy to even flip patties in the great state of NC. Now I have been jobless for a year and 4 months collecting Unemployment Benefits, hoping they don't stop because if they do I'm afraid I wont be able to find a job, and sometimes get depressed because I think I might lose my current wife and kids, making me feel like less of a man. It's not about pride with me. But when you can't provide for your woman and you know you're really trying it can make you want to turn to crime to get your own justice. The sad part is Felons have set the bar in the past by doing employers wrong and now this generation and the ones to follow will suffer and pay for it. What those in the position to hire fail to realise,

1. The person with the felony has more to lose then the one whose clean. WE know if something comes up missing everyone is going to look at us first.

2 We work harder. We know that if they have a company layoff we're going to be the first out so we have to put out 100% everyday if not 120.

3. Just because someone is charged with something doesn't mean that's what they did.

4. As afraid as the general public is of us, sometimes you can get it out of a felon, but we're just as afraid of the public. Have you ever walked into a room and everyone knew all they needed to know about you, but you don't know anyone in the room. Well, when someone in an office or in a group setting job has a felony or misd. Someone in that office knows that and will tell everyone. Do you know how depressing that fells?

I know I can't change the world, because the world wont EVER forgive me no matter how good I try to be. I haven't seen a cop since I have been home. Discharged Parole within my set time without a problem. Passed all drug test, etc....I have the proper education. Have seen the world more then the ave American who thinks they understand what freedom is and was willing to die for this country witch hates me so much... There isn't any outlet for a felon in the work force. Yes, there is labor jobs, burger jobs, janitorial jobs, telemarketing jobs, or general grunt work. But what society doesn't know, what I learned while in prison; some of the smarted people in the world are behind bars. The only thing a criminal can't do is pick a prison lock. The reason why their all so overfilled. You can start your own business if you have the capital and support but if you don't then what? At the end of the day we as felons have to let go and let GOD. No one on the world cares about us. If they did they wouldn't dare speak on it due to re-election. To afraid of having an office than to stand up for ALL the people, not just those who can pay their way out of trouble or those who judge others that have been in it. This is a growing problem that is the best kept secret. I can vote and actually voted for Obama but I think I'm done voting for life because no one has or will even address this issue, witch means in layterms, "no one cares." If you would like to contact me my email address is gerren@embarqmail.com Anyone is welcomed. If anyone has a program or something that could help change this catch 22 please email me. You can also find me on Face book.... For my fellow Felons. I love all of you because you understand what life is all about. You understand what real hatred and depression feels like. Yes, you and I have did wrong in our past. Key word is DID. It's not the mistake you but how you correct it that really matters. Even if they keep telling you NO don't fall back into that scene of crime. Think about it. You have the rest of your life, or until the age of 80 (Pending if you don't do any crimes after) to explain yourself. You could get mad at the situation or learn that until you stop breathing or turn 80, accourding to the law, you will be dealing with this matter. You can do it 2 ways, behind bars or setting a new one. We all know the system is made for us to return but what happens i

Caleb McKean 7 years ago

I am a violent felon who served 13 months for an Assault 3, I got one drop of spit on an officer's badge. I worked what part time minimum wage jobs I could find for a while until I was lucky enough to get laid off. I began living the sweet life, getting 166 dollars a week in unemployment. That was a raise in my eyes.

Anyway, I got bored and I went to college and hit all of the areas required to get an ASOT in business, which is a highly marketable degree here in Oregon. I was accepted into PSU's business school.

Here is the real question where can I find a job. McDonald's will not hire me. I understand that I may not be able to find a job commensurate to my skills but give me a break. SO I haven't been able to pay the child support bill and I may get a new charge out of the deal so I need work.

I am also not very good with manual labor. Unless I am sketching the blue prints the job is not for me.

Anybody have any idea's? I need a business that may over look all of the legalities involved with hiring a felon. Most of the mom and pops businesses that I could get work for closed during the recession.

Looking 4 da light at the end of this Dark tunnel 7 years ago

i am so greatfull forr this site. i was looking for some random jobs for felons and came to this place.

first i would like to thank all of you for ur comments and i forgot the person who put this up but THANK YOU!!!!

Where do i begin i to am a felon(violent) have an assosicates in Computer Science/data Entry(can't Use) got released in 2004 prior to that i was a felon but was still able to get employment(of some kind) Since being released in 2004 i have had 4 jobs one was a previous employer willing to "help me out" for a few months. By the way i forgot to mention i was on parole for 3yrs and had to do it all on House arrest. Thus making getting a job even harder. Was able to get a under the table job at a milk deliver company. did it for a year was offered a promotion, i then got my own place after a year of being released(still on house arrest) the only reason i jumped at the apartment is due to the upcoming promotion that would have almost doubled my salary. 2 months later when promotion fell through so did my full time status 1 month later the job completely disappeared b4 my eyes. i was able to get one job since doing phone stuff i don't want to spell so i don't get the link in here. that only lasted 1 and a half months. i suck at getting people to donate money to the Police an Law Enforcement so they tried to let me go after the second week, but i do have the gift of gab a little. and talked myself into 4 more weeks of work. that was in Feb. 2007 since then i have had over 150 interviews and went to 5 different programs for felons and have yet to find a job. i stay with my mother whos health is falling and in the last month has lost half of her income. yesterday just got a five day notice and she is actually behind 2 months. i'm losing my sanity here. As a man this hand that life has dealt me has taken a great toll on me at times. i even felt so low that i even attempted to take my life. i am mentally in a better place as to not end it, but i'm real MF'ING close to not caring about what it takes as long as i get what's needed.

As i read the comment posted here i began to cry because i can relate to so many other situations and problems. overall let me really know i'm not in this mess by myself . although i don't have much to add but my mere opinion at this time. they say God might not come when u want but he's always on time. Finding this site was right on time to help me to realize one important thing that all of us have in common. that no matter what happens and how life will through u a curve, knock u down and spit on u. We will survive. the things in life that make it hard on us only make us stronger even though at times it can be UNBEARABLE. We all have our freedom and if u can read this u not sleeping in a cardboard box, so GOD is truly good. if any one knows of any jobs in the Chicagoland area pls feel free to contact me jaba1979@yahoo.com

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bmw37ddg 7 years ago

So what i don't get is, there are so many of us with these felony convictions, why isn't there anything we can do about it? i mean why should we have to live our whole lives with this, i undestand certain crimes maybe yeah, but most of them we shouldn't have to live our whole lives with. there has to be something we can do about it, theres a lot of people with a felony, there has to be something that we can do about it, i don't think that god gave the government the power to make people like us suffer out whole lives because of making a mistake.

Fire Marshall Bill 7 years ago

felons should get a check just for not being able to find work because it is a disability.

Then the government should get on their knees and take it in the butt for setting it up this way.

Joe Mama 7 years ago

Why do people have to wait so long in order to expunge. 2018 is a long time from today.

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

thanks for share about this job. I have never seen about this before. great hub.

Troy  7 years ago

I am a felon with 2 assault convictions. I work in construction and though some of the contracts that the employers get require no felons and I get laid off, I am able to find another job. I am a pipefitter and I make $60 a year. I am in the union and the are able to find me jobs so I can make a living. Check out www.ua.org and find a job. God Bless all of you/

ladystylest@yahoo.com 7 years ago

anybody out there that can help me get me cleamacy on a 25yr old felony please.

Anonymous 7 years ago

Having a felony conviction will make life harder, but it will not necessarily prevent your success. At age 19, I was convicted in Texas for felony possession of a controlled substance, a plea bargain down from a delivery of controlled substance charge. My first efforts after release were focused on getting an education. I was a high school drop out, but received a GED. My initial college opportunities were limited, at least in my mind, to community colleges. I attended community college while making a poor living at a pizza restaurant and various other low paying jobs. After completing a year of community college, I was able to transfer into Texas A&M University and received sufficient financial aid from both the government and the institution in form of grants and loans to enable me to study full time without employment. I received a degree in engineering. Afterward, I found employment with a major defense contractor in Virginia designing and building ships for the Navy. My record was disclosed but the company hired me as a junior engineer after a single interview. I was required to obtain a security clearance from the US Department of Defense. I was initially denied and my job was at risk. I had worked extremely hard and the employer took a chance and kept me on during my appeal of the DOD’s decision. It took almost 6 years, during which time my career growth opportunities in the company were limited, but I finally received a security clearance from the DOD. They are very conservative when it comes to allowing access to classified defense information, but I was able to demonstrate to their satisfaction that I was not the same person who received the felony conviction several years prior. I also took advantage of tuition reimbursement benefits at my employer and earned a masters degree attending evening classes for a few years. I have since moved on and working as manager at an engineering consulting firm in Houston. I earn a good living now, with a salary a good bit over $100,000. My past conviction rarely comes up and has not affected my career in the private sector. I think bottom line, you can achieve success.

college singles 7 years ago

I was going to write a similar blog concerning this topic, you beat me to it. You did a nice job! Thanks and well add your rss to come categories on our blogs. Thanks much, Jon B.college singles

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks college. I think you should still write a blog about the topic... You can't have too much helpful information for others.

Moe 7 years ago

I have to admit that all of the advice sounds good on the surface but does it really mean anything?? NO! NONE OF IT MEANS SQUAT IF YOU HAVE REAL FELONY CONVICTIONS!!! If you have any kind of violent felony you are so screwed in today's employment market. Don't believe the false promises and illusions of hope. If you can get back on the scene and make money do it by any means necessary and screw what anyone else thinks of you! They don't have to pay your bills or watch ur kidz starve!

I've been out of prison now for 5 frickin years and AM STILL NOT CONSIDERED EMPLOYABLE! So take ur advice and shove it!!!! I tried not to fall back into my old ways but u highty tighty types just won't let me have a future so now I"M TAKING IT! I DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF UR WHITE, HISPANIC, BLACK, OR WHATEVER.... IF U GOT WHAT I WANT I'M COMING TO GET IT!!! HEY I GOTTA LIVE TOO SO SCREW YOU!

unwanted 7 years ago

it sucks that with just one mistake you can ruin your whole life. i was convicted of a felony, a serious felony.i feel i did wrong but not wrong to let it effect my whole life. it just sucks the way this whole system is set-up. if someone says you have done something wrong.... you did it, until you can prove your innocence. o wait you cant prove your innocent? ok well here is some jail time you can sit and think about how your life is fucked from now on. what we need to do as felons is unite, just like the rest of America " united we stand, divided we fall" SERIOUSLY. we are being pushed out of "normal" society by our family's, friends, aunts, uncles, neighbors. no one cares about us or what we have to face each and every day. i wish someone who isn't a felon would walk in my shoes for a week. they would most likely commit suicide. even tho our family's still stand by us (some of us) they would still not want to be friends with, communicate with, live with, another felon. we get treated worse then anyone else, and were expected to live with this? in my eyes everyone deserves a second chance, but u cant have one because we are a threat to "normal" people. the reason most of us are felons is because we like to do things our way... the gov sees this as a problem because it may go against what they feel is "right" they know if it came down to it we would stand against them. " normal" people will go with the flow. we live under such strict and unjust rules i don't know how people aren't felons. if us as felons started a group that we could all be a part of then maybe we would have a say. because we need rights, and need to not be treated as scum. felons or not we are all people.

doctorbush 7 years ago

Well, I have to admit that the stories in here have brought all sorts of feelings to the surface. That says a lot as I am not a guy who shows much feeling. I went through a series of events that led to me being that kind of person. Bypassing all of that, I did something stupid when I was a young man and I did not even fight the conviction. I helped the police and was honest because that is one thing I have always been. I had joined the Marine Corps as an infantryman and I had other social backgrounds that taught me to be honest. For example, I have a black belt and was trained by one of the leading martial artists in this nation. I am also an Eagle Scout. In my situation I had not realized that a crime had been committed and was just trying to help the police with their investigation. I hid nothing. The result? I received a violent felony charge when no violence was even involved and where I had been misled. As they said, ignorance is not a defense. I was fine with that and accepted the punishment willingly as I believed I should pay for a crime if I was involved, just as I expect any other man to do.

