Where to Buy Internet Marketing Products

Where to Start Looking

When you begin looking for Internet Marketing products you will probably go crazy. They are sold anywhere and everywhere online. How do you know which is a good product and which is a bad one? Well, there is no definite way to know this as some products mean different things to different people. You can however find crappy products that nobody would like.

The first place I look is the Warriorforum.com. This is the largest and probably oldest forum online. Here you can get an account for free and start searching for reviews. Simply search for the name of the info product and you will generally find a post providing feedback. Here you will get the answers you are looking for. You can find out if its legit, crap or meant for newbies.

You can ensure these are truthful and accurate reviews as this is the forum where people will call out other for crappy products. What's strange is that many of the crappy products created by internet marketers are the same people that are active on the Warrior Forum. They generally stay quiet or rely on their "loyal" followers to sway the opinion.

I have personally found that many of the larger Internet Marketer's or "gurus" seem to put out the worst stuff. It is generally filled with rehashed material that is way to broad and general. Many of the smaller less-known marketers put out really good information. You can tell these products because they usually get right to the point and are quite short in length. The large marketer's tend to fill their products with long stories and fluff that are mostly meaningless.

Where Great Products Can Be Found

There are only a handful of sites I look to for great internet marketing products.

WarriorForum.com - this is a great place to find cheap, quality products. The Warrior Forum has something called Warrior Special Offers (WSO's). These are basically an offer for an ebook, report, wordpress themes, PLR and more. If something crappy foes get released it is quickly made known and forced to close its offer.

Many marketers will place there product as a WSO just to see how the people react and to work out any customer service issues. The WSO's are often a "practice run' before a product is launched to Clickbank where its visible to the entire public. They are able to charge more money for the same product when its in Clickbank vs WSO's.

EliteIMForum.com - This is a more recent forum that was created by a Warrior Forum member. Here you will find many of the same things as the Warrior Forum but the user base is much smaller. They also offer Elite Special Offer's (ESO's) which a like WSO's but generally cheaper in price. I've just recently found this site and enjoy the smaller community feel.

I still do find products directly on peoples sites but these are generally from people I know and have been following for a while. These are usually very specific products that are packed full of information and can help you right away.

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nicregi profile image

nicregi 5 years ago from Malaysia

When come to products and online, I go for clickbank. Of course, many others but the one I said is not bad for a start.

Good writing :)

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