Which is the Best Article Publishing Site? Snipsly is the Best Article Publishing Site

HubPages, SnipSly, Triond and Xomba - which is the best?

Snipsly is the Best Article Publishing Site According to this Survey

Our survey found that Snipsly was the best article publishing site. Currently Snipsly is runnimg a FREE COMPETITION to promote the new improved site. The winner will receive an iPad or $500 - for more information CLICK HERE

Which is the best article publishing site? To answer this question we looked at three factors

  1. Ease of Use  
  2. Looks 
  3. Money Made

and we compared four article publishing sites.

  1. Hubpages
  2. Snipsly
  3. Triond 
  4. Xomba

Which Site is Easiest to Use?

Hubpages was the most longwinded article publishing site to use but not as complicated as Xomba. There are many processes to go through when publishing articles on Hubpages and, for the writer with a series of articles to publish, this means an unacceptable amount of time must be spent in addition to the hard part (writing the articles).

For the new writer/online publisher, coming to an understanding of what is allowed and what isn’t allowed by Xomba, makes submitting their first articles quite difficult. Add to this the fact that Xomba often add new regulations it is difficult to say which (out of Hubpages and Xomba) is the most difficult to use.

Triond is quite easy to use and it does allow its writers to add images from a bank of stock, copyright free images. TIP: These can be used in any article published anywhere but take out the http://triond part of the url. The big drawback with Triond is that articles are not published immediately – writers have to wait for their articles to be sanctioned by an editor.

Snipsly is by far the easiest to use. Snipsly is straightforward and this is illustrated with the speed in which articles can be published.

Which Site Looks the Best?

This is a subjective answer as it depends to some extent on taste. As seasoned surfers we do not like to see adverts taking over a site. Of the four sites only Snipsly’s pages give more precedence to its articles. Snipsly is the only site which doesn’t cram as many adverts as possible onto its pages. Because this allows Snipsly to look less spammy we believe that Snipsly is the best looking site.

Snipsly is the best looking site out of the four we surveyed

Which Site Makes the Most Money?

We looked at epcm (estimated earnings per 1,000 page views) to answer this question. Based on this the definitive answer is SNIPSLY MAKES THE MOST MONEY. Xomba came in a relatively poor second with Triond in third and Hubpages with the lowest estimated earnings per thousand page impressions.

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Comments 9 comments

ronaldoh profile image

ronaldoh 6 years ago from England

Good information, and clearly written. Thanks

thestickman 6 years ago

Fascinating! :-)

jqmurf2 profile image

jqmurf2 6 years ago from Windermere, FL

I agree with what you said about Xomba...very difficult to use and not worth the limited extra exposure.

Kylyssa Shay 6 years ago

Thank you for this comparative review. I had never heard of Snipsly and now I'm going to go check them out!

Ron 6 years ago

I use Snipsly and Xomba for backlinking. Thus, I can't say anything regarding earnings, but I do like Snipsly's clean and organized look very much.

masmasika 6 years ago

Good info. I just joined snipsly and I will be looking forward to the earnings very soon. Thank you.

paul 5 years ago

share your own videos with wordpress.

Eliza Kay profile image

Eliza Kay 5 years ago from Portland, OR

Which page ranks higher on search engines? The EPCM may be higher but that doesn't mean it will get as much traffic if the site does not rank as highly in search engines? Like I know Suite101 ranks higher than BrightHub for instance, but BirghtHub will pay upfront for certain articles.

Also, Xomba rejected a bunch of my posts, saying I can't promote my own work.. Does snipsly reject alot of work?

Thanks for the hub, I really like how succinct and organized your writing style is!!

DaNoblest profile image

DaNoblest 5 years ago from California

Thank you for sharing this information. Snipsly didnt work to well for me though. I guess it works better for others which seems to be my luck =\ I did come across a good site for Amazon Affiliates though. Its called Publishers Vault and is worth checking out.

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