Since then I have really turned my life around. I now have a Doctorate in Biblical Studies. It is very similar to a Theology degree. I am also pursuing a second degree in the IT field. I was working at a job right after I got out of prison. They hired me at minimum wage, $5.15 an hour. At that time I had a wife and a newborn. I had no other option but to work the job "flipping burgers" on the third shift, 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. After a while I was moved to second shift and given a pay increase because I had demonstrated my skill and proficiency as a short order cook. That pay was probably $6.00 an hour. Not much, but a far cry from $5.15. As time went on I eventually became the relief manager and was making $9.25 an hour. All of this happened in about the space of a year. However, things took a turn and occurred where I was forced into a situation and had to move. As such, I lost that job.

Since then I have been pretty much out of work. Applebee's will hire ex-offenders and start out at $10 an hour for line cooks. So I worked there for a while. Eventually my back went out and I had to quit working there. Since that time I have been doing odd jobs here and there. The truth is, it will be hard to find work. Five years looking and I have not found a steady one yet. As of now I am teaching Karate and making about $600 a month, but that is only for a short amount of time as I was contracted to fill a short-term need. Take the advice of keeping on looking and do not go back into crime to heart. Working two minimum wage jobs and watching your kids grow up, even if it means you cannot give them everything you want to is a lot better than the alternative.

drpastorcarlotta profile image

drpastorcarlotta 7 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

Very, Very, interesting HUB! I like it! I have a lot of Clients that are felons and I am always looking for new ideas for them. Most of these ideas I use! Thank you! Blessings, when you get a chance, stop by and visit!

unwanted 7 years ago

hello everyone i am back. please visit my forum if you are a felon. i am trying to post on all pages i see this topic so we can all kind of unite to talk about our lives how its effected us and to help share knowledge. maybe help some people start a new life or career. http://felonsarepeople.yuku.com/forums/66

Slickslim 7 years ago

I am a convicted felon with a couple of convictions. I am a recovering drug addict and have been clean for 3 years now. I started to get my life on tract and was able to get a job for a catering company as a catering manager. With the economy and cut backs I was laid off in September 2009. I decided prior to being laid off to go back to school. I am currently working towards my BS in Computer Science at a University. I am receiving unemployment and have maintained my apartment and doing the best that I can right now. I will not be discouraged. I will continue towards my degree and hopefully land a job in my field of study.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you all for your comments. Moe, I hope you find what you're looking for. Unwanted, despite your hard times, I'm glad that you've been able to see through it and tell everyone that indeed we are all people. Thanks for your website! Doctorbush and slickslim, I'm glad to hear that you've done so well and that you are succeeding! Drcarlotta, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

T.K. 7 years ago

Well, my name is T.K. and im from North Carolina. I was convicted of a larceny of employee charge on february 2008. Going through this has made my life miserable. I was currently staying with a friend of mine so i could find a job on my own and get into an apartment. A couple of days later Circuit City called and offered me and my friend a job. About a month later me and my friend got a 2 room apartment. My friend end up leaving the job because he was going to school so i stayed and worked their for 7 months. I just got the apartment and was desperatly wanting to make it nice and a couple of my co-workers were takin items from the store and getting away with it with ease. So i figured i wouldn't get caught and was takin items for like 3 months but i eneded up getting caught. I stole 5,000 dollars worth of items. I had 1 film of me taking 3 items total. I confessed and told my boss i took more items and gave everything back to them the same day. I thought telling the truth would make the situation better but turned out the worst for me. I didn't serve any time but was placed on unsupervised probation for a year and had to pay no restitution. My boss was so disappointed in me and i felt bad. I never let anyone down before and it sucked when i did. I was a hard worker and ALL my managers knew they could count on me. I was convicted of the felony in 2008 and now its 2010 with no job. When i was in 9th grade i was working for a doctor's office for 4 years and every job i was always a great worker who all my boss's could count on. I was 20 when i committed the felony and now im 22. Im a quite individual who has never smoke and i don't even drink. Have no kids. I thought i didn't deserve the felony for my honesty and cooperation with the law. i would have understood a misdemeanor but not a felony. I always done good but every one makes mistakes and i just fell into this trap. if i could flip burgers or anything i wouldn't mind. just want someone to offer me a chance again and prove that im a good person.

profile image

FemaleFelon 7 years ago

I was very grateful that I stumbled onto this Hub. I was starting to feel like I was alone. I haven't read any postings from female, white collar crime folk, so I'll start. I'm a white collar felon of the female kind! (smile)Life was easier in Federal Prison that it is being home. I've been home for 4 months now, and am still without a job - although 3 were being offered to me until i told the story - I am more isolated than I was 4 months ago. At least when I was in the Federal Camp, I had a job, I was with others that didn't judge. We were all equal. I can't do manual labor, I can't waitress, I can't bartend, I can't be a hostess, why? Because I'm not qualified. What kills me is I come bonded by the federal government and I'm a tax credit. I'm personable, smart, and qualified, so just hire me already!! Sorry for the rant...but it felt good.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 7 years ago from Northern California Author

Best of luck, Female Felon. That is not a rant... It's honest and you are certainly not alone.

Jay 6 years ago

I found a site that actually helps people that are facing felonies or are looking to get their felony overturned. I bought the DVD to help my cousin and instead of doing the 14 years he was facing. He was able to file some things that got most of the evidence and witness statements thrown out. He got one year house arrest. I think he was lucky since he found the DVD in time.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you, Jay, and thanks for sharing your cousin's story!

Jonathan 6 years ago

best blog so far i've been reading small blogs here and there about felons. its crazy even calling myself one but hey it is what it is im 22 now i was convicted of a felony for buying a pellet gun from p.a and driving home to n.j with it.(at 18) I grew up in nj my father always had them and even people of my fathers congregation had bb guns and pellet guns in there garage. Its pretty stupid but i was convicted of a felony Possession of a Firearm 2nd degree crime because i entered the border and was asked to have my car searched i agreed without thinking this would be a problem..... and the next thing you know....hands behind your head sir you have the right to....i was in trade school with a 4.0 gpa graduating in a month with a job waiting for me with the trump buildings in ny making over 80k a year..expulsion from school..i served 6 hours in a cell and 100 hours community service...(yea tell me about)....i then go to court and receive a felony nj is 10 yrs before expongement...i am now a delivery driver..for a bbq chicken Rest.....live in a basement... and make less than 300 a week....But hey i still have faith its all i can have my friends are out buying houses and getting married...i wont be gettin a good job til im 30 at least im considering going to school...so when that time comes for expongement i have a lot to say for myself...IT SUCKS IT REALLY DOES I DON'T KNOW HOW ELSE TO SAY IT...and i wouldn't harm a fly or shop lift candy but i cant even work at T.G.I.F.....keep your head up people THings happen for a reason least i hope so...

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you for your experience and comment, Jonathan!

DIRTY 6 years ago


Concerned Sister 6 years ago

I have a brother who is 21 now and he is trying to change his life for the better. He has a daughter now who he needs to support. When he was 17 he was convicted of 2 weapon felonies and he was tried as an adult. Is there anything he can do? He can't get a job for 2 years now and is getting very desperate to going to his old ways. Is there any advice you can help us with?

Jw 6 years ago

At the age of 13 I comitted a sex crime against a 10 year old neighbor girl. The action was non-violent immature doctorstyle games. I was found guity of attempted rape of a child which is a class A felony. served 9 months and successfully completed parole and treatment. When I turned 16 I wanted a first job to get a car. I realized the reality of having a felony. Besides the fact I was a registered sex offender it was the applicationand hiring process that is nuts. After about 100 applicationssent (literally) to differbt resteraunts around my city I landed a job with hometown buffet. My dad was a weekly costumer there and was able to help me. After a year and a half of working there I needed to finish my 2 year degree. Yup I quit high school at 16, got my GED, and finished a 2 year degree at a community college by the age of 18 before I would have graduated high school. Now I was on my own looking for a new job and I went to pizza places first. I applied at one and used a tip to put "will explain in interview" for wher it asks for your criminal background. I got an interview and got the job. Now I've been working there for a year and have had a hell of a time finding a career. I don't mind hard work but my passion is in computer programming and engineering. My record can't be sealed even though I don't have to register anymore. It is there and is very harmful. I did the time, I did the parole fine, I passed treatment, I proved to the community I'm a great citizen by volunteering and payig for my own college 100% and finishing before my high school year even graduated. This is unconstitutional. The media portays me as a monster with the known saying "once a sex offender always a sex offender" or "once a rapist, always a rapist" and this sickens me. I'm going to the representative this next week to discuss this issue. Thanks for this blog and sorry for the large post ha.

Leelee 6 years ago

My friend has a felony under her belt from a federal crime. She is a college graduate, was a bank manager and now can't find a job at all. Is there anything out there for criminals with degrees and experience in the corporate world? She has children that need money and a mom who can support them in their performing arts and schools. Please help with any suggestions!

Jw 6 years ago


it depends on the employer. Having a felony makes it harder in all fields. You can't do anything with the government, can't work with some companies that have government contracts such as boeing. After that it is the employers decision to interview you or not. Really it depends on the crime and if she has done anything else illegal. Most employers are welcoming to felons as long as it is not violent, person passed probation and parole, and hasn't had anything else against them. Thing is even at that point it is really hard. With 2 people competing for one job with equal education and experience but one has a felony and the other doesn't, basic statistics and commons sense shows who is getting the job. In this economy with everyone looking for a job makes it terribly hard. Se may be forced to work blue collar or resteraunt work like me.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California Author

JW, thank you for contributing to this Hub and for sharing your stories and thoughts.

Jessi 6 years ago

I am a convicted felon. I was just released from federal Prison at the end of January. Unfortunately I have been unable to find work anywhere. In my area even McDonalds is now conducting criminal background checks. Every temp agency or staffing service also requires these checks. It's been impossible to find any type of work. I can definitely understand why people are released from prison with nothing and go right back into the lives that put them in prison. I however am a single mother of 2 young children and will never go back. I think it's very important to try and maintain a positive " and this too shall pass" attitude.

The very few places that offered me employment regardless that I was a convicted felon didn't volunteer that they put stipulations on the type of felon. As I was a first time non- violent offender,I thought I wouldn't have a problem. However, if you happen to have been convicted of a "drug" offense good luck because in my state that is an absolute zero tolerance and zero second chance state. Good luck to all those who are trying to re-enter society. I wish you all the best of luck.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you Jessi so much for your post, and yes, best of luck to all of you!

reddhott 6 years ago


I just read through all these posts. WOW there are a lot of us. My situation is I am a convicted Felon (23) with 3 strikeable ones. I have 2 strikes. I never went to prison and my felonies are pretty much across the board. Drugs, sales, gun charge, GTA's, GT's, white collar stuff, credit card, identity theft which led to an elder abuse charge (I never hurt anyone or had physical contact with an old person. I took their identity from the obits. I did all my time, all the joint suspended's, It has been 10 years since any charges.

I graduated last week with my MBA straight A's. I applied for the Doctoral program, was finally accepted. I start June 24, 2010. Then I get the notice I need to have live scan fingerprint clearance and FBI inked fingerprints. I went down and had the live scan one done and sent to me. It is all there in black and white. Can they keep me from getting my doctorate. I have completely turned my life around. I get student loans from FAFSA the gov't. Now I feel devastated. OMG. I am a 55 year old female and yes I did all the crimes and then some, I own that. I am not doing any crimes now. My head will not stop running and chocolate chip cookies have become a constant companion for me. Chocolate helps even after all these years with he drug cravings. I am not craving drugs, just chocolate now LOL. Any ideas.

Thank you to everyone for sharing a little part of yourselves.


glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank YOU, redhott! Thank you for stopping by!

Jw 6 years ago


I don't think that your criminal background would stop you from getting a degree. The school wants your money and if you've been going there, I don't see a problem.

However, finding a job depending on what field you are majoring in may be tough or even impossible.

confused 6 years ago

I am in the exact same boat and something should b done about it! Very few people commit a crime because they are bad people but just bc they were hard up. I was homeless and committed a theft to make money to live. It will follow me forever. I was a nursing student for 2 yrs until I found out my charge would keep me from being licensed. Its nice that everyone is venting but I'm really just lookin for some advice to as a possible career, not job, that is an option for me. If I can get licensed and/or find an opening for a career where it isn't an absolute no I believe I can get it so please lemme know. Prreciousamber@yahoo.com and no online gigs please. Sounds too good to b true it prob is!

Veteran 6 years ago

I was serving in the US Army in Iraq. I had was downloading adult content for my personal viewing en mass using a p2p program. Some of the content had child pornography on it. I saw it. I Didn't immediately delete it. I did not go looking for it.

I did not know that the program I was using setup a file share on your network by default. Another soldier on my network was browsing my files and found the illegal images.

I was convicted of under article 134 of the UCMJ. I served 6 months in an army prison and was then given a general discharge.

A week after I got home I found a job at a local tech company doing customer support. I was promoted to a supervisor position after 7 months of working there. I ended up quitting to pursue full time Academics. After two years of school I became so depressed over my status in society that I started failing school. I went to the VA and got on meds for depression which greatly improved my mood.

About 3 weeks ago I was contacted by a tech recruiter for a job at a web hosting company. I interviewed with the firm and also the company and they offered me a position. I was never directly asked about any past criminal history. I did disclose my crime on my application and submitted to a background check. I was hired on as a private contractor. This job was everything I wanted. It had great potential, decent pay and opportunity for advancement within the company. Three days into training I was called into the office. I was informed that my background check had come back and they could not employ me on account of my second degree felony.

My life was just starting to look up. I had come out of my depression and had started taking care of myself. I was eating right, exercising and working on programming projects in my spare time. All of this came crashing down when I lost my job and I feel myself slipping back into depression. The future seems bleak. I read several of the above posts from people who have skills and degrees in computer science but still cannot find work. I am a computer science student and this is making me very depressed.

I am starting to feel like the only options for me are working for minimum wage, going back to prison, leading a life of crime or taking my life.

I don't see any hope.

Jack a state 6 years ago

There is a tonof jobs outthere for violent felons. Hre is a list of resources:



Opium, Morphine pills and Heroin!





This is for hydroponic cocaine. Depending on Alkalines you will end up with an oz but you barely use any light for all drugs mentioned above.



This should be enough to lead you into retirement!

That's all I was able to find!

youngfemalefelon 6 years ago

I was a smart, independent, honest college student double majoring in engineering and pre-health. Now? I'm just a felon. A 21 year old felon. All because of being a passenger in a car loaded up. Peer pressure is something serious at age 19.

Now really, is a female with this much promise really going to flip burgers? No, not because I didn't want to, I was overqualified! What?!? Now I'm on probation looking for work that's going to support life in the real world, and minumum wage is for high school kids. I'm a young adult with REAL bills like the other felons on this site! The system is so ridiculous. They don't care if you could have cured aids or developed engineering geniuses with your born gifts. They'd rather take it all away. I heard the system made $750 a DAY off my sentence. So money over american livelihood?

Anyway, short and simple, the only job I could have gotten after I was laid off my last job as a data entry clerk for a health service company before my conviction was to strip. YES, strip. If I wasn't pretty I guess I would have stayed broke and kept my pride. But, my pride and dignity is out the window and I'm a stripper looking for salvation. I should be graduating next year and finding health and engineering solutions for grand ol' America. But instead, I'm entertaining the worst type of americans, perverts and sex offenders. Not all the guys I meet at work are bad, but I think half of them should be locked up. I guess making anywhere between minimum wage to $50 an hour will have to do, but what are my real options? I'm young and intelligent. Can I really get a chance to be all that I could have been? Don't they know this generation is hard and no matter what choices we make nothing shows a clear result! I feel like my last resort is to slit my wrist or be a porn star and make films for the bastard judge and prosecutors that convicted me.

Never trust the law. Its self-righteous and its a business like any other. Like Enron or WallStreet. Fuck the law. The first pound of coke I get I will really show them what an attempted trafficking charge and felony looks like and how its earned. Felons, where screwed until the law and self-righteous employers quit acting like their better than the rest of us.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California Author

Thank you for those resources, Jack a state!

Confused, veteran, and youngfemalefelon, thank you very much for posting, and best of luck.

NewGuy 6 years ago

I'm willing to do anything to make ends meet, and in the last month I have begun looking into some very seedy, unethical corners, like stripping and pornography, because of the pressure to get a job. I don't expect society to give me a second chance, why should they? If you think about it they don't have to, so it relies on them being generous, which most people aren't. And why hire an ex felon when regular people without felonies can't even get a job? The only real chance that doesn't depend on the kindness of a stranger is to go into family owned businesses, the sex trade, start your own business, or go back to crime. I once scoffed at the idea of selling t-shirts and hotdogs. I'm beaten now and may find myself getting a hotdog stand.

Law Student 6 years ago

I am a felon. I am now in lawschool and in the military. You have to prove youself but it can be done. Trust me. If you want to know more let me know and I can share.

youngfemalefelon 6 years ago

Law Student, please provide some insight on expungement laws. Also, I'm on probation so the military isn't an option. NewGuy, this sucks doesn't it? Who do we contact about first (and last!) Time offender laws? I'm too young to struggle for the rest of my life. It will be a terrible waste and now I understand why thugs who weren't given a second chance raise hell! I'm not to far from going off the deep end and terrorizing the self-righteous myself!!!

lawstudent 6 years ago

give me your email address and I will send you more info. I am still learning a lot of it myself, but we have to stick together. Too many people out there want to be like a bucket of crabs(pulling eachother down) but we don't have to be.

youngfemalefelon 6 years ago

Lawstudent its xotic.virgin@tmo.blackberry.net

lawstudent 6 years ago

ok I'll be in touch shortly.

Stephiie P daht chiick yu luv tah H8 6 years ago

WHERE dew iiSiiGN upp iineed ah job ASAP

THIS IS A REAL JOB 6 years ago

C&S Wholesale Grocers...order selectors $11.00 and way up depending on productivity...THEY HIRE FELONS>..ALL DAY.

21st Century Black Man 6 years ago

I have a violent felony and traffic offenses and I tried it the right way for a few years. Crime paid a lot more so that was the way I went for a while. I wasn't caught and I felt a lot better about my worth.

WifeofFelon 6 years ago

I understand it's necessary to vent, but we need real help here. My husband is serving 1 year for a felony & I want to do everything I can to prepare him when he comes home. I have a job that pays okay but in the area we live in, we can't afford a place of our own-I live with his family now. Unfortunatley this was a sex crime & his family live too close to a school--Is it best for him to go to college and pursue a degree or is that a waste of money because people will stop at the background check?

Cody 6 years ago

I was convicted of assault and battery w/ a dangerous weapon almost five years ago. I served 15 months in an Oklahoma state prison. As soon as I was released I took the first job that was offered to me just to get some cash the job was of course...fast food :). I worked there for about 4 months until I was able to get a job at a granite shop. A guy I was in anger management with put in a good word for me. I worked there for almost 2 years until I was let go for personal issues. I spent about 8 months on unemployment and now it has ran out. I have been looking for jobs but the only thing out there seems to be fast food or manual labor. I don't mind manual labor at all but I refuse to believe that just because of one mistake I have no chance of having a good high paying professional job. The felony is the only black mark on my record but man has it been a pain in the ass! The truth is no matter what I refuse to believe society does not agree with me and there is an overwhelming chance that I will never be able to do what want in the workforce. I feel for all you guys out there who are having the same problem but how long will we sit around and have this dismal outlook on our futures? We need to band together and get some things changed if we ever want to better ourselves and our careers because we know the govt. wont help.

Taylor 6 years ago

Hey I wanted to say you know all of this start your ow business stuff...I don't meant be a downer but 1. With What money? 2. Have you not heArd about all of the failing locally owned businesses?

and.... Its funny to hear some people say, I can't believe I'm a felon , I don't consider my crime to be a felony type of talk.... You know why u can't believe u are??? Bc not all felons are scum, and Anybody could be one. And to those jerks who say we messed up and then we wine.....u have obviously never experienced the court system, or had a REAL interaction with cops who treat you like dirt under their shoe. Thanks guys. So much to say on this topic;'(

Taylor again 6 years ago

To the people on here who say " iknow u wAnt to vent but I have a real problem" u are venting too and he'll yah why can't we open up here Its so much better to know yourenot alone,

Hey 6 years ago

The kid who posted up at the top bout his felonblog , It is now in violation of the websites rules or something...probably bc it was for felons!! Lol

profile image

usernamed 6 years ago

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judi 6 years ago

hello everyone

i have in the past been convicted of mainly bad check charges,a misdeamor for weed possesion (they found 3 roaches in my car), and the big one was i did a year in fla. state prison for accessory after the fact to a crime (i was in the car when my fiancé commited a robery and didn't turn him in)(i didn't want to testify against him being they were trying to get him with life being he is a repeat offender) anyway i was released from prison in 2005. I have a job as a pizza delivery person and have been at this job for 4 years straight. I recently decided to try and better myself so i enrolled in a university.My question is what would be a good degree (bachelor and masters) to help me get a career started. The crimes listed above are the only ones i have commited and been found quilty of (meaning i cannot get my record expunged in the state of fla.) I am not on probation or parole, and by the time i complete my education for a masters,it will have been 10 years since my last offense.Does anyone have any advice for me? I need to get some ideas soon so i know what to major in.

thanks for any help you can give in advance. God Bless!

meloh tcn az 6 years ago

this is like a felony chat line is n e one gna offer a solution ''WE STILL NEED JOBS ''

Foxy Magyar 6 years ago

Hey Law Student:

I need some advice too.

My email is : foxymagyar@rocketmail.com

I was convicted 14/15 years ago of Grand Larceny after shoplifting clothing. Yes lumped together with the car jackers and armed robbery. LOL.

I've gotten my rights restored and am seeking a pardon through the state of VA.

Trying to keep a positive mind about things, but I've been unemployed for two years now and I'm starting to get scared. Even thought about panhandling or stripping or something else not so nice.

My son 6 years ago

My son is 21 and has a felony charge,he got caught with a gun.He did his time,got out and moved in with me.He found a job as soon as he got out,he was always ready for work.He busted his ass for these people,working from 6 in the morning until 8at night everyday.And he would only bring 200 home while the other worker would make a good check,but he never complained.He would pay his probaton court cost and my bills.Well the other worker wanted to bring her cousin in and she started lieing about my son. So he got fired from his job.and we have to move out cause we don't have a job.I love my son and i will fight for him and i will help him get on his feet.But that's America its all fucked up,everybody deserves a second chance of life. That's y i don't vote,all the presidents lie and nobody is perfect. But i will always be there for my son. So all ya felones keep your heads up and don't let nobody bring u down.Just keep fighting for what yall believe and stay strong.I will keep all of yall in my prayers.

youngfemalefelon 6 years ago

They are hiring like crazy at these sub-plants for the Kia in Georgia. So.....I guess the best bet for felons is to find one of these NEW car plants, fill an application with a temp service and move to the area. I mean, its our only sucky option. I can't believe nonfelons can't find jobs. Its total crap. There are more jobs than felons! Trust me I'd have 3 jobs right now and ONLY 3 because there aren't enough hours/days in the week. Nonfelons suck for being jobless and continuing to mess up the economy. Guess I'll find me some kilos to sell or some hoes to pimp since even law-abiding citizens can't get legit jobs.

profile image

Flsoberbear 6 years ago

I wish I could locate meaningful employment in the Clearwater/Hudson Florida area, right now I travel 564 miles a week and DO NOT get mileage or Gas money, so I am not breaking even and have NO Benefits. Anyone know of anyone looking for a guy that has been Clean and Sober for 11 years and is great at Technical Electronics and Customer Service Skills that has a newer SUV and believes in arriving early not Late for his job?

Suck it up 6 years ago

You know what, felons? Boo freaking hoo. No one made you commit those crimes. Take responsibility for your actions. If employers don't want to hire you because you were convicted of a felony, that's their choice. Just like it was your choice to go out and commit a crime. So, instead of blaming the rest of the world for the crappy situation you got YOURSELVES into, how about sucking it up and figuring out a legitimate way of getting yourself OUT of it?

You don't want to work construction, or labor, or wait tables, or this or that. Blah blah blah. Whatever. Guess what? You don't get to pick and choose anymore because you screwed up. Yeah, it sucks, but get over it. It isn't going to change. Grow up and take responsibility.

If you don't want to keep going in and out of jail, then you don't get to go back to selling drugs or robbing convenience stores or whatever the hell you were doing before that got you into trouble in the first place. If you want to live straight, then you are going to have to pay your dues to society and take the shitty jobs that will have you.

That's just reality. Y'all are not going to be bankers or CEOs. You won't be doctors or lawyers. But, you can find work if you get over yourselves and take the jobs you can get instead of bitching and moaning about the ones you can't.

Rigi 6 years ago

@Suck it Up; you know most felons do suck it up and are trying to figure a way out of it; one benefactor would be to get a job; if you have a job and something to do; you are more likely not to re-offend to a crime; and some would like to work construction, labor, or wait table, but most companies will either a) not hire or b) hire then let them go after a short period of time and most felons do and have taken responsibility; most felons have paid their dues to society and would not mind taking crappy jobs; but once again it goes back to a and b that I mentioned above. Most felons know that they are not going to be bankers, CEO's, doctors, etc. What it comes down to is people like you who don't give people second chances and think we are now scum of the earth; we are human and make mistakes; I am pretty sure you have made mistakes and broken the law and not been caught yet (just reading from what you wrote) Looks like you have an anger management problem and that may or may not get you in trouble, but life can change and people can change; I see it on the news all the time; so why don't you stop complaining to felons and help give support to felons so people won't due another serious crime again. Its people like you with an "I don't give a crap about you" attitude which does not help anyone including yourself. And just so you know that all these people when they committed a felon has a cycle and thinking errors; just like you and I bet most before would have been just like you complaining to all the felons, but then they made a mistake which either you or I can make the same mistakes that got them their felon. Just because it they are a felon does not mean they deserve a second chance to society once they paid their dues and have taken responsibility. So stop complaining to everyone on here; they all came to look for help and you put them down which they are clearly looking for answers to help them and once again you said, " how about sucking it up and figuring out a legitimate way of getting yourself OUT of it?" that is what they are doing here seeking advice and are trying to figure a way out of it and the most one way is to ask and get support of others.

GT-Speed 6 years ago

I have a misdemeanor and im having trouble finding a job i can never remove it. I even quit college because of it there is no point. It was when I just turned 17 me and some friends made a mistake and went into cars took money, it was stupid but its just one mistake and it happens to anybody. Now I cant get a job, got a little daughter and its messed up. I wanna live a normal life america does crimes all over the world and its nothing but If we make a mistake its there for ever. Who knows how many people bush killed in Iraq and he living like a king and if I steal from a car I have to live life like shit for the rest of my life.

Owen 6 years ago

I have always had trouble finding a job. I don't know if its my demeanor or what. Maybe I'm a little too upbeat and confident and that makes people take think that I'm being arrogant or cocky. But that's just me. Well anyway when I was 21 my first child was born and later that same year I got a job in a hospital as a pharmacy technician. Since I was a trained medical assistant, I then transferred to the lab as a phlebotomist. My childs mom was what I called a welfare minded woman. She already had a daughter. One day she told me we need to go down to Newark and I need to sign some papers awknowledging that I was my sons father. Stupid me should have know it was a trick cause I signed the birth certificate when he was born. The next thing I know I got a letter stating that they are gonna start taking money out of my check for child support, even though I had let her move in with me and I was supporting her, her daughter, and my son. We or maybe I should say she, had another son. I say she because just like my previous son she was supposedly on birth control. Yeah I got played not once but twice. I was so pissed that they were taking my money, that I decided to marry her cause I figured that's to only way to stop it. But she still didn't want to work. Here I was feeding her, her daughter, and my two sons, paying the rent, all the utilities, and a car payment. So I decided to start selling cocaine to make ends meet. I would go over to NYC and pick it up and she would bag it up. Well I was on my way to work one day when about five cop cars swarmed on me and took me back to the house. They had ran up in there and found her and her brother bagging it up. Now I mind you the cops didn't catch me with anything, I was clean. I could have just said I don't know nothing about it and let them take the blame. But I had to be honest right? I told the cops it was my coke. and I had my attorney work out a deal with the court that I would plead guilty to everything if they would drop the charges against her, which they did. But before we went to trial, We packed up and moved to NC and got a job at a hospital, so when they did a background check I wasn't a felon yet. Well I kept busting my ass taking care of the family as the only breadwinner. But over the years I got wiser to my wifes game and decided to leave her sorry ass. She got an attorney and I didn't. But because I was working twelve, sometimes sixteen hours a day the courts thought I was making a whole bunch of money. My child support was set at $850.00 per month. I couldn't find a second job cause by this time the felony was on my record. So I started selling drugs again. Not a lot just enough to be able to pay my bills. Then I got mixed up with this crazy girl. She used to come over and hang out, sometimes spend the night. One evening I came home and caught her smoking crack in my apartment. I told her to leave and never come back. At about four o'clock the next morning I was awaken by someone banging on my door. It was the cops. They said this girl told them that I held a gun to her head. I'm 5'11" tall and at the time I weigh 220 pounds, She was 5'3" 130. Why would I have to hold a gun to her head ? Anyway I was arrested. I made the headlines and an exgirlfriend told HR they should check my record. So now my secret was out. That was October of 04, and Ive been unemployed ever since.

felonygirl 6 years ago

To those willing to sell drugs than work at Mcdonalds GET REAL. So you rather go back to Prison or Jail and have another strike against you than make a small paycheck? I'll take the paycheck and moving forward in life than 10 steps all the way back. 99.9% of the time life isn't going to go back to the way it was before we committed the crime. Yea the system is designed to make us fail. You lie on an application and they do a background check and you don't get the job or you tell the truth and still don't get the job. But you'll never get out of it committing crimes to survive. So fast food isn't getting you $50,000 a year... ADJUST YOUR LIFE to make the fast food wage fit. At least that's a foot in the door to hopefully improving ourselves. Take the small amount of money and go to school to learn to do something you'll have a better chance getting a job in. Or take the money and build your own job. Some of you are so freaking entitled to the lifestyle you had before. It isn't going to happen over night. We have to work for it again.

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DemonChild77 6 years ago

See, Here's my thing. I'm a single mother with 2 kids and I am a felon. Got 7 years on paper and only have 1 left to go. People just don't understand the system. I keep getting told to go back to school like some of you others. But the thing is....people won't give you a chance. Even if you want a dangerous job you can't get it. I was trying to become a firfighter a few years ago and I was told I couldn't do it. So tell me this how, if i have a little job and go to school am I ever supposed to have time with my kids? And if I keep just a little job then my kids will grow up poor like I did. OR go to school and be broke on the 1 in a billion chance I could get a better job. Which one of those is better cause to me it just doesn't fit. Requirements to be on welfare and food stamps don't even help you anymore. In Texas you can go to school, but it has to be in a career where they need people. There's very few of those a felon can do and actually get a job or take a state test in. And on top of it if you can't find a job after that they cut you off welfare. How was that supposed to help? I get told all the time to go the workforce center. Well, lemme tell ya, they don't know crap about helping felons get jobs. And it's worse if you're female cause you can't do manual labor jobs. If I was a guy I'd jump right on it. At least it's more than min. wage. But they don't hire girls for work like that. :) Then on top of it, it depends on what your felony is. There are temp agencies that will work with rapists and child molesters, but can't hire me because my charge was conspiracy. Tell me how that's fair. It's a neverending circle of crap. Oh and p.s. felonygirl McDonald's won't hire me either.

kendallmjohnsoni  5 years ago

I need halp

am_i_a_bad_guy? 5 years ago

i don't expect much sympathy, but i did 4yrs on a split 20 do 4 sentence for aggravated assault. Yep, i maxed out, but besides that, where can violent felons find work? nowhere. you can take any job you can get, but they're usually under the table(cash) or low paying. yeah its a good idea to start your own business, but where's the start-up costs gonna come from? Ga is one of the hardest places to find work if you've got a background and im finding it disheartening to see that the world is in such a state. what's worse is all the "jobs-4-felons" type sites are really just recruitment sites for colleges, or some other type of scam. basically, where's the real help? if anyone can offer legitimate assistance and not offer me a book or some other BS, feel free to email me at toys87 m_k_i_i_i at h_o_t_m_a_i_l_dot c_o_m

mike 5 years ago

my name is mike ive got a felony on my record and i have had hell finding jobs because soiciaty want let it go they are to busy keeping us down

Tee 5 years ago

Hello all felons, I am a 36 year old female who has 3 felons. I was looking for a part time job and applied to be a mystery shopper. as it would turn out it was not a legit business. They gave me 3 counts and I had no record.It is so hard to find a job because my past jobs are all working with money. this is so sad. I have many times just thought about ending my life. why stick around so that I can continue to be judged when I was just trying to get a second job for the holidays. I just say to you all...keep your head up...there's nothing we can do because no one cares about a felon!

Becky 5 years ago

my husband has a felony from 1996, Had the same job for 14 years and got laid off right, we go before the parole board, he has never had a parking ticket. Was told Keep up the good work, you are such a asset to your family..yada...do you think he can get a job NOPE, we are waiting on our governor of LA to sign off and guess what they told us could take years if he signs it at all. So why make us go thru all this for nothing and he can not get a JOB NO WHERE!!

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sanka34 5 years ago

Any unprotected group that has received some equality and protection in obtaining jobs, housing, training, etc. obtained this through the political process. Does anyone know of any groups that are working to get tax incentives for employers that are hiring felons? What about the number of repeat offenders as the result of not being able to make it out in the real world? There are quite a few felons that have the right to vote. Organizing them to get signatures and presenting their recommendations is one means this may be accomplished. We have to think outside the box since felons are not getting a fair shake!

joe 5 years ago

i have 2 felonys on my record from 22 years ago have to go get finger printed will it show up and will i still get the job because it was so long ago

sis 5 years ago

I was charged with child neglect and something else in 1998 of my own children. It shows on my record and I have to explain the circumstances to employers. My children Have been living with me for a long while since this, I have an Associates in Bus. and am now persuing a bachelors in Pyschology! My question is will my past affect my future?

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margaret86 5 years ago

My son received an assault 3 when he 18 yrs. old. He desperately needs a job. I don't have a clue how to help him. He lives with us and has part time custody of his own son. Where can he look? We live in WA.

Stevem 5 years ago

The first thing you need to do is get your mind right if you plan on being a success when you get out. A tough guy loser in the joint is on the fast track back. Learn to keep your mouth shut and your ears open and plan on putting your nose to the grindstone at any job available. I did half my life in prison for murder, took a crap minimum wage job as a binder in a printing company. I worked hard, taking every bit of overtime that I could, came in on my own time and learned the equipment and such. After 10 years there I was running two locations and making good money. Working harder than the guy next to you is the key to getting ahead, no one owes you anything, go out and earn it.

southwest 5 years ago

Look I have felonies and I haven't had a job in about 3 or 4 years. So somebody tell me what tha secert iz cuz. Guess what I'm still jobless and I job search for jobs everyday and they oh you have a felony and then they can't help u any more . That rejection makes u want to give up but what they don't know is that you can't kick a felon down cuz all we can do iz come up

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Geekfelon 5 years ago

Sometimes I think the people who did time got a better deal than those of us who just got probation, fines and CS -- at least they seem to have some resources to help them find a job, even if it's a low level job. For my felony probation, I had a PO who I met exactly one time, then he either quit or got laid off and I got another PO who I never met or even talked to -- just a name I put on the check every month when I paid my probation fees.

So now I'm off probation, after almost no contact with the system except paying every month for 3 years, and now trying to find a job with a felony conviction on my record. I know I sound like I'm whining and a lot of people posting here have done hard time, but I feel like I'm in this weird limbo and I don't know how to move forward. My friends from high school are now finishing college and I'm thinking I would like to go back and finish college too. I was near the top of my class in high school and I never even thought of not going to college.

But is it even worth it? What kind of professional career could I ever hope to have now, after making that one stupid mistake when I was 18? I'm in my 20s now and can't even get hired for the same kind of jobs I had when I was 16. Burger flipping now sounds like it would be awesome, but the big fast food chains don't hire felons.

Since when did a felony become a life sentence?

John 5 years ago

I have recently been released from prison and have 3 degrees prior to my incarceration. I had a great paying job with an accredited licensure. I always thought that a 75% recidivism rate was because people were lazy and wanted fast cash. But now, seeing it through a felons eyes it is true, society will not let you move forward AT ALL!!! You will be reduced to crap jobs the rest of your life unless you get very VERY lucky like struck by lightening twice. Meaning winning the lottery. Violent offenders will not even get a job flipping burgers or waiting on tables because of alcohol licensure requirements.

CHRISTINA 5 years ago

im 21 and i have a felony , since everyone else is telling there story ill tell mine. well i was in a relationship and my ex bf went to jail for interfering with an emergency call... and my dumb ass at the time went to bail him out. my mother agreed to pay half of the bond. so we pay he gets out, and she goes through hard times and calls me , "i need my money back for helping you bail out ---" and i was like ok well wait til my pay day and i got you. to make a long story short , she DID NOT wait, she went to her bank and filed her credit card stolen. and it all came back to me. because the bond was in my name and i used her card (while she was present)... now im on deferred probation, and i thought it wouldn't be on my record but i had an interview couple days ago they called back and said " well unfortunately at this time.."you know the rest. he said it was active on my record. should i have brought it up at the interview? i am an lvn at the time. i take complete responsibility for what i did, even though i know i wasn't in the wrong... i do find really decent jobs, and i was told that temp services hire u with a record..

WhiteLotus2012 profile image

WhiteLotus2012 5 years ago

The person writing this article is doing a nice think for felons I hope it cheers some up .But I have to be blunt :

Payless does not hire felons.

No felon I have ever known makes $15 an hour without some serious help I am talking about family support you have to be able to shower and be presentable for work .

Currently Hud has prohibited felons from having access to Fair Housing .Low wages create a society where men can not be independent look at the U.S Census Statistics



I persoanlly believe the rates are a lot higher now than these reports there is just not way they can be right its a lot lot higher .

Wal - Mart ,Good Will ,Gas Stations ,Hotels and even motels are not hiring felon no more . Even daily labor sweat shops in some parts of Florida and across the U.S are now conducting back ground checks .

So for all you felons out there I feel for you I am one to.

I have a Class A Cdl License spent thousands to get it .

Applied for hundreds of jobs not a single prospect .

Just finished going to Purdue University .

Check out one of my sites DestinSemGroup.Blogspot.com

I have offered my services for free to over 100 small business in this little rat hole I live in and I still cant get no work.

Perhaps this is a good thing for felons . Because all the people that used to like Liberal that I know are on the verge of losing it I feel sorry for all those stuck up suckers with degrees that shitted on me now there living with mom and dad or sleeping with an old women or man to make it .

So far in my almost 34 years living I know of not one man that I grew up with that can work and pay rent in his own local ghetto pretty unreal considering I have known a lot of people .

Hud and Uncle Sam will not release the statistics on how many men or even felons can have access to Fair Housing .With the unbelievabel amount of houses laying empty all over America there is no reason why 1.2 million homeless vets sleep on our streets there is no lack of trees to build homes.

I encourage felons to check out Alison Global Learning .Com

Do not put your faith in it .Look for jobs that pay a living wage .Before you relocate anywhere make sure you can rent there .In Texas there are only 7 apartment area that rent to felons with certain charges . Currently teh felon population is 65 million people and growing .Keep watching the news when your here about a shooting or a robbery it most likely some young kid or poor young man with no future . Years ago it was rare to hear that men in there 50s where filling up jails . Well crime is becoming a normal way of life for a lot of older men .

With no check coming in ,no sex life ,no stable housing structure it no wonder why men are filling up prison as fast as they can build them.

I encourage all felon to read The Masculine Journey By ;Robert Hicks.

I am there for any felon or vets that needs to talk to someone .Your not alone . We are all over the place .

profile image

MtnRainbows 5 years ago

I am an ex-felon with a GREAT education, a fantastic brain and massive computer skills; can pass any drug test you throw at me and have gone so far as to beg for a job... no luck. Add to that, the fact that I permanently made my bad back worse while doing heavy lifting on my prison work-release jobs and now I can't safely perform simple manual labor jobs. I can't even dig a ditch! I'm lucky I'm not paralyzed and live 24/7 in constant pain with NO PAINKILLERS. But I would gladly grin and bear it if someone would just give me a chance... and you ex-felons know what I'm talking about. We've survived worse, much worse.

I barely survive and that's only because I have a small gig working for a family member doing a bit of web site maintenance. Fact is, even the big-hearted people do not want to take a chance at hiring an ex-felon which really does grind a person down. I REFUSE to break the law in order to survive, I'd rather starve first... and I may just end up doing that as "the war on drugs" has made it law that I can't get food stamps, or SSI, or HUD housing. I started a movement to get my state to opt out of that ban but because the state is essentially broke, there is very little support.

I am also a skilled stained glass artist and I do sell something every once in a great while but it's usually to life-long friends. I have all the skills to make a business as a custom stained glass artist succeed but no capital to advertise. My own family wouldn't even take a chance on me and they should know me better than anyone. What's a woman to do? I refuse to prostitute myself (as if anyone would have me at my age) in order to eat or pay the bills. Thank God I have a place to live and neighbors who are willing to bring me wood so I don't freeze in the winter time.

I actually went and got a free box of food today from the local "Feeding A***** Families" group and cried all the way home.

I know it's my fault I'm in this situation. I've never blamed anyone else for my mistakes and bad choices. I've even tried to kill myself just so I wouldn't be a burden to my friends or society. They saved my life but I don't know why. Is it just so I can continue to be punished? Hell I did my time, let me go already! Do we have to pay for our mistakes for the rest of our lives? And if we do, then allow us the choice of whether we live or die!

Indianapolis felon 5 years ago

First off I am a felon. So this is to all of my felons. Quit thinking about what you can't do and start thinking about how you can do it. It is always more that one way to skin a cat. I have been on house arrest for 3 years and get off in 11 days. I was locked up prior to this from 2003 to oct 2008. Child support tried to suspend my license. I had to pay house arrest. I had no where to go upon my release. What I did is begged some body ( my aunt) to let me live with her until I find a job and then I will pay her to live there. I put in applications anywhere and asked people do they know people who have felonies and gained employment. These are the people that you need to be talking to. Anyway the felon thing didn't work out for me but I end up finding a job making 7.25 at pop eyes. I had to walk all the way to the job which was far until I was able to pay for a bus pass. I had no clothes or anything. Eventually I was able to buy clothes and pay my aunt some of my check and have money for a bus pass. I then enrolled in community college. I started going there and using some of that financial aid money to pay child support and community service. I then paid to get my license back so that I can drive without going to jail. After this I bought a car but it was a lemon. I didn't give up. I saved for another 6 months and put a down payment on another car. I then moved with my kids mother from my aunts. I had to move out about three months later because she was drinking, staying out all hours of the night, cheating, trying to fight me because she was a drunk and in the process the girl got pregnant. My son has been with me and I went through legal aid to get full custody of my son because she does not want him. I take care of him and she still receives child support. Since may she have spent 6 days with him and before then a total of 6 months out of his life. He is 19 months. I am about to graduate from community college next semester. I started me a real estate company. The money that I do come across I leverage it to make more money and build assets. The woman that I am with is fine. I used my knowledge to help me and her get on our feet and we are doing fine. I am also pursuing a degree in CIS. I will look for employment but I am not holding my breath because I feel that I would be better off establishing my own company. I work at pizza hut as a delivery driver to keep child support off of my butt. You have to decide what you want to do and do it. Write down on paper what you want to do with yourself and do it. Make sure that it is realistic and come up with a step by step process on how you will be able to complete the end goal. Make immediate, short, and long-term goals. Some may have to be small steps to execute a larger goal but it can be done. Put at least ten applications a day if you are looking for a job. Add skills to your resume to make you more of a desirable person to hire.

tracomop 5 years ago

I don't have a criminal record but I didn't do well in school and my parents pulled me out in the 6th grade to do home schooling and that didn't work out either. I'm trying to get my GED by slowly studying the stuff for 6th grade and up for the GED test, and Until I get a GED I will only get minimum wage jobs. I hope I'm able to get it If I never get a GED then I will have to work my A** off to get by in the world.

StillPaying 5 years ago

I am a 37 year old female felon who is still feeling the pain of my bad choices half my life ago. I was charged with first degree robbery at the age of 18 because I let someone talk me into something really stupid because we were feeling pretty desperate, sleeping in my car, hungry and cold. I was convicted of second degree complicity to commit strongarm robbery at 19 and given 5 years probation with 5 years on the shelf after spending 4 months in jail and 2 months on home incarceration. I then got into a very abusive marriage and had a child...over the course of the 4 year relationship, I was arrested and convicted 3 times for shoplifting. I somehow managed to get probation/fines for the first two shoplifting charges even though I was honest about already being on felony probation. The third arrest, however, was a felony and I was also charged with persistant felony offender. I plea bargained it down to a misdemeanor, which killed the PFO, but I had to agree to serve 12 months in county jail. Considering that the plea agreement they originally offered was for 15 years (5 for the probation violation, 5 for the felony theft, 5 for PFO, run consecutively), I felt that I was getting a bargain and took it. I served 10 months of that before I was then called back to the county where I had been convicted of robbery and they violated my probation and sent me to prison. I served a year there and made parole with the condition that I go to a strict halfway house. I did my 6 months at the halfway house and was placed on intensive supervision parole (the highest level in this county, I was one of 13 people in a city of 1.6 million on this level of supervision...wtf?) with a curfew, weekly parole office visits, weekly home visits from my P.O., frequent random drug testing (although nothing about any of my charges were remotely related to, the cause of or result of drugs/alcohol) - the whole 9 yards and then some. I was moved down to high supervision after 6 months of perfect behavior, then down to monthly visits to my P.O. after another 6 months. A year later I was taken off supervision but was on parole for almost another year. I started going to college in this time, then made the bad decision to stop although I had student loans and nothing to show for it. I started driving a cab because they didn't care about felonies as long they weren't drug/DUI/prostitution related. I actually loved that job and was good at it. I also dispatched part time for the company I drove for. After 9/11, the cab business was not good for a long time and I quit doing that and dispatched for a medical transportation company for 6 years before going back to driving a cab. I again was dispatching for the company I worked for. I had many, many contacts/friends etc. in these industries so the police record was never an issue. I did not get arrested or have any brushes with the law at all from 1996-2008 - then I got a little carried away with the drinks at a concert, passed out and was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Although I had been a very good girl for that long, the judge made a point of announcing what a lengthy criminal record I had - at which time I asked her to kindly note that it had been many years since I had been in a courtroom and that I had grown up quite a bit in that time. I was in jail for 22 hours and that was that, disorderly was dropped, time served on the guilty plea to P.I. A little over a year ago, I was cited (not arrested) for shoplifting, although it was actually my 15 year old daughter stealing a lip gloss...I took the rap in order to keep that from starting a paper trail on her before she even has a chance to get started in life. She is a good kid, just did a stupid thing that MANY kids have done at some point. I'm actually glad she didn't get away with it so that she saw it wasn't a joke...however, I am now again on probation...less than a year to go and not worried about that because I don't do too much wrong anymore. The problem is that in my whole life, I had gotten one speeding ticket and never had an accident ...until the first 5 months of this year. I don't know what curse was dropped on me, but I got a ticket in January...had a very minor accident in March (my fault, I paid out of pocket)..another very minor accident in April (again, my fault, again, I paid out of pocket) and then (really?!) another accident in May, although this one was NOT minor, but was NOT my fault. Being that I was a driver for a living, this was bad news, but the company didn't fire me, although even the most minor of tickets would have been the end of me. I was offered a job at a different company that gets MUCH more business than the one that I was at. I quit my company and went to the other. 24 hours after starting, a supervisor of a supervisor of a supervisor would not approve my driving record...and I was out of ANY job. That was at the end of June and I am still looking. Driving isn't an option anymore so I am focusing on the only other thing I have ever done..dispatching. I am now facing something I didn't really have to deal with before - the background check. Wow, reality is painful.

Now, let me go back for a minute and tell you some of the things that don't show up on a background check and therefore are not taken into consideration when I apply for a job. What they don't know is that the robbery was a result of three teenagers who had met each other in a group home that they were in not because they were bad kids, but because their parents were in prison. We were all wards of the state who were tossed out at age 18 with nowhere to go. We were sleeping in a car, it was December. We were cold and hungry and all we wanted was enough money to get something to eat and maybe a motel room with heat for the night. We got $20 and got caught 15 minutes later. That 30 minutes total ruined my life. It was also in the police report that I hit this guy in the head twice with a baseball bat, which is absolutely untrue, but is forever on my record.

What's not on the background check is that those 3 shoplifting charges I got while on probation were because my husband forced me to "boost" for a living so he didn't have to work. He wouldn't let me get a job and I was beaten daily by him for 4 years. It wasn't for drugs, it was for rent. It was to keep the power on. It's how my baby had diapers.

It isn't as if these are things you get a chance to explain to a prospective employer. I can't even get my foot in the door anywhere. What few jobs there are almost ALL say right up front that they do a background check...I don't even waste my time. I would love to go back to school but yet again, a stupid decision on my part makes that impossible because I owe student loans and would have to make impossibly high monthly payments for 6 months in a row, on time and in full, before I could be considered for financial aid. My license has been suspended because I am behind on my $100 a week child support payments for my second daughter. I am hoping like hell not to get arrested (which would violate that probation I'm on..) for child support before I can get a job. It is garnished so as long as I'm getting a paycheck, they definitely get their money. I have NO money, am on the verge of being evicted, have exhausted the help available from churches and other agencies and am very close to losing my mind.

I am seriously debating whether or not to even list the felony on applications...which I have noticed don't seem to give a year range (such as any felonies in the last 5 yrs, 10 yrs, etc.) anymore, they just ask if you have EVER been convicted of a felony. It was 19 yrs. ago. I was 18 yrs. old. How many people did something really stupid when they were 18 and just didn't get caught? I would never be trusted in a job where there was cash or anything else valuable because I have multiple theft related convictions...even though (I know it sounds stupid to say) I'm not actually a threat to them because those arrests were due to circumstances that don't exist now. I have applied everywhere I can think of that has positions related to the experience that

KayDee 5 years ago

Help! Can anyone give me advice on helping my brother who will be getting out of prisonn in 3 years. His charge is sex crimes! From what I am reading, does not sound very promising. I am willing to do anything to support him and help him get a fresh start. He's a good man but I fear for his future. Any advice for me to help him?

student 5 years ago

I think this website has helped many and given great advice. Iam doing an oral presentation on people being able to apply for jobs with felonies, and so far this website has been the best for key information and real stories. I feel for those that struggle with life after jail and the fact that they have been or seemed to be shunned from the community but help is there you just have to keep looking :)

Xamire 5 years ago

Check out www.xamire.com

We are building the first felony friendly employer listing, community, and forum help exchange! All services are free, and we are continually building, and adding more usage to the site, and services.

We are currently in the beta stage, and filling out our employer listing, so please check back often, and help spread the word! www.xamire.com

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 5 years ago from Northern California Author

Thanks Xamire - I added your page to the Additional Resources.

Treycollins 5 years ago

Hellooo..! My name is Trey,

recently turned 18, became a felon when I was 17. I've yet to even get close to being hired. If you have any advice please message me on my facebook, you'd be appreciated. Please hurry though, i'm about to be on the streets and I might have to go back to my old ways just to survive..


Tommy P.K 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

"People do not lack strength, they lack will." - Victor Hugo


Titan 5 years ago

Hello everyone, I'm going to tell a little about myself of my life. I grew up poor living in the project in Brooklyn my mother was a homemaker my father had a mediocre job, this was back in 1979. My father use to come home late or sometimes not show up at all. My mother was struggling to feed up and make sure we go to school, and when my father did come home he was drunk or high off heroine was abusive.

My father got sick one day and we learned (my sister and brother) He contracted the aids virus back in 1983. So around 87 he could no longer work because he was weak.And so he passed away in October of 1989, My mother contracted the virus from my father and was still taking care of us long as she could. after when my father died in 89 we finally moved out of the projects and move to a better neighborhood because we was able to do that my father had insurance from working so many years. Around that time i felt i i was a man but i was only 13 years old but i started drinking and miss behaving and not listening to my mother I gave her a hard time because i was young and mad i didn't know how to control my anger cus i knew should would die soon and i didn't want her to die. Eventually my mother put me to a residential school in upstate NY. I was there for many years came home in 1993. But by then my mother was very sick and week so she was in a Nursing home and i live in my aunts house till i was like 17 years old they threw me out into streets and that's when i started getting intouble with the law, I was homeless and ashame of it didn't tell anyone i was able to keep myself clean for a good while, i started to steal food and item off the store for money got cuaght a few times. One day i was hanging out with one of my friends in times square nyc i was drinking got cuaght by some cops they beat me up really bad i tought i was gonna die they were like 5 cops there i could not breath so i paniced i bit one of the officers on the leg so he would get off me i got put in the system.

I was gonna get charge with a felony then it got down to a E misdemeanor. ever since then I had alotaa trouble finding a job Im am working as a doorman now for 3 and a half years i got lucky but its only 2 days a week I been trying to find another job to go with that ever since i tried to get a job at cvs pharmacy i cant even McDonald's Because i cant pass a background check I even have a Certificate of release of disabilities its suppose to let people know i been good ever since and i have not been arrested since 1995. I have a daughter that is 15 years old now.Her mother wont even let me see her since she was like 3 years old. PS the main thing is i cant find a job for the life of me. I need help i dunno what to do anymore.

tdc2003-2005 5 years ago

I was charged and convicted if a second degree felony in the great state if Texas back in 2003. Burglary of a habitation. In 2001 I went to college for 2 years. Graduated with my ff/emt. Went to prison got out in 2005 my fireman cert was still good but my emt wasn't. I just got cleared this year to get my emt back. As long as a felony is not drug sex child or violent you can have a good chance at life. From 2005 till present I worked oil feild started out as a grunt making $15 hour. Wen. t to a drilling rig started out at $20 hour. I decided to get paid for what I love and that diesel mechanic. I worked for a year traveling.all over united states making $500 a week for 3 days work plus commision I was laid off back in July this year. I haven't worked since. I am looking for grants to get in school for a degree in criminal justice and then forensic science. If you hang your head down you will pass up every chance you may have. Keep your head up and smile cause being free and alive is better. Than being behinde bars and being a number in the system. We make what we want out if thus situation. My rights are restored I vote hunt go gun ranges. But I don't have a pardon yet. Smile and be happy.

profile image

GDM40 5 years ago

I,m just going to leave this here for posterity.

1st of let me state for the record 7 years my a$$. I committed my crime 22 years ago it still pops up in checks and they still hold it against me in the hiring process as of the time of this posting.

Of course the facts behind the crime are never submitted Facts like my charge was bumped up from criminal trespass to burglary because I exercised my right to remain silent. The fact I had to take an out of state job because I couldn't even get a fast food job in backwards a$$ Nebraska (which Violated my probation).

The fact I came back within the month to turn myself in, in the hopes of transferring my probation to the state I was living (and employed in).

The fact that I watched as a true repeat offender got off Scot free for drug possession and assault with a weapon and his probation reinstated for the 3rd time. While I was told (we can't let everyone off with a slap on the wrist) For tipping over a soda machine in an enclosed foyer and trying to get a job anyway I could.

The fact that I was the laughing stock of the institution I spent 18 months in. (Was never harassed they felt sorry for my pathetic A$$, heck I didn't even get a farewell beat down.)

And now I have to basically live with this pile of bullox on my record indefinitely as even if I get a pardon Nebraska does not expunge Jack and Squat from the record.

All that employers see is BURGLARY Never mind that I'm 44 and haven't committed a single crime before or since I was 18. I have to live with the judgement of any prospective employer who simply has the minimum of facts to form his opinions from.

To put it mildly I have ZERO FAITH in the system and by it's own design I feel it is forcing some individuals to become repeat offenders.

Hell I can't even vote (Illegals can but oh no, not me.

I'm only slightly bitter though.

Chuck 5 years ago

Ok....here goes, let me tell you my story. I got into drugs when I was a teenager and one thing led to another and I ended up getting busted for selling drugs at the age of 18. I was unfortunate enough to be federally indicted as part of a drug conspiracy and so i was sentenced to the mandatory minimum of sixty months for my crime. Upon my release I thought that I could not get into college and I thought that I had no hope of ever getting a good job. So for the next several years I worked a string of low skill jobs in factories and in construction. In 2008 when the economy went south I was laid off from my job and was not able to find another. I collected unemployment for a year and after that ran out I ended up working construction on a crew of mostly illegal aliens. I had a falling out with the boss of that company and my girlfriend talked me into applying to go to college. I decided it was worth a shot. My thinking at the time was that I would go to college and take out loans and live off of them and maybe by the time I was done with college I would have some kind of degree which would give me a leg up on the job market which would allow me to pay back my loans and make a living. However, so far it has been the best decision of my life. I did have to go in front of a review board to decide whether I would be admitted to the school or not. I had my PO send a letter to the review board giving me a positive reference. I was accepted. By the time I was accepted I had finally finished paying off my fines after being on paper for over four years. I petitioned the judge and asked for early release from supervision. The Assistant US Attorney recommended against me being released early and I represented myself in court and the judge ended up siding with me. I cried that day when I left the courthouse. So now I am in the University of Tennessee system and am a political science major. I will be finishing my freshman year at the end of this semester. I have a 4.0 GPA and am ranked first in my class. I work very very hard as I feel like the only way I will ever be able to achieve what I want is by proving that I am the cream of the crop so to say. Basically I have a huge inferiority complex from years of being rejected because of my background and I am afraid that if I do not prove that I am head and shoulders above my classmates than I will be rejected again. My big dilemma that I am facing now is whether I should change my major or not. As of right now I am a political science major because I want to go to law school. But I am afraid that no matter how much time passes I will never be allowed to practice law. Therefore I have considered switching to an engineering major. Unfortunately there is no one in any kind of academic setting who can advise me on matters such as these. If anybody has any kind of advice I would appreciate it.

peace 5 years ago

I can't believe one mistake prevent you from doing the things you love to do in life. ONE MISTAKE! Is there any felony charge that will not come off ones record or be reduced or disclosed.

notdumbenoughtoleavename 5 years ago

so if this post's yeah we are all screwed Im practicly a grama compared to most of you and my felony is 18 years old over some s#it i never did-wouldnt tell-took the plea i was offered and to this day cant find a job-not saying i was an angel but it was enough to straigten my head up and make me think-been suffering and struggling ever since-if i move out of this state and still cant find work I am not sure what im going to do...wish me luck I cant believe this is really happening-wow america sucks and then some-ps good luck to the rest of you -my advice is really DO NOT HAVE KIDS ps you cant keep a gun in the home to protect them if you did and you'll never really be able to support them-if you have some already don't have anymore-they are great but it will not be a great life for them-god bless and to thyne own self be true-

Max 5 years ago

I agree - the system is set up to punish you for life and put you in situations where you go back to bad behaviors.

the fact that misdemeanors cannot be expunged from records in most states now is appalling. We all do dumb things, but in this economy for every 1 person applying for a job with a minor charge on their record there will be 1 person or more applying for that same job without a record. Who do you think will get the job? Not the person with a record - no matter how long ago it was.

I have a college degree. I have a house with a mortgage payment. I respect the intentions of this article, but I know I'm not a felon and it doesn't apply to me. There is no way I'd consider food service or a minimum wage job. I just can't afford that kind of job.

Ex-Felon Girl 5 years ago

I am a blogger and have been blogging about this matter for some time. There is lots of great advice on here that I am going to be sharing with my readers. Please visit my blog www.exfelongirl.com. My best advice and have faith. Some times that is all we have.

Hope? 5 years ago

No need to tell my whole life's story but I'll give my opinion.

Ok first off, there's only a handful of states that will allow an expungement or pardon. Unfortunately for me I happen to live in a state where the governor won't allow neither and this is her second term.

Second, let's not knock some one else's hustle. Like some one mentioned earlier we have to think outside the box. I just got tired of complaining & chose to take a bullshit job @ a restaurant washing dishes. Yeah it's nasty and only $8 an hour but I'm making the most out of it. I started selling weed to waitresses on the l.o.

Say what you want or whatever but I got twins 2 years old and a fat girlfriend. I ain't about to let my record slow me down.


Pigbitin Mad 5 years ago

I'm not a felon, but I may as well be. I have one useless degree as it is. And with all the background checking that goes on, they will disqualify you for anything and everything that is not 100,000% perfect. I am thinking of becoming a bank robber myself.

Diane 5 years ago

I too am a convicted felon who just lost my job due to the company updating files & deciding to complete background checks. I had a nice corporate job with my own office & was doing very well. I have been out of Prison since 2008 and I had struggled & struggled to find a job. When I first got the job & was handed a huge packet of papers to read and sign & answer YES or NO to being a convicted felon. I left it blank because I didn't want to lie but I didn't want to just put it out there. I was hoping that if they did notice they would come to me and ask me to complete the missing info & that's when I would explain myself. This happened at a different time of my life, it's NOT who I am today. They never came to me & never said anything so I am assuming their just not going to. So you can only imagine my surprise when 3 months later I am called into my bosses office and see the woman from Human Resources sitting there avoiding eye contact with me & holding a large manilla envelope. I looked at my boss (whom I had considered a friend) and she had tears in hers. She proceeded to tell me that I was terminated immediately due to my background check, that it was corporate policy and I was a huge liability. I sat in that chair signing those damn termination papers, seething with anger hoping I could get out the door before these hot tears came streaming down my face. My boss told me she was so sorry & that she could tell I just needed a 2nd chance but unfortunately this company could not give it to me. I wasn't even given the opportunity to turn my computer off, I grabbed my purse the few things I did have and was escorted out of my office out of the building but not before them asking for their keys back. It took all my strength to stop my hands from shaking so much to get those stupid keys off my key ring. I got to my car, got in, turned the corner & started balling. Balling like you can't breathe, snot running down my nose & breathing like I just had the wind knocked out of me. I know, I know, probably a little much but I was crushed. I felt as though I had been kicked in the gut & then kicked again. I always knew it was a possibility I could lose my job if they ever did a background check but after the first month I had figured, Hey, they must not have done one, I'm all good. Then I got mad, really mad & my old prison mentality started to show. I wanted to take my frustrations out on the lady from Human Resources. I was like yah, I'll get that bit**, I'll be in the parking lot when she gets off work. Shhhh****t... I have since calmed down & realized it just is what it is. I have 3 young boys I have to provide for & I will find another job but in the mean time I will focus more on school (I also attend college full time). I will make it & I will be successful NO MATTER WHAT. To those felons out there, just remember, "YOUR PAST DOES NOT DICTATE YOUR FUTURE." There will always be struggles for us because of our pasts but its what we decide to do with our present & future that matters. Its hard right now, its Christmas & things aren't cheap & I know sometimes it makes us think of doing drastic "things" to "come up". But, for real for real it ain't worth sitting in a cold prison cell spending another Christmas without your family or loved ones. Your families would much rather you be broke (clean) & out here then visiting you at Christmas behind glass. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP PAROLEES/EX-FELONS. Do good, good things will happen. Happy Holidays!

profile image

mikeinhell 5 years ago

I am a felon. I have never done drugs, robbed, killed, molested, or done anything fraudulent. I am a sex offender however. I have been for 8 years. I have had several good paying jobs before I was a felon. I was also in the U.S. military. My wife still is. I worked for a family owned business ever since I became a sex offender. My crime was sodomy 2nd degree. I have had one great job since becoming a felon, but me at the time had some issues within myself. I didn't feel like I was worthy of the job. I did lousy due to my own depression. I showed up late, did poor work, and even told my boss it was whatever. He asked me if I was on drugs! I laughed at him. I told him no, but thought about it which I did at the time. I was in a bad place. Him and me talked about several things. We even agreed that the last day for me was that coming Friday. Well I showed up late, and he told me not to worry about coming in on my last day. So I told him ok. That was 7 years ago. I was 24. After I left that job I worked for my uncle in his restaurant as his assistant manager. I was making more money there than I did working for my previous employer. My uncle is a huge racist, and he didn't know I had a mixed baby. N this and n that. I stayed there a total of 5 months. I hated every single day there. I was a hit with the restaurant though. People to this day still ask about me and what I am doing. It kind of makes me feel good that people see me as a person instead of a felon. I then went to work for my dad at his mechanic shop off and on. I worked for other people in my family from time to time as well. Never once did I have a job that wasn't family oriented since the one mentioned above. Wait come to think about it I did have a job not worth mentioning before that one while I was on probation. My probation officer asked me if I thought about having sex with minors. She then asked me if I would be willing to take a lie detector test. I told her yes. She then told me to stop paying every month. She took me off the random drug testing. She even let me off probation three months early. She told me I was wrongly convicted. I agreed with her. The D.A. who prosecuted me is in prison now for child pornography. I served a whole 116 days in jail and prison combined. I know to some people that sounds like I didn't serve at all. I agree and to be honest I am happy I didn't serve my whole year. My sentence was 10 split 1 and 2 years probation. I am still wondering why I only spent so little time incarcerated. Even while I was on probation my P.O. told me that she never seen such a thing happen. She told me she wanted my case due to the fact she wanted to know what type of person I was. Well to be honest I think I am an honest person who by law was found guilty by a jury of my own peers. The judge who oversaw my case told me that I still seemed to smile in the face of not knowing. I told him the smile was to hide the tears. He said better to smile on a rainy day than to cry on a beautiful one. I still don't quite know what that means, but I would like to think it means always smile at the darkest of times, and cry when you are the happiest.

I did cry that day after they brought back the verdict. I for one didn't think the outcome would be as grim. It took 6 months to sentence me. It would have taken longer if I would have kept silent in court.

I have learned everything is comedy. It just depends on the way you look at it. Let me explain. I know for one I have no job to speak of at the moment, but when I do get one it will probably be after I give up hope, turn to prostitution, and drugs. See that is funny! If you knew me at all you would laugh and know that not to be true making it funny! Well you get the gist. My only hope for all sex offenders, repeat offenders, and felons on the holidays is this. No matter where you are in life nothing can never take your soul. Always fight, speak your mind, and never hold back your emotions. Remember that no matter what bad you have done, there is always someone who did worse. No matter what good you have done, there is someone who did better. No matter what you can do remember you can do better. I know that might not mean nothing to anyone, but it helps me always to do better.

I for one wish that everything was put into a category of each and every felony category. Some things are just wishes. Some things are just and some things are unjust. I just hope one day everything rights itself. The equal opportunity act is a scape-goat for companies to not hire felons unless they are a labor company. I wonder if all the ex-felons came together no matter what we all did for a living and marched on congress would we get a chance to talk, or would we get hosed down? I wonder what would happen? I also wonder if an online petition would get us anywhere with the equal opportunity act? That is our biggest hurdle. If we can get past that we can get past anything.

me 5 years ago

I am in Canada and I am so frustrated! I broke the law in 1995 and stole money from a criminal who stole from me. Just the way things worked out I was ordered to pay the guy $3000. It was only $300 I took from him. By 1999 the money was paid to the courts. I didn't care much after that because life went on and I went to work as a class 1 heavy truck driver. Well cue to 2009 and the trucking firm I worked for went out of business. I was stunned to find out that everywhere that was hiring wanted a criminal record check so I registered to become a heavy duty mechanic apprentice and started the pardon process. After the police checks an court records were obtained from the company I hired, I got an email that there was a problem. The courts in TWO Alberta court jurisdictions were showin I owned two amounts of restitution, one for $2300 and the other $2100, both STILL OWING. So we go through records and make requests and finally two letters show up. One courthouse returns an unknown status and the other they cant find the docket. I tried everthing I could to proove that their was not two amounts owing, even my criminal record didn't show it. So in the latter on 2009 I am told that I don't have to provide proof after 12 years and was advised to wait until 2012. Well in 2010 our government passes a law that proof of payment must be paid. So a few weeks back after exhausting all avenues I applied anyway. My applcation was just returned with a letter that states I do not meet elligibility until 5 years after BOTH restitution amounts are paid. However in our government right now is Bill C-10 that is passing through at record speed. One section changes my elligibility date from 5 years after they are paid, to TEN YEARS. That means if I paid the $4400, I would not be eligible until 2021. 26 years after committing the offence. So how am I supposed to support myself till then? The charge was theft and because one clerk at the courthouse screwed up this lietterally will affect the rest of my life. I dont know, maybe I should try robbing an armoured car to support myself since my government wants to keep me with a criminal status. At least if I get caught, Ill gave a roof over my head in jail. Sorry for typos, using iPhone keypad.

Kelly Harlow 5 years ago

If you find out any place that does let me know please!!! I have a misdemeanor and cant get hired anywhere!!!Such bs know a days you have to have a college education,sceaky clean background or perfect credit score just to get a minimum wage paying job!!!

FacingPrison 5 years ago

I have read all the horror stories that felony conviction destroys your life. Going to trial becomes a scary thought, when prosecutors swear they will send you away for 20 years if you don't agree to two years in the nick.

I have a postgraduate degree from top 20 universities and made a 6 figure salary. They take away years of your life by sending you away (fair enough). The system continues to deprive you. I know of friends who end up getting divorced, losing their house and even kids when they go away.

When they do return, they are treated as second class citizens. I feel the same, as I find myself in this predicament. I am scare out of my mind to go to trial, even with the best lawyer- the prosecutors take it upon them to be harsh since you didn't take a plead.

I have invested over 100K in my education. Unfortunately, I am unemployable in my line of work after a felony conviction. The chances are that I will end up selling all my assets to pay for legal bills. I will start all over in mid 40's and will continue to pay for my alleged "crime" for rest of my life. Flipping burgers is fine and dandy when you are 18, its a lot harder when you are to raise a family and send kids to college.

From what I have researched, it may make sense for me to leave the U.S. and relocate elsewhere to start all over. 2 years in the nick should mean exactly that, "2 years". Not a lifetime, where you become a prisoner of your circumstances.

profile image

Jenn69247 5 years ago

So Ive sat here for hours reading all the stories hoping to find someone who had success and wanted to share their stories. My felony is kinda different from others. I simply gave someone who i thought was a friend a ride and come to find out the police was watching him and pulled me over and we were both charged with 2 counts of selling and deliver cocaine.I didn't go to jail because i was a record level 0 no prior convictions. I didn't even have a misdemeanor on my record. All the programs I have found are for those released from prison. What if you have never been to prison then what? Its been almost 5 years this november. Ive had a few jobs but they were all temp work. I want so bad a good job where I can support my children. I live in NC but im thinking about relocating to Richmond VA where its a bigger city. I wonder though if I apply for a job in VA do they do a statewide background check or a Countrywide background check cause if they do one in VA im good :) Plz let me know if you can help with answers! Good Luck everyone!!

whatever 5 years ago

i have 11 felonies an im a part time server an manager at ihop 90 % of their employees are felons

Brandon Williams 5 years ago

Hi I am about 25 need work have 3 felonies want to work for myself to get an career.

azmal 5 years ago

thanks , give advise to helpful

kevin 5 years ago

im a correctional officer, i talk with a lot of the offenders. and some of them are close to getting out. and they tell me they don't know what they are going to do when they get out.

some of them, i don't give the time of day, because i already know what they are about. and others want to be a changed man. most of those are men with families.

and i've been trying to find answer's for these guys, ive been looking around the internet and in the world.

most officers don't give a dam, but i do. im there to make a difference in some one's life.

what ive found is. trucking companies will hire felons, depending on the time served and type of felon.

goodwill will hire felons, ive also talked to a manager at walmart, they said that they hire felons from other states. but not same state felons.

and also ive been told that most companies after 10 years will hire felons,

**as a personal note, ive found that people with felony's find jobs much easier if they have a technical skill. which is offered through most votech's, automotive industry, and Hvac certifications are a good route to go.

Norris Williams 5 years ago

I need a second chance if i can get a job paying $30 an hour I think I can make it if it,s any one that help me where are you only god know who you are please help me.

Daniel 5 years ago

I don't agree with a lot of what this author is trying to get across. I have a possession charge which is a felony arrest but it was deferred (about 6 years ago) I have been looking for work since then. I'm tired of getting hired then let go because of my back ground. I've been in IT for about 15 years. I have a Computer Science degree from Texas A&M. I have a family and don't use drugs. It's about impossible to find a job. My days of working in the corporate world are over. I don't want to work flipping burgers since I feel I have a lot to offer a company that is willing to take a chance on me. Frankly, I think I'm just pissed off but I know it's my own fault. I think this law is BS.

JREMIAH 5 years ago


that person 5 years ago

Wayne why don't you get off your lazy ass and start working. You decided to take those rims so it's your own fault if those are the only jobs you can get. Looks like you need to eat a slice of humble pie and start taking jobs in menial labor. You're a joke and a moocher off the hard working citizens of the state.

blackyb 5 years ago

Apply at the White House, I am sure they will have something for you, or make something if you have some level of expertise they need. Yes, there are many felons who could and would vote for someone who, like other illegas, pot blowers, anarchists and those who don't follow the rules to keep them and him/her in power.

Billiam 5 years ago

I have a prestigious graduate degree and can only get minimum wage jobs bc of a misdemeanor weed charge from 6 years ago, f*ck this country

Gary 5 years ago

I have been helping people with a record get jobs for years. I specialize in creating resumes to highlight your qualifications rather than the negative stuff. If you need any help my services are cheap. email me directly at TheThirteenGroup@gmail.com

Michael A. Brewer 5 years ago

I have written a book titled Thinking Outside the Blox which is a book with 22 little known business options for people who cannot get employed due to a felony conviction. Each chapter spells the business out in a step by step format. Have you ever thought about being a mold inspector or starting a mold remediation business? Did you know the mold inspection course is just 2-3 days and about $300.00 dollars. After you take the course you can get started. Your first inspection will pay for the course. I spell how to get started in this business and 21 other businesses. please order the book from the website thinking outside the blox dot com. My hope is that you either start one of the businesses that i have listed or you start to at least think about your options differently and maybe start a business that i did not describe in the book. I pray that we can begin to think outside the city blocks, cell blocks and all that block felons from getting employed. We have to start thinking outside the 9-5 paradigm. This books makes no mention of job training, what to say as a felon on an interview or who commonly hires felons. Starting your own business is the only answer.

Michael A. Brewer Author of Thinking Outside the Blox

profile image

Angie Johnson87 5 years ago

Im tryin to get a job but its hard because of my wholle record an its not just cause of my felonys on my record i have alot of worthless checks on me but im also 25 with 3 major felonys. What can I do to get a job? And plus i have 5 tatts that can be seen.

Mike Brewer 5 years ago

Hi my name is Michael A. Brewer I am the author the book titled Thinking Outside The Blox. This book is a step by step guide teaching felons and those who risk becoming felons 22 realistic income producing options. Most of the options outlined in the book are not what people typically think about when it comes to starting a business. Did you know to become a mold inspector it requires 3 days of training and cost as little as 200 dollars. One mold inspection cost between $300.00 and $400.00 . What about being a pilot car driver, even easier! Please visit www.thinkingoutsidetheblox.com to purchase this book which is engaging and easy to read. The book will tell you what the business is, and the steps you need to take to get started. Don’t waste time. Finding a job without a felony is difficult enough and going back to the cell block or city block is not a good option. Start Thinking Outside The Blox. We are not here to sell a dream these options are very real options to explore and it will require hard work but you do have options weather you are aware of them is the question.

Mike Brewer

Tina koopman 5 years ago

Hi y'all. I can help you all if you have an investment that will have guarantee return of investment that fast! Need people in Illinois, pa, md, NJ, conn, Texas, and mass. Contact me for details at ambit.Koopman@gmail.com. This are for serious inquiries only.

Royce 4 years ago

I am a new first time offender with a felon on my record and am having a hard time finding a job????

AP 4 years ago

As a criminal justice student I understand the struggles for felons finding jobs. Yes, America does place a stigma on felons that follows them every where. Its very difficult for us (criminal justice majors) to persuade the general public because of negative perceptions that the media and other agencies put out there about felons. Nothing in the criminal justice is easy nor can it be fixed over night. This one of the many problems facing a broken down criminal justice system. I am very sorry for the situation in which you are put in but we(criminal justice majors) understand and are trying to find a solution to this problem. People just make mistakes, I get it.

Good Luck to you all and God Bless

don 4 years ago

It's been 11 years for me on my felloney do I put Yes if they ask have I been covicked of a felloney what do I say

Areyoukiddingme 4 years ago

Seems like the author really has NO clue. Oh get a job at Payless lol. So then you want to leave there and ave a real career, other employers will see that you are a felon and worked a shit job at Payless. Truth is its going to be hard. Employers will choose the candidate with the lean history and filled up resume. The saying you fixed your bed now lay in it, really holds true. People just have to apply everywhere, and I think going to school is very important. These days a simple B.A. Isn't enough anymore.

And employers don't want to hire felons. Ecause many of them keep screwing up! I am not an angel, but it's just a liability. Many jobs today and more in the future are even doing credit checks. It's a tough world.

And as the author or original poster stated, about that she wold be happy flipping burgers and working for low pay because he has her long life is crap. Sounds like someone who oesnt have first hand or ersonal experience. There are always people who just think they have all the answers lol. Or they I'll quote whatever sounds " pleasant". Smh

profile image

bodrum013 4 years ago

Hello, I’m a federal felon with a white collar crime USC 201, past 6 months trying to secure contract position and it’s frustrating, I think only option I have left is to try Gulf region (Dubai) or Europe, I’m a Network Secure Engineer (consultant) 12 years of experience, I have offered several positions and start date on pending BGI ( 17+ at F-500 companies) my case was high profile it’s easy to Google my name and see the media version of the prejudgment but hopefully we’ll control our destiny.


Chris 4 years ago

Wow! Seems like only the last few entries really have a clue. Yup, I'm a Level-E Felon (doesn't exist on most State Felony grids) for DUI. I'm a former Programmer and Systems Analyst with a College Degree (had a string of DUI's after my marriage tanked and I got laid-off simultaneously, and I have a BA in Psych). The jobs that I am qualified for do not hire Felons, and those that do hire Felons tell me that I am over-qualified for their job/position. My last job was working in a small Call Center surveying people throughout the USA to learn what their radio listening habits are ($7.80/hour, 24hrs/wk, No Benefits; Fast Food places won't even hire me after they get a look at my Resume). Employers do not care what the Felony was for. I am a recovering alcoholic, I liked to drink and drive, so I have 4 lifetime DUI's, luckily - no car crash/nobody was ever injured; Yes, regardless, it's a horrible crime- but I've done my time in County Jails and even PRISON for DUI. I have paid my dues to society, but I still keep paying. You see, because I check the box that says "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A MISDEMEANOR OR FELONY?", potential employers automatically put my application in the Do Not Call folder (trash bin). Law makers and potential employers have no idea of the vacuum they are creating when they pass these tough laws for DUI. These laws are the punishment that keep on punishing! They allow for discrimination of non-person Felons (people whose crimes were not directly against another human being, and people whose crimes did not involve stealing monies/property from another person). THAT is not right! Particularly when my crime was simply a traffic/moving violation. Now I can't get a job and have a Parole Officer busting my chops about why I can't get a job (my level of education is higher than my Parole Officer's). Urgh!! ID10Ts!!

CEO OF 2C4F profile image

CEO OF 2C4F 4 years ago



Offering FREE assistance to felons in all 50 states.


FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/pages/2nd-Chances-4-Felons...

WEBSITE www.2ndchances4felons.com


hotlineman 4 years ago

I have a felony conviction for Pandering. Did my time. Entered the job market. Obtained a Journeyman Electrician, Administrator, and Electrical Contractor licenses. Everything going smoothly from 2000 until 2012 when and old newspaper article about my conviction turned up on the search engines. Instant rejection. All the hard work and dedication ruined in an instant by a "crawler" program deployed by a search engine with no regard for the damage being done to real hard working human beings. Hopefully there will be laws passed to prevent this kind of intrusion and prevent the internet from publishing anything and everything regardless of the damage done. Remember the days of the unlisted phone number. Dream on. Being a felon sucks.

CEO OF 2C4F profile image

CEO OF 2C4F 4 years ago



Offering FREE assistance to felons in all 50 states.



WEBSITE www.2ndchances4felons.com



jessica 4 years ago

My name is Jess. I had my first-aid and only child at 18. I Started college 2 months later and not only put myself through college and grad school while working full time and being a single mom, but I also lived on my own with my daughter and NEVER got any public assistance, food stamps or even a dime in child support. I pride myself still today on overcoming something that hinders most young mothers. I was a single mom with a career as a school teacher, and life was good. 4 years later, I was in an abusive relationship and ended up with s broken back, in a wheelchair. I also got addicted to oxycontin. I had NEVER even smoked pot, yet here I was, a drug addict. I eventually healed, and my prescriptions ceased, but my mental addiction led me to a whole new lifestyle. I met a new mam, and he was a MASTERMIND! I was never Dick, because he made sure I always had pills. Well, eventually he was arrested by the federal government, and I opted to marry him, rather than testify against him. I was charged and convicted, and sentenced to prison followed by supervised release and 1 yr in inpatient treatment. Thankfully my daughter was able to stay with my mother. My license to teach was pulled, and with a clear mind, I was able to see that my husband was not the right man for me. I hit walls with every job application I filled out. I sunk into a feel depression and found myself suicidal. I had always been strong and independant and here I was, cable to care for myself, let alone my daughter. I finally found a job as a server, waiting tables. I never thought I would be able to make a living waiting on people. Well, 2 years later, I am still working at the same restaurant, and I proved myself to management.... I work all nights, as the closer, and although I don't have a retirement plan, I do make enough to pay my bills and provide a good life for my daughter. I actually make more than I did as a teacher. Some weeks I make $1000.00. By smiling and being personable, I feel I have been able to overcome yet another obstacle in my life. So, it is possible. I hope to petition the school system and eventually get my foot back in the door. My convictions are non violent and non drug related, so Im praying I will be able to retire from the school system. If not, at least Im sober and free to be a mother to my daughter.

jessica 4 years ago

I apologize for all of the typos in my comment above. Autotext and my failure to read my comment before I hit send are to blame. Again, I apologize

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 4 years ago from Northern California Author

jessica, this is wonderful to hear. thank you for commenting, and i wish you the very best!

still here and trying 3 years ago

Let's just say 8 years later with two degrees and no area agency will hire me from Golden Corral to local agencies that my degree is suited to do work for.

Cain 3 years ago

Thanks for the post. I would like to say, there is no such thing as an ex-felon. We struggle with personalities, with education, a lack of opportunities and work restrictions. So how can we find a job or a better job?

First, felons in the job market have to be positive. Drugs, stealing, greed and envy are all negative. Be happy for yourself, for your opportunities and happy for the success of those around you. Others' success will encourage you to reach your goals. If you have trouble staying positive and getting along, get help. Education, sobriety and humility are essential.

Second, felons are basically barred from many industries, such as

insurance, finance, health care, education, union shops, etc. Also, no one can raise a family on minimum wage. Sure, the newly parolled may be starving, homeless, and a job at Payless can help build responsibility. But 10-20 years later, you have kids, a spouse, a house payment, a car payment, etc. You need a real job and a real education. Successful felons already know they have to work harder.

Finally, everyone struggles: (1) Ford employee for 10 years making $30 an hour with a high school diploma gets fired and cannot find a "real" job. (2) A college graduate (felon at 18, prison 'til 25, degree at 30) with a 15 year old armed robbery looking for "permanent" work. Sound familiar? Some states are changing hiring laws because felony convictions are becoming more common. Behavior at age 15 or 20 should be radically different from behavior at 30 or 40. Make good decisions from this point forward. You already know that you will have to live with them, forever.

Jesus, thank you for my family, for their love, for Your love and for the opportunities in my life. Forgive me for not being more like you.

Shameekah 3 years ago

Hello. There are jobs out there that will hire felons. The main jobs to look into is Fast Food, Warehouse, Construction, Truck Driver(non hazmat), Sales, Telemarketing ect. There are also helpful sites online that can help you find work. Also research Felony Friendly Companies. Sometime it is also about who you know. Here is a company in Freehold, NJ that is Hiring:





Exoffenders 3 years ago

We have a large list of resources and jobs for ex-offenders. http://exoffenders.net is always being updated to provide the best information we can. Hopefully our site can help you while trying to find a career.

Tonya 2 years ago

My boyfriend is being released in November 2015 and trying to find housing in the Fargo ND area or close by that will accept him. I have searched throughout Google.com and so far not coming up with much. Does anyone know anywhere I can find a place for us.

Joanne 23 months ago

Listen people we all know what this setup is about. Of cause they expose every ones criminal record. Except the kids with rich parents. However the plan within the prisons deal with the revolving door theory, whereas, according to the law they quite possibly have to let us out according to the level our crimes, however they make sure to market our crimes to ensure we pay them another visit at some future date. Dont forget, America is about making money which supersedes whether or not who is the lesser of the evils. When we as felons are denied a second chance, at some point the government knows through their clinical phychologists that we will walk back through the gates of that insane asylum. Inside its kind of hard to rehab because the street minded hustler doesnt leave the street habits outside and work on rehabilating. You still have to keep some of the street with you inside. We know its supposed to be about rehab but the circumstances wont fully allow it. So you walk the edge to watch your back follow the rules so that one day they will release you back into society and keep your "room" ready for your next visit.

Warren .R 21 months ago

To all of you I would say that it doesn't matter what your skin color is it was meant for man to suffer see how a honest man Christ was and he done no wrong but still was found guilty of nothing wrong. Put your faith in God he will never let a innocent man be defeated. I always pray for all of you men and as well as myself good luck to each of you and Don't ever give up stay positive and stay strong cause you are still here and alive for many reasons

